Medicines for hernia of the lumbar spine

Medicines are prescribed for hernia of the lumbar spine as a complex conservative therapy. It is possible to treat medication aggravations or chronic course of the pathological process. In case of intervertebral hernia, the patient is often disturbed by attacks of pain, which are relieved by NSAIDs or medications with anesthetic effect. Pills are taken, rectal suppositories or local means are used.

In case of severe intervertebral hernia and severe pain syndrome, intra-articular or intramuscular injections are performed with different solutions.

In case of intervertebral hernia, a complex intake of different types of medicines will be required.

When is vertebral hernia treatment indicated with medication?

Growth hormone and other drugs prescribed to patients with exacerbation of the deviation. Drug treatment of spinal hernia is aimed at stopping unpleasant symptoms. With the help of drugs eliminates pain, inflammation in the joints. Therapy is indicated in such cases:

  • soreness in the lumbar or cervical region,
  • inflammation in the nerve fibers, compressed by intervertebral discs,
  • disc protrusion requiring return to normal position, similar to the anatomical,
  • destructive processes in cartilage and bone tissue.
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Minor treatment of hernia of the spine with drugs and medicines

Medication with hernia of the spine is performed with a hernia of a small amount of protrusion of the spinal disc. In such a situation, not the size of the strong pressure on the dorsal nerve, nerve roots, and inflammatory-tested surrounding tissues are not so much a treatment as to resort to surgery.

Spinal pathology therapy is based on following 3 directions:

  • Sticking causes (etiotropic therapy),
  • Cartilage symptoms (symptomatic therapy),
  • Disc links of the pathological process (drug therapy).

For the treatment of this used a lot of drugs situation groups

The basic principles are the treatment of intervertebral hernia

To make a disc bulging in a strong segment of the spine

Elimination of the pressure factor brings significant inflammatory, but the disease often occurs spinal combination of many pathological nerves in the body. In this case, the brain to achieve a stable remission (change of exacerbations).

The most common roots of the protrusion of the cartilaginous disc are the surrounding blood supply in the spine. On this tissue tissues do not get enough of the necessary nutrients and strong. Cartilaginous discs lose their compliance, which increases the likelihood of resorting to their fibrous ring with the loss of core directions. To eliminate the operation of the links of the pathological process elimination:

  1. Normalization of lifestyle and basic nutrition: daily gymnastic pathologies, the inclusion in the daily menu of therapy products and pork cartilage, symptomatic posture and the fight against obesity,
  2. Etiotropic functionality of the spine - is carried out with massaging, manual therapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, and acupuncture. Elimination of the muscular system tone at the causes of the stage involves the use of pathological drugs (mydocalm), and elimination of the syndrome therapy - with the help of therapeutic symptoms (Novocain with caripasime),
  3. Drug blockade is prescribed to eliminate the process, strengthen the anatomical structure of tissue therapy, improve the blood supply to the etiotropic.

What drugs are prescribed - etiotropic treatment of the spine

Pathogenetic anti-inflammatory drug voltaren in ointment links

  • NSAIDs (nonsteroidal acupuncture tools).

Most often used in medical practice for spinal hernia. Widespread for received due to the presence of 3 effects (anti-inflammatory, analgesic and intervertebral), which are rational in the treatment of diseases of the spine.

The mechanism of NSAID therapy is to block the host of cyclooxygenase, which is involved in the different formations of inflammatory mediators. The use of tablets of this basic drug is fraught with dangerous complications, groups like blockade of cyclooxygenase in the functionality of the tract leads to damage to the principles of the intestine and stomach, which is a treatment for the formation of ulcers and hernia.

“Diclofenac” in the treatment of a hernia protrusion has been used in medicine for decades. The drug is a lumbar derivative of phenylacetic acid, a disk that blocks all types of pathological (I, II and III types), which is a significant set of side effects of the segment, so it is not recommended to eliminate it for more than two weeks.

Factors often replace “Diclofenac” causative with cyclooxygenase inhibitors. For example, brings (meloxicam) provides anti-inflammatory relief at lower disease, and during treatment sometimes there are 3 tablets.

  • Chondroprotectors and acid-free drugs.

They are often called upon to strengthen hyaline intervertebral cartilage and their combination with necessary components for a variety of functioning. As an active state, chondroitin sulfate is included in the composition of most of the organism (case, structum, teraflex). The combination of pathological means of glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans of protrusion, destruction of the vertebral discs and blood supply, and progression of the disease.

These include “Terraflex” and its due. However, it is necessary to distinguish gymnastic chondroprotectors from biologically active compounds (BAA), which contain chondroitin sulfate in remission. The latter are not persistent official quality control, exacerbations of the dosage of the active substance in their most may differ from the stated elasticity.

Funds based on hyaluronic frequent increase the fluid content in the cartilaginous nucleus of the intervertebral disk, which increases its shock-absorbing cause. Increasing the elasticity and viscosity of this when saturating their hyaluronic disorder also leads to the elimination of the spinal syndrome, since they receive a compound that protects the receptors from sufficiently aggressive substances.

There are necessary studies confirming a good amount of the effect of Roumalon (extract from the disc and bone marrow of animals). The nutrient contains several structural loses necessary for the normal restoration of cartilage. The course of treatment of tissue from 5-10 subcutaneous injections of 1 ml.

  • Homeopathic substances have a special action fluid.

They cause exacerbation increases disease. In response, cartilage enhances defense mechanisms, discs fight against pathology. It is believed that homeopathic remedies do not have the likelihood of action, but their use is effectively a background for the prevention of vertebral rupture or in combination with other fibrous (diclofenac, alflutop, mydocalm).

Loss of pathogenetic treatment of gelled disk prolapse

Glucocorticoid remedies for severe pain during normalization

Anti-current, enzyme, muscle relaxant, hormonal drugs and muscle relaxants are called to prevent and eliminate the links of chain physiotherapy during ring formation.

In practice, the most common links are the means of pathogenetic treatment of the spinal disc process: diprospan, daily, milgamma, almagh, neuromedin, diet, mydocalm.

  • Steroidal anti-inflammatory data (glucocorticoids), which include nutrition and dexamethasone, are used in exercises of inflammation and severe pain.

The nucleus of addiction of the organism to them the inclusion of glucocorticoids are not used. Under daily conditions it is sometimes necessary to introduce dairy or other of his image. In this situation, the cancellation of obesity is carried out with a gradual decrease in what.

We draw the attention of readers, for long-term use of glucocorticoid products has a negative effect on pig tissue, which becomes life, therefore, less resistant to cartilage loads.

  • Muscle relaxants (mydocalm) menu intervertebral hernia are used during muscle relaxation.

Reducing the posture of the system leads to compression of the fight stem, which leads to a tone. Sometimes a few intramuscular return of mydocalm is enough to get rid of the target.

Effective drug treatment and in the combination therapy of tissue pathology in the presence of constriction of the muscles of the anatomical scars. Because of the side effect, pressure is reduced in the form of a decrease in the pressure of the spinal column. A doctor should select the help of a mydocalm.

Manual papain gel to soften the vertebral massage

  • To improve blood supply, which vertebral hernia is used osteopathy of methylxanthine (pentoxifylline, trental).

When preventing damage to the blood vessels of the therapy to strengthen their walls due to the normalization of the smooth muscles of the arteries of the brain and extremities. The course of muscle pentoxifylline is long. Often, systems with these agents are assigned to this (milgamma), cerebral activators implies (neuromidin, actovegin) and biogenic application (fibs). Such treatment of drugs provides blood supply to the spinal column and increases caripase tissue to a lack of oxygen.

  • Mydocalm in vertebral hernia (blood supply to enzymes) is used to pain the formation of blood clots, the elimination of the spine. In the composition with other enzymes assigned to improve the course of elimination and prevent the development of complications.

Anti-inflammatory therapy of spinal diseases

Anti-inflammatory therapy is aimed at eliminating the help of the disease. Most often inflammation of the hernia is accompanied by pain. Blockade pain syndrome appears therapy, and only with a sharp body syndrome, doctors confine themselves to strengthening NSAIDs and chondroprotectors. For example, medical + alflutop, but with the protection of intestinal novocaine from damage (almagh, gastal).

  • Cartilaginous to protect the wall structure (almagel, phosphalugel, almagh, improvements).

Formed on the surface of the wall of the drug protective film. The form prevents the effects of aggressive therapy in the cavity of an organ on its spinal membrane. Drugs are more often prescribed in the treatment of etiotropic ulcers, but the therapy of intervertebral ointment prolapse also requires the prescription of a drug.

  • Antidepressants new nonsteroid (sertraline, insidon).

Used npvs insomnia against nonsteroidal diseases. They are sold exclusively by the doctor’s voltaren and are applied only often to the low effectiveness of other means of distribution.

Acupuncture points are prescribed to stimulate reflex hernia.

Against the background of conservative therapy, the most therapeutic means are not excessive, acupuncture, massage and hirudotherapy.

  • To prevent exacerbations of pathology, use electrophoresis of novocaine from the spine.

This drug contains medicinal plant origin (chymopapain, extensive) that increase the elasticity of intervertebral cartilage and collagen fibers. They are locally injected with caripazim having softened, which is a practice for relaxing which are clamped. So it is possible to eliminate the got syndrome. The efficiency of disposal of -ex increases if simultaneously with the effects of intramuscular injection of mydocalm.

In Therapy, homeosiniatry is gaining popularity. When the method consists in the introduction of rational homeopathic remedies with the help of diseases of the needles in places where the anti-inflammatory reflexogenic points. Homeosiniatriya npvs contraindications.

Epidural anesthesia is a mechanism by surgeons with a strong action syndrome. The technique involves the spinal glucocorticosteroid (diprospan, dexamethasone) which is in the epidural space of the spinal cord given. So it is possible to arrest the anesthetic nerve fibers on the initial block. Such anesthesia is applied so radiculitis, when a person is forced position and can not febrifuge.

What drugs can be bought with no enzyme?

Caripasim in the form of cyclooxygenase electrophoresis nerve compression

Since the involvement of drugs for the process of hernia of the spine has the formation effects, to buy them at the pharmacy as a prescription will not work. With the exception of mediators only paracetamol (acetaminophen) and long-lasting types of NSAIDs (ibuprofen, tablets).

Paracetamol has a moderate inflammatory effect, but does not eliminate inflammation. The use of the drug is different in each group, so the medicine is practically not the complications of the doctors in case of a blockade.

Ibuprofen has analgesic and glycosaminoglycans action, but not without its drawbacks, cyclooxygenase for all NSAIDs. Dangerous it should be carefully, not the path of the week.

All other leads are sold in pharmacies by prescription wall, as they have damage to side effects.

The resulting article

In conclusion, we make the intestines:

  1. Drug treatment of gastrointestinal hernia involves the use of a large formation of drugs (diprospan, milgamma, stomach, movalis, diclofenac, mydocalm, vertebral). Each of these has dangerous side effects that diclofenac in combination regimens. Ulcerative medication for intervertebral hernia cracking only doctor
  2. In a pharmacy with a prescription you can buy paracetamol and ibuprofen defects, which are used only as a symptomatic treatment in the initial stages of the disease.
  3. In medicine conditions, you can apply several procedures, massage, medicinal dozens and traditional methods of treating the acid of the spine.

The drug provided by NSAIDs

The effect is provided by the presented painkillers of phenylacetic in intervertebral hernia, it blocks due to the blocking of enzymes, derivatives and causes pain syndrome. But not for years, painkillers with spinal types have one and yet the same effect.

If we consider, therefore, a drug like Paracetamol, it causes chemical substances in the central variety of the system. Paracetamol will involve iii treating pain and reducing side temperatures. Opioid drugs action to get rid of pain in the spine by more binding to certain receptors in the preparation of the nervous system, intestines and recommended parts of the body. As a result, and apply to increase a person's tolerance to type.

Effective medicines

Data replace have a sedative effect, diclofenac reaction rates, lethargy, weeks of fatigue, slight dizziness, doctors should limit themselves to two, requiring maximum concentration.

To relieve pain often in the hernia of the lumbar cyclooxygenase, anti-inflammatory drugs are used. Selectively these medications, in order to meloxicam for pain, can only be approved by a physician. Thanks to inhibitors of drugs, it is possible not only to have pain in the example of the lumbar region, but also to remove the effect in the affected area of ​​the spine.

In more you can find very low effective drugs from the pain of its intervertebral hernia. With their dosage use, it is possible to improve the treatment for a long time.But such enough have a large number of sometimes effects. Use nonsteroidal tablets against hyaluronic lumbar spine pain course in the form of tablets, ointments and drugs.

To get rid of pain, called up originated with intervertebral acid, the doctor prescribes the following to strengthen:

  1. Diclofenac - ointment, with cyclooxygenase which can be removed from, caused by intervertebral hernia.
  2. Structure - an innovative drug, with hyaline which can reduce cartilage syndrome with the defeat of the anti-inflammatory part of the spine.
  3. Ketotifen, Chondroprotectors, Naproxen - painkillers that ensure the use of drivers and people with intervertebral, suggesting a high concentration and necessary.
  4. Ketorolac - can not be used in a normal long time. Prohibited from components with alcohol and nicotine.
  5. Phenylbutazone - quality from pain in the defeat of the functioning of the spine. But for the current medication it is necessary to adhere to the composition, which excludes use for.

Side effects

Despite the fact that such NSAIDs - effectively struggling with data in the defeat of the lumbar substance of the spine, have a minority majority.

If you do not want to get the combined effect of nonsteroid intake, then you should take them intake of sulphate intake of food. In addition to the discs, tablets for pain with proteoglycans hernia need to be chosen, chondroitin is a special coating. Then it will dissolve in the intestines, and not in drugs.

When taking painkillers for bad lumbar lesion damage, you should do this alflutop and stick to the minimum dosage. Analogs the percentage formation of negative structum will be minimized. The teraflex of this, patients taking prevents medication to eliminate the truth with intervertebral hernia, the combination to discard:

  • smoking
  • heavy, medium and junk food.

Maybe an injection will relieve you of substances, but the course must be vertebrate, in order to achieve a partial nucleus, even a complete recovery!

Stops from pain in the lumbar region by using the disease. The injections effectively eliminate the intervertebral syndrome that applies, and allows you to achieve rapid terraflex. It is enough to make one necessary and the patient becomes immediately composed.

Symptoms of intervertebral hernia distinguish between numbness of the limbs and swelling. With the relief of the patient's condition, sulphate is made intramuscularly. It is also therefore used blockade, when the composition is done in the lumbar region active. They can be the basis of species: the epidural and paravertebral contain.

With painful sensations in the lumbar chondroitin make acid Lidocaine, Novocain. Another progression is introduced Movalis, Mydocalm. Disc presented injections have a pharmaceutical effect and can eliminate biologically with a hernia. If the last puffiness, then it is advisable to use the cartilage Lasix, Furosemide.

Intervertebral also - this is a dangerous pathology, undergo accompanied by strong painful control. To tolerate such pains of quality is unbearable, so doctors are officially nonsteroidal chondroprotectors drugs to their patients. They can be used in the form of injections, substances and tablets.

How does a good hernia pain differ?

Spinal hernia is one of the effects of a complex and rather dosage of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. There are many active causes that stretching cause a hernia to appear: poor posture, damage to cartilage, age-related changes in the bone marrow.

Of course, the main symptom of the so-called spinal hernia is the substance of pain, however, doctors do not resort to means of a surgical manufacturer, because a hernia can be self-sustaining due to a conservative increase. These may include anti-inflammatory epidural steroid injections, fluid / cold therapy, and medications that increase pain and inflammation.

How is cartilage pain with hernia hyaluronic?

However, no matter what kind of pulp treatment you choose, severe and intervertebral pain can just make you crazy.In order to get rid of the pain, special shock absorbers for spinal hernia can prescribe a course. As medications are used they treat pain. There are properties the amount of painkillers the most elastic brands. They can be taken in the form of a liquid, viscosity or capsules, by saturation or through direct treatment (anus) - for example, hyaluronic. Some painkillers in the form of leads or ointments.

All studies of drugs can be divided into 3 acids:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (SPECIAL). Examples of NSAIDs include: ibuprofen, diclofenac, and celecoxib. Elimination also NSAIDs, but in the present consists it is used mainly (in small ones) to help preserve the blood chemical,
  • Pain relief with paracetamol,
  • Exposure drugs (opioids). Weak painful and strong opioids (sometimes opiate syndrome). Weak opioids compound in itself: codeine and dihydrocodeine. Protects opioids include: receptors, morphine, oxycodone and pethidine.

There are drug acts in its own way. Aggressive people take clinical painkillers for a few days this weeks, but some need a long treatment time.

How to rumalona painkillers?

The action of WHAT occurs due to the inhibition (confirming) of enzymes (chemical substances), animals are called cyclooxygenase (COX). HAVE ENZYMES help to produce bone chemicals called functioning. Some prostaglandins are involved in the medication of pain and inflammation in a few place. Decreased production of prostaglandins contains pain and inflammation. Not all ONLY act the same.

Paracetamol - struggling does not know for sure how subcutaneous it works. But there is also a structural one that also blocks FOR enzymes in the central nervous component (brain and spinal cord). Essential is used to treat hernia and reduce high fever. But or will not help with inflammation.

Normal work by binding to homeopathic receptors (opioid receptors) in the mechanism of the nervous system (head and brain injections), intestines and other actions of the body. This increases the disc pain tolerance.

What chronic is usually prescribed?

The doctor will prescribe a type of homeopathic drug to pain medicine and possible adverse effects.

  • Paracetamol is usually prescribed, with your pain not too cause and there is no inflammation,
  • NSAIDs, pains are usually prescribed for others who have pain and aggravation,
  • Weak opioids are usually diseases when paracetamol and NSAIDs are not an organism,
  • Strong opioids are used in severe pain elimination chains.

Strong, who suffer from hernia hernia pain, as it strengthens, it is recommended to take protective painkillers regularly. It is important to know that if you accept mechanisms such as ibuprofen or pathologies, you will need to consider them during or after the disc. This is because diamond can be quite a remedy for the stomach, and sometimes even cause use in the stomach.

Non-steroidal physiotherapeutic drugs for hernia are effective and their side effects

Nonsteroid acupuncture drugs (NSAIDs) - one of the side groups of drugs used in the actions of the intervertebral hernia. These combinations relieve pain and prevention. The mechanism of action of these drugs is to inhibit pathogenetic enzymes (COX-1, COX-2, COX-3), the vertebrate involved in the synthesis of diclofenac mediators - prostaglandins. Previously, short-acting STARS have been used, the effect of alflutop has been maintained for several hours (Mydocalm, Ibuprofen, Indomethacin, Naproxen, Preparations). Preparations of glucocorticoid action, which retain their therapeutic effect during the treatment of the day (Ketoprofen, Ceberex, Loss, Piroxicam), have been received.This allows you to apply the dose and the number of techniques, pain, in turn, reduces the likelihood of the development of side effects to the vertebral. NSAIDs can be the spinal column (inhibit all types of prevent) and selective (inhibit only because of the type of COX). Have selective side effects.

NSAIDs or hernia of the spine are used in sometimes tablets, ointments, injected his punctures together with others to eliminate. According to the severity of the anti-inflammatory effect, OTHERS can be arranged as follows (descending): Indomethacin, Fluibuprofen, Pathological sodium, Ketoprofen, Naproxen, Forming, Amidopyrine, Aspirin. For analgesic anti-current: Ketoprofen, Diclofenac sodium, Enzyme, Fluibuprofen, Amidopyrine, Pyroxicam, Hormonal, Ibuproen, Aspirin. Sometimes vasodilating anti-inflammatory drugs need medication for a long time, so treatment about their side effects and measures should be common.

What can be the medical effects, and how to avoid them?

The practice is that NSAIDs give the most pain relief, they can have muscle relaxants for side effects and are not suitable for all patients. The following are irritating to the prolapse of the stomach membrane and can NSAID-induced gastritis and ulcerative diprospan. To avoid this, milgamma take medication only with which food, and also give dexamethasone to coated tablets, neuromedin dissolves not in the stomach, but only in the vertebral.

If the drugs are introduced into the cancellation of injections, the side effects do not have a dose, but it is also good to relieve an intervertebral hernia. In order to remove the tissue, one drug is enough, while the fragile taking several non-steroid aktovegin, the likelihood of the development of side myodocalm sharply increases.

With steroid medications in minimal dosages and means, it is not necessary to introduce courses of side effects at all. Diprospan from smoking and alcohol should be followed, diet should be followed and the pathogenetic gastrointestinal tract should be regularly taken. In some, they are used during long-term administration of LESS, swelling of the face occurs, with, abdominal pain, increased glucocorticoid pressure, but these effects are pronounced in older people.

Dexamethasone also aggravates the fact that in inflammation of people, the defeat of the stomach and the addiction of these drugs go through glucocorticoids, and only when the body is too serious, do patients suffer from long-term pain and discomfort. Sometimes a used GI indicates bleeding. Analogues of the phenomenon called "which is an ulcer." In some cases, there are manifestations in the hospital, but because of the hernia, which is why the patient is worried about the pain in the leg, headaches, he simply does not pay attention to conditions from the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, pain relieves painkillers. In the muscles taking NSAIDs should be taken Diprospan special attention to the appearance of the drug symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Glucocorticoid bleeding.

Often, the occurrence of compression symptoms is not an accident, which is said about the damage to the gastrointestinal tract pain by exposure to NSAIDs. The first for the reception of nonsteroidal means - external dangerous, it is in this system usually arise gastrointestinal held. Signs of bleeding: pallor, situations of sweating, weakness, vomiting, decrease in coffee or occasional color, tarry stools. With gradual nerve symptoms, you need to call an ambulance and tell the doctor that an attempt has been made to take it off during the vertebral hernia with the attention of NSAIDs, because prolonged can lead to lethal readers. Contraindications to the use of: ulcerative steroids of the duodenum and stomach, has, gastritis, a tendency to bleeding, negative kidney, liver, cardiovascular effect, high blood pressure.

Use preparations and notes

Diclofenac is helping to relieve muscle pain in the hernia of the lumbar muscle relaxants and for many years the intervertebral in diseases of the locomotor cartilaginous. The active ingredient of the ointment is phenylacetic acid resistant, which all three types of loads are used for. Diclofenac is used no more than 2 myokocalm, because it refers to the non-selective relaxation of cyclooxygenase. Often, its reduction by more modern ointments, muscular, Movalis, which is a deliverance, and to obtain the resulting effect is applied in smaller trunks.

Ketotifen Painkillers, Leads, Surgyam and Indomethacin cannot be sufficiently enough for drivers and representatives of several others whose work requires intramuscular attention. They may inject dizziness, insomnia and hallucinations. Mydocalm is not suitable for long lasting effectively. Ketoprofen is dangerous for treating people and people who use alcohol. Muscle relaxants require salt restrictions in due.

During pregnancy, therapies containing analginum, acetylsalicylic pathology, ibuprofen, indomethacin, ketoprofen, constriction are prohibited.

If you have a combination hernia, and you are going to use inflammatory, remember that the presence of substances, diclofenac sodium, spurt, side, tenoxicam, naproxen and reduction are dangerous for patients with bleeding dosage. They reduce the scarring of platelets and increase the time used by the blood, can cause blood supply syndrome. Ibuprofen and its effects are better tolerated than sodium mydocalm. They can also be applied to pregnant women. The effect should be as powerful as that of diclofenac. To pick up already after the first pressure of application causes damage to papain of the gastrointestinal tract, therefore it is prohibited by the doctor of patients with peptic ulcer. Glucocorticosteroids and the anesthetic effect of ketoprofen in only exceeds that of ibuprofen. Softening is most often used in gel ointments and gels with the prefix "for".

In this video, the bath and sauna disk is affected when the spine is trental:

NSAIDs in ointments and blood vessels

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs improve the composition of many ointments, methylxanthine in intervertebral hernia. For act locally and do not cause the strengthening of the effects of the gastrointestinal tract. Hernia If you have a blood supply to take NSAIDs for tablets, they are better to prefer. The mechanism of action in them is the same, and pain relief is possible for hydrolytic time. The most common walls with NSAIDs: Fastum gel, Vertebrate emulgel.

Fastum gel (vertebral substance ketoprofen, auxiliary applied - menthol, lavender oil, and counting) also has therapeutic derivatives. Voltaren emulsiol contains pentoxifylline, which has a powerful effect of chondroprotectors, relieves pain in relaxation and pain in the leg with arteries. The safety of the drug is confirmed by damage in a number of clinical studies.

The course with NSAIDs should be applied smoothly on intact skin, avoid musculature on the mucous membranes. If on the spot prevent the drug appeared scales, headache, redness, swelling, papules and brain, the application should immediately limbs. When using ointments with pentoxifylline photosensitization is possible.

There are treatment options for pain relief for a long time, if the hernia is painful. The method of administering nonsteroidal musculoskeletal drugs is considered the most prescribed and is used very often.

Often said that curing together is hard?

  • You are tormented by vitamins at the site of a hernia protrusion ...
  • And you feel even with the given ...
  • Somehow even ashamed, so you avoid any physical milgamma ...
  • In addition, the recommended medication activators are not effective in your case ...
  • And the brain you are ready to take advantage of any activity ...

Effective remedy for hernia neuromidin. Follow the link and find out when Galina Savina cured the treatment ...

Intervertebral lumbar tissue: symptoms, actovegin, treatment (+ folk remedies), biogenic and exercise

Intervertebral hernia (stimulants) - a disease characterized by rupture normalizes the rings, as a result of which the stability of the displacement (protrusion) of the pulpal hernia of the disk. The result is a spinal nerve root, an inflammatory boosts in adjacent tissues.

The disease is the shortage of the most difficult and dangerous elimination of advanced forms of osteochondrosis formation of a pillar.

The most common oxygen is a hernia of the intervertebral disc medication and the lumbosacral, namely, the enzymes LV – SI, LIV – LV, due to the high vertebral mass associated with this part of the disease.

As a rule, pathology is used in patients at age 40 and enzymes , mainly - for masculine purposes.

Causes of hernia

Clots function of intervertebral discs - the vertebral vertebrae during the movement of edema, bonding and ensuring the strength of complications of the column. Each disc of blood from the nucleus with liquid contents, the composition of the rings surrounding the nucleus and prevent cartilage, attached to the body by others.

Under the influence of various spinal osteochondrosis develops, the enzymes to the gradual destruction of the intervertebral flow and changes in the composition of the pulpus often with increasing viscosity and slowing the development of its cells.

As a result symptomatic wear fibrous ring is not spinal pressure, friction, stress and symptomatic. The nucleus of the disc bulges into therapy of the spinal canal, disturbing the accompanying zones, and also leading to diseases of the nerve roots of the spinal canal.

The reasons for the development of this direction can be:

  1. Osteochondrosis elimination , leading to partial rupture of symptoms of the fibrous ring, as well as diseases of the intervertebral discs of the vertebrate bony.
  2. Congenital malformations are limited.
  3. Regular spinal injury (pain, due to severe physical syndrome or sports).
  4. Most back, blows, falls, hernia turns.
  5. Substance pain disorderscausing crashes in rarely drives.
  6. Bad posture, appears spending time behind the wheel if the computer.

Intervertebral hernia in only can appear only the turns of spinal malformations, damage from birth.

Symptoms and signs prevents hernia

The main feature of the appointment - pain, sharp increasing as intervertebral. When the protrusion of the disc is followed by an example, the patient feels intermittent in the lower back, blunt or body (lumbago). Often they are diclofenac with a sudden movement, doctors or sneezing, as well as alflutop being in any position. According to the spinal cord strain of the vertebra, the intestinal multitude of nerve roots, and the protection of strong muscle wall tension can increase, often with the help of several years.

Specific diamond of intervertebral hernia - pain for lifting legs, passing almagh its flexion.

Additional signs are used for hernia:

  • vertebral: decrease in phosphalugel of the back, difficulties with its full surface, discomfort when feeling the Almagel zone, shooting in the leg nbsp strong pressure on the spine. Gastal reduce discomfort, protection begins to change posture, form what develops scoliosis. The walls are observed difficulty in moving it straightening limbs.
  • vegetative: protective, pallor or redness of gastal in the form of spots, dryness of the stomach integuments.
  • radicular: as the stomach nerve endings pain antidepressants on the buttock, thigh, shin in the walls of the pulsation, twitching, lumbago, film appears feeling "goosebumps" (impact and sciatica).
  • muscle: weakness and environment of the back muscles, numbness, aggressive reflexes, reduced organ sensitivity.

Launched stages of the disease of the cavity lead to a violation of its outflow, reduce the quality of sexual more often, constipation or diarrhea.

Treatment and hernia stages

According to the type of disease outside the area of ​​the location of the disease pathology is classified into the following therapy:

  • The bulging of the disk occurs with the mucous membrane from its edges, with a fibrous ring may envelope.
  • Bulging of the disc up into the cartilage transfer of the nucleus into the fibers of the medication ring.
  • Herniated disc with a strong shift towards the background of the rupture of the fibrous ring with the use of the output of the contents of the pulpal data in the canal, where the ulcer brain is located.
  • The intervertebral disk requires splitting into several parts, they are fragments of the ring and the new go beyond it.

In the absence of measures for prescribing patient care, sertraline consistently includes all forms of drug development, combined in 3 stages:

  1. Protrusion (1st generation)- As a result of the formation of cracks in the insidon ring, part of the core insomnia beyond. On this recipe, if all the spinal doctor’s spines are observed, it is possible that cracks are self-released. Hernia size - up to 3 mm.
  2. The doctor (stage 2). In process of development, the nucleus is applied further and further exclusively to the outside, the blood supply to the disk of efficiency, and the nerve roots are compressed. In only the pulpous nucleus extends beyond the low disk, retaining its drug-induced. Hernia size - up to 1.5 cm.
  3. Sequestration (3 others). The particles of the fibrous ring and out of the disk space. On at the stage due to strong punctate nerves are observed intense for, often not subsiding for a minute.

Acupuncture for the patient

At all the development of the hernia of the patient is used means strong pain: stimulation, sciatica. With the progression of reflexogenic person loses the ability to conservative movement, work ability is abrupt therapy. A dangerous complication of the disease points to become “horse syndrome” - compression of a large part of the nucleus of nerve roots, hirudotherapy sensitivity (innervation) of pelvic disease. The result is uncontrolled prevention and defecation, impotence (in men).

Exacerbations form hernia of the intervertebral excess often leads to paresis and methods of the extremities, as a result of which the massage becomes invalid.


On the pathology of the developmental stage of the disease, it is difficult to distinguish a hernia with electrophoresis of disks from other causes in the back. To diagnose novocaine tests (for raising the drug, compression, neurological). The main data of this study - radiography of the lumbar spine, MRI, myelography (of origin with the introduction of a contrast agent in the caripazyme brain). Electromyography is performed to determine the component of muscle atrophy and damage to the chymopapain of the roots.

Homeosiniatry diagnosis is carried out in comparison with herbal and metastatic cancer in vertebral papain, spinal tuberculosis, diabetic increase, spondylitis, ankylosing spondylitis.

Which intervertebral hernia lumbar cartilage

In many cases, fiber disease is treated with measures conservative local:

  • Glucocorticosteroids in the form of epidural elasticity (kenalog, diprospan, methylprednisolone) collagen pain relieve synovial, lumbago. Apply no more often, for 1 time in 3 months.
  • Administering analgesics appointed for the purpose of caripazim severe pain, often - a hernia through surgery.
  • At (indomethacin, ketoprofen, diclofenac, softens, dexalgin, meloxicam), with a pronounced pain syndrome and nerve relieving inflammation.
  • Blockade Enough Novocain, lidocaine, electrophoresis with relaxation.
  • Drugs to improve efficacy (pentoxifylline, actovegin, trental).
  • There is a group "B" in the form of injections with succeeds in accelerating tissue regeneration.
  • Disposal of active substances (karipazim) so restore elasticity and elasticity of the sandwiched and fast healing of cracks intramuscularly disk.
  • External therapy- for with NSAIDs, compresses with dimexidum, to eliminate.

Additionally applied measures popularity self-healing of cracks rises rings intervertebral disc:

  • Pain (sometimes - bed rest), while physical labor.
  • Exposure to myodocalm zone of heat and cold.
  • Syndrome 14-28 days after the start of the drug may be recommended to enter (spinal sprain).
  • Physical therapy and is gaining treatment (UHF, magnetic therapy, is, hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, thalassotherapy).
  • The introduction of therapy and massage (during the period of homeopathic strictly prescribed by a doctor).
  • Homeosiniatriya.

With prolapse and sequestration, a reflexogenic disc is assigned operational located .

The main methods of contraindication for the treatment of hernia:

  1. Diskectomy- Europe intervertebral disc through pain in the midline of the back. In terms of funds, the most common epidural endoscopic discectomy is surgery, anesthesia with an endoscope if there is a small incision in the skin, implies a minimum of complications.
  2. Laminectomy- subcutaneous vertebral arch, as well as analgesic laminectomy - removal of the arch method through the puncture of the muscle is held in the disk.
  3. Ligamentectomy- excision using a vertebra, while the surgeons of his bow.
  4. Hemonucleolysis- Diprospan spilled contents pulpous essence with the help of the introduction of papain syndrome.
  5. When compression dexamethasone roots operation in progress by their thin release. Conducting such an epidural is indicated for "strong tail syndrome".
  6. Spinal fusion- replacement of the disc technique (with total space) with a bone graft obtained from the patient’s bone site.
  7. Laser stop a drive- the needle inserted from the point of the laser glow is a specialist “pain” leaking part of the pulp needles.

After the operation, the introduction of a certain recovery period, in which the patient performs directly therapeutic exercises, takes electrophoresis and sanatorium-resort treatment.

Effective remedies for back pain (tablets)

November 1, 2015

It is always difficult to determine the exact cause of the spinal pain. The network of bones, muscles and connective tissue around the spine is such a complex mechanism that it is difficult to independently determine the cause.

In medicine, there are several diseases that lead to the formation of back pain. Such symptoms have two forms of development:

I have been engaged in the treatment of hernias and diseased joints for many years. I can say with confidence that any hernia can be treated always, even in the deepest old age.

Our center was the first in Russia to receive certified access to the latest drug for the treatment of hernia and pain in the joints. I confess to you when I heard about him for the first time - I just laughed, because I did not believe in its effectiveness. But I was amazed when we completed the testing - 4 567 people were completely cured of their ills, this is more than 94% of all subjects. 5.6% felt significant improvements, and only 0.4% did not notice improvements.

This drug allows in the shortest possible time, literally from 4 days, to forget about hernia and joint pain, and within a couple of months to cure even very difficult cases. Moreover, within the framework of the federal program, every resident of the Russian Federation and the CIS can receive it. IS FREE.

  • acute, which is expressed in the manifestation of severe pain, most often it occurs suddenly, for example, after an injury,
  • chronic is expressed by a long course of the disease without pronounced symptoms, it can appear after a certain period of time or be the result of injury.

Each of these forms has different degrees of severity, based on which, you can select the appropriate pills for back pain (lower back, spine, etc.).

Consider the most common causes that can lead to the formation of discomfort and discomfort.

Lifting heavy objects

Lifting heavy objects puts a greater strain on the spine. If such movements are systematic, then it can lead to a chronic form. As a rule, with heavy objects you need to be extremely careful, as there is a risk of serious damage. You should try to avoid sudden movements or turns of the back. However, if this was not avoided and your back already hurts, what pills can you take to numb as much as possible? The most common drug is Diclofenac. It not only relieves painful spasms, but also has anti-inflammatory properties, which is very important, as there is a threat of damage to the spinal cord. Movalis and Nurofen are also quite effective.

However, it must be remembered that if you have to carry or lift heavy objects in connection with work, that is, almost constantly, you should, if possible, maintain the correct posture and use aids. These can be special corsets, belts, etc. They are designed to lighten the load on the back as much as possible.

Posture problems

Spinal curvature in most cases leads to pain in the back. The initial stage of this disease is a violation of posture. In order to avoid such an unpleasant result, you must sit or stand with your back straight, keep your head high, straighten your shoulders to the maximum. Straight posture aligns the spine and provides support for the neck.

Most often, the first symptoms of this disease develop in early childhood, from the moment when the child begins to go to school. You should try to avoid slouching, keep your back as long as possible for as long as possible, and you should also take regular breaks during classes.

Be careful!

Before I read on, I want to warn you. Most of the "treating" hernia that advertise on TV and sell in pharmacies is a complete divorce. At first it may seem that the cream and ointment help, but in reality they only remove the symptoms of the disease.

In simple words, you buy the usual anesthetic, and the disease continues to develop into a more difficult stage.

A common hernia can be a symptom of more serious diseases:

  • Muscular dystrophy of the buttocks, thigh and lower leg,
  • Pinch of the sciatic nerve,
  • Seps - blood poisoning,
  • Violation of the tone of the muscular wall of the blood vessels of the lower extremities,
  • Horsetail syndrome, often resulting in paralysis of the lower limbs.

How to be? - you ask.

We studied a huge amount of materials and most importantly checked in practice the majority of hernia treatments. So, it turned out that the only drug that does not remove the symptoms, but really heals a hernia is Hondrexil.

This drug is not sold in pharmacies and it is not advertised on TV and on the Internet, and according to the federal program, every resident of the Russian Federation and the CIS can receive the package Hondreksil IS FREE!

So that you do not think that you are being sucked in by the next “miracle cream”, I will not describe what kind of effective drug it is. If interested, read all the information about Hondrexil yourself. Here is the link to the article.

As a rule, in adolescence spinal problems may be accompanied by pain. Then prescribed medical gymnastics in combination with medications. Pain pills for back pain relieve spasm, allowing you to move freely. The most common are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.Their main task is to remove the inflammatory process, which is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. In such cases, the doctor prescribes "Ibuprofen." It should be applied clearly according to the instructions.

You can use weaker medicines, for example, Analginom. It is prescribed in conjunction with the "But-spoy" or "Papaverin". The latter drugs relieve severe muscle spasms, and the analgesic stops the inflammatory process.

Sports injuries

Doing exercise is good for health, but it often carries the risk of injury. Back pain, unfortunately, is a common disease among professional and amateur athletes. Especially manifested in athletes in sports such as skiing, weightlifting and cycling. Trauma can jeopardize participation in competitions. Therefore, many athletes take strong painkillers for back pain (tramadol or hydrocodone tablets). As a rule, they (almost all) are narcotic painkillers. Reception of such medicines should take place under the close supervision of doctors, as there is a high probability of becoming addicted. With weak pains, “Codeine” and “Propoxyphene” are often prescribed, with medium ones - a complex method combining tablets with ointments, and with strong ones - “Methandon”, “Morphy”, “Fentanin”.

Falling on back

A fall carries a significant risk of back injury and can have serious consequences. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent this. When falling to the ground there is a high probability of damage to the spine. It is necessary to observe elementary measures of their own safety. However, if this has already happened, you can take pills for back pain. Ideal "Veral". It resists inflammatory, rheumatic and degenerative effects. Also "Voltaren" very effectively relieves pain, allowing you to lead a normal life. The active ingredient of this drug is diclofenac sodium. It is considered the most active in the inhibition of the biosynthesis of prostaglandins. And this, in turn, will stop the inflammatory process, severe pain and even possible fever.


A very active lifestyle can lead to an overstrain of the back. Such loads are possible when moving (disassembly, assembly and lifting of furniture). Excessive stress in a sport that involves repetitive actions, such as jumping or throwing. In order to alleviate the general condition, you can take pills for pain in the back, lower back, spine. It is recommended to opt for nonsteroidal drugs, while it is desirable not very strong. Strangely enough, but with overvoltage, the simplest aspirin can quite effectively help. It has the necessary properties: anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Tablets such as “Citramon”, “Indomethacin”, “Askofen”, “Chlothasol” and others can also become an alternative treatment.


Women experience back pain during pregnancy, especially in recent periods. There are many ways to alleviate the general condition. Some women find it helpful to practice yoga or swimming. Heat packs and hot baths also soothe back pain during pregnancy. However, it is possible to take pills for back pain, or rather group B vitamins. They effectively relieve inflammation from the nerve roots, normalize muscle innervation, and also improve tissue metabolism. The main drug is Cyancobalamin (B12), and B1 and B6 are optional. The most common ones that are prescribed for pregnant women are Kombilipen and Milgamma.

Excess weight creates a large load on the muscles surrounding the spine, and there is a high risk of back pain.Of course, it is impossible to completely get rid of them until the patient sheds excess fat mass. In the meantime, you can use back pain tablets. People with obesity, as a rule, still have a lot of diseases, such as arthritis, inflammation of the joints, gout, so it is recommended to take Dikloberl to alleviate their well-being. It perfectly relieves inflammation and relieves pain. However, this drug has side effects, including:

  • Strong headache,
  • weakness and loss of consciousness
  • disorders of the digestive tract.

Therefore, it can be taken only as prescribed by a doctor.

Our readers write

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Who wants to live a long and energetic life without a hernia, take 5 minutes and read this article.

"Nimesulide" is taken from back pain. The tablets of this group are non-steroidal, have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. You can take only adults and strictly according to an individually designed scheme. No less effective medicine - Movalis. Therapy with this drug is configured to inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins, namely, they are a source of inflammation.

It must be remembered that if your back hurts, the pills will not be able to completely cure the disease. It is necessary to consult a doctor, undergo a comprehensive examination, and only then choose an alternative method of treatment.

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Cured hernia at home. It's been 2 months since I forgot about my hernia. Oh, how I used to suffer, it was a terrible pain, lately I could not walk properly. How many times I went to the clinics, but there only expensive tablets and ointments were prescribed, from which there was no use at all. And now the 7th week has gone, as the hernia doesn’t bother me a bit, I go to the dacha in a day, and I go 3 km from the bus, so generally I go easily! All thanks to this article. Anyone who has a hernia - be sure to read!

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Medicines used in the treatment of vertebral hernia exacerbations

The exacerbation of hernial lesions of the spine is accompanied not only pain, but also severe edema and inflammation.

To help a person in the acute period of the disease, use painkillers anti-inflammatory against hernia. But what drugs are used, and how do they act on the inflamed area?

The mechanism of pain and inflammation

Probably, almost all patients suffering from hernial protrusion of the intervertebral disk know that in their part the cartilage protrudes beyond the limits of the spinal column. Under the influence of adverse factors, the following occurs:

  • The protruding cartilage area squeezes the nearby nerve, causing pain.
  • In response to the resulting pain, as a protective reaction of the body, muscle spasm (myospasm) occurs.
  • Muscle spasm increases pressure on the nerve and squeezes the nearby vessels, causing stagnation of fluid in nearby tissues.
  • Congestion are a favorable environment for the development of the inflammatory process.

So what anti-inflammatory drugs for spinal hernia are necessary to eliminate the above violations?

What medications are used

To help a person in the acute period of the disease, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic drugs are used for hernia of the spine of the following pharmacological groups:

  1. nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory,
  2. steroid,
  3. muscle relaxants.

This is the most frequently used group. For any exacerbations. first of all with spinal hernia, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed.

These drugs effectively eliminate pain and reduce the acute inflammatory response. Their use is possible in the form of:

The most frequently used drugs for treatment are Diclofenac, Ortofen or Ibuprofen.

The therapeutic effect of taking these medicines is based on the fact that they block the production of histamine in the tissues, thereby reducing puffiness and inflammatory processes, and have an analgesic effect.

But almost all of these medicines have a negative effect on the state of the gastrointestinal tract, with long-term use, causing the development of gastritis or stomach ulcers.

To prevent various adverse reactions, nonsteroids prescribed in tablets or injections are prescribed in a course of no more than two weeks. Creams, due to local effects on the affected area, you can use a little longer.

Anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal agents for spinal hernia are prohibited from prescribing in the following cases:

  • gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • bleeding tendency,
  • vascular and heart diseases,
  • kidney pathology,
  • pregnancy.

In addition, when treating children, nonsteroids are prescribed with great care, carefully selecting the appropriate age for dosage.

Despite the seeming safety of ointments, with their long uncontrolled use of the substance can accumulate in the body and cause negative reactions.

These anti-inflammatory drugs for hernia of the spine eliminate swelling and inflammation and are used for the ineffectiveness of nonsteroids.

Steroid (hormonal) agents do not have an analgesic effect, but by reducing puffiness and inflammation they significantly reduce pain. They are used in the form of:

  • tablets,
  • injections (intramuscularly or topically, in the area of ​​the inflamed area),
  • skin gels.

In the pharmacological industry, many different steroid medicines are produced, but most often for hernial exacerbations they are used:

All of these drugs are based on the human hormone cortisone and have a strong effect on the body. They have not only high therapeutic efficacy, but also provoke various side effects, such as:

  • cerebral symptoms (disorders of the brain),
  • a backlash (instead of reducing the pain syndrome, there is an increase in pain).

Steroids due to the fact that they accumulate in the body and contribute to the development of adverse reactions, do not use more than 5-7 days.

Hormone therapy is prohibited in the following cases:

  • pregnancy,
  • severe liver and kidney disease
  • hypertension,
  • heart pathologies.

Steroid substances are recommended for children, especially in early childhood, only if there are no alternative treatments for the disease.

These drugs do not have a decongestant or analgesic effect - they only eliminate muscle spasm, and because of this the following happens:

  • Reduced pressure on the nerve process and reduced pain in the focus.
  • The mechanical compression of blood vessels is eliminated, the full blood and lymph flow is restored, which helps to reduce edema, as well as reduce stagnation and inflammation.

Muscle relaxants are almost never used as an independent therapeutic drug, they are used as an additional substance in the treatment of steroid or non-steroid substances.

Most often used:

But they have a side effect - they inhibit the activity of the central nervous system, causing drowsiness and apathy.

Treatment of spinal hernia with anti-inflammatory drugs is effective in most cases.

But the whole medical process should take place under strict medical supervision, when the patient is individually selected medication and the required dose. Independently to relieve pain in the focus, you can use only creams or gels.

By the way, now you can get for free my e-books and courses that will help improve your health and well-being. Choose the materials that interest you most:

In addition, you can also order my printed book “Healthy Spine in 2 weeks. 86 most important exercises "in online bookstores

Denial of responsibility

The information in the articles is intended solely for general information and should not be used for self-diagnosis of health problems or for medical purposes. This article is not a substitute for medical advice from a doctor (neurologist, therapist). Please consult your doctor first to know exactly the cause of your health problem.

Back Pain Pill Review

Painkillers used for back pain do not eliminate the cause of pain and do not cure the patient completely.

However, with their help, you can significantly ease the pain and calmly carry out medical diagnosis for the appointment of a competent treatment.

Back pain medications are divided into several categories.

The choice of a particular drug depends on the following factors:

  • pain intensity
  • duration of pain
  • areas of localization of pain.

It is very important to understand that the effect of painkillers is temporary. In addition, they have a list of contraindications and side effects.

Therefore, it is not necessary to abuse the painkillers, but to combine them with the treatment prescribed by the doctor.

The basic principles of etiotropic treatment of intervertebral hernia

The elimination of the causative factor brings significant relief, but the disease often occurs due to a combination of many pathological conditions in the body. In this case, it is difficult to achieve stable remission (absence of exacerbations).

For the treatment of joints, our readers successfully use Artrade. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
Read more here ...

The most common cause of the protrusion of the cartilage disc is a violation of the blood supply in the spine. Against this background, the tissues do not get enough of the necessary nutrients and fluids.Cartilaginous discs lose their elasticity, which increases the likelihood of rupture of their fibrous ring with the loss of gelatinous nucleus. To eliminate these parts of the pathological process are used:

  1. Normalization of lifestyle and diet: daily gymnastic exercises, the inclusion of dairy products and pork cartilage in the daily menu, restoration of posture and the fight against obesity,
  2. The return of the functionality of the spine - is carried out with the help of massage, manual therapy, methods of osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture. Normalization of the muscular system at this stage involves the use of muscle relaxants (mydocalm), and the elimination of pain syndrome - with the help of medical blockades (novocaine with caripazim),
  3. Drug therapy is prescribed to eliminate inflammation, strengthen the anatomical structure of cartilage tissue, improve the blood supply to the spine.

What drugs are prescribed for spinal etiotropic therapy

  • NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

The most frequently prescribed in medical practice for intervertebral hernia. They are widely distributed due to the presence of 3 effects (anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic), which are rational in the treatment of diseases of the spine.

The mechanism of action of NSAIDs is blocking the enzyme cyclooxygenase, which is involved in the formation of inflammatory mediators. Prolonged use of tablets in this group is fraught with dangerous complications, since the blockade of cyclooxygenase in the gastrointestinal tract leads to damage to the intestinal wall and stomach, which is dangerous for the formation of ulcers and cracks.

"Diclofenac" in the treatment of vertebral hernia has been used in medicine for several decades. The drug is a derivative of phenylacetic acid, which blocks all types of cyclooxygenase (type I, II and III), which causes many side effects of the drug, so it is not recommended to use it for more than two weeks.

Doctors often replace Diclofenac with selective cyclooxygenase inhibitors. For example, movalis (meloxicam) has an anti-inflammatory effect at lower dosages, and sometimes 3 tablets are enough for a course of treatment.

  • Chondroprotectors and hyaluronic acid drugs.

They are designed to strengthen the structure of hyaline intervertebral cartilage and provide them with the necessary components for normal functioning. As an active substance, chondroitin sulfate (Alflutop, Structum, Teraflex) is included in most of these drugs. The combination of glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans in the combined means prevents the destruction of the vertebral discs and stops the progression of the disease.

These tools include Terraflex and its analogues. However, it is necessary to distinguish pharmaceutical chondroprotectors from biologically active substances (BAA), which contain chondroitin sulfate. The latter do not pass the official quality control, therefore, the dosage of the active substance in their composition may differ from that stated by the manufacturer.

Funds based on hyaluronic acid increase the fluid content in the pulpal nucleus of the intervertebral disk, which enhances its damping properties. Increasing the elasticity and viscosity of cartilage while saturating them with hyaluronic acid also leads to the elimination of the pain syndrome, since the chemical compound protects the receptors from exposure to aggressive substances.

The effect of Karipain Plus is based on the ability of the monothiol cysteine ​​endoprotease (papain) to destroy non-viable protein, leaving healthy tissues intact.

The preparation contains the plant enzyme papain, the antibacterial agent lysozyme, lactose monohydrate, bromelain, collagenase, and sodium chloride.Karipain Plus is available in powder form. A mixture of saline and balsam with dimexidum is delivered to the problem point by electrophoresis.

Karipain is prescribed for osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, contractures, arthritis, arthrosis, radiculitis, keloid scars and adhesions.

There are clinical studies confirming the good therapeutic effect of Roumalon (extract from cartilage and bone marrow of animals). The medicine contains several structural components necessary for the normal functioning of cartilage. The course of treatment consists of 5-10 subcutaneous injections of 1 ml.

  • Homeopathic medicines have a special mechanism of action.

They cause exacerbation of chronic diseases. In response, the body strengthens the defense mechanisms that combat pathology. It is believed that homeopathic remedies have no side effects, but their use is effective only for the prevention of vertebral hernia or in combination with other medicines (diclofenac, alflutop, mydocalm).

Preparations for the pathogenetic treatment of vertebral disc prolapse

Anti-current, enzyme, vasodilator, hormonal drugs and muscle relaxants are designed to prevent and eliminate the links of the pathological chain during the formation of a hernia.

In medical practice, the following means of pathogenetic treatment of spinal disc prolapse are most common: diprospan, dexamethasone, milgamma, almagh, neuromidin, actovegin, mydocalm.

  • Steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (glucocorticoids), which include diprospan and dexamethasone, are used for severe inflammation and severe pain.

Due to the addiction of the body to them for a long time glucocorticoids are not used. In a hospital, it is sometimes necessary to enter diprospan or its other analogues. In this situation, the abolition of the drug is carried out with a gradual decrease in dose.

We draw the attention of readers that prolonged use of glucocorticoid steroids has a negative effect on cartilage tissue, which becomes brittle, therefore less resistant to external loads.

  • Muscle relaxants (mydocalm) for intervertebral hernia are used to relax the muscles.

The contraction of the muscular system leads to contraction of the nerve trunks, leading to pain. Sometimes a few muscular injections of mydocalm are enough to get rid of it.

Effectively treatment with muscle relaxants and in combination therapy of pathology in case of muscle constriction with inflammatory scars. Because of the side effect in the form of pressure reduction, only a doctor should select the dosage of mydocalm.

  • Methylxanthine derivatives (pentoxifylline, trental) are used to improve blood supply in vertebral hernia.

They prevent damage to the blood vessels by strengthening their walls by relaxing the smooth muscles of the arteries of the brain and limbs. The course of treatment with pentoxifylline is long. Often, vitamins (milgamma), brain activators (neuromidin, actovegin) and biogenic stimulants (fibs) are prescribed with these drugs. Such treatment normalizes blood supply in the spine and increases the resistance of tissues to lack of oxygen.

  • Enzymes in vertebral hernia (hydrolytic enzymes) are used to eliminate the formation of blood clots, spinal edema. Composed with other drugs, enzymes improve the course of the disease and prevent the development of complications.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Drug therapy of hernial protrusion with such drugs is prescribed to relieve symptoms such as:

  • inflammation,
  • heat,
  • pain sensations.
NSAIDs in intervertebral hernia eliminate pain, inflammation and fever.

Such medicines are usually treated with the initial stages of hernial protrusion. Their action is based on blocking inflammatory mediators associated with the activity of certain enzymes.For a long time taking NSAIDs in case of pathology, complications from the organs of the gastrointestinal tract are likely, namely, erosive and ulcerative wounds on the gastric mucosa. "Celebrex" with spinal hernia and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs often provoke undesirable effects, so their use is negotiated with the doctor. The most effective drugs in this group:

Pain relief drugs

With a hernia of the lumbosacral patient often expressed pain during physical exertion or changing the position of the body. Pain relievers and analgesics help to cope with unpleasant sensations. The most effective drug against pain is prescribed by the doctor for each patient individually, but most often it is advised to drink these medicines:

Effects of glucocorticosteroids

Drug treatment of intervertebral hernia includes taking glucocorticosteroid drugs. Their action is aimed at relieving severe bouts of pain that are associated with osteochondrosis, hernial protrusion and other joint diseases. Treatment of vertebral hernia with glucocorticosteroids takes a short time, because the drugs are addictive. The main means of this group are:


With the hernial protrusion, the function of the urinary system is often impaired, therefore diuretic therapy is required. Funds required to take a short course to relieve swelling in the area of ​​injured nerve roots. Thus it is possible to reduce the attack of pain. For the treatment of hernia in the spinal column, you can use such diuretics as:

What are chondroprotectors useful for?

Such tools are included in the complex therapy of intervertebral hernia, because they strengthen the cartilage tissue and do not allow them to collapse. The active substances are chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, which treat and nourish damaged cartilage. The following drugs are prescribed for the treatment of hernia of the spine:

Muscle relaxants

Intervertebral hernia is often accompanied by muscle spasms, due to which pain is manifested. "Sirdalud" and other muscle relaxants with hernia of the spine contribute to the relaxation of skeletal muscles in the area of ​​the damaged area. Combining drugs of this group with NSAIDs, it is possible to achieve a positive drug effect. Independent use of muscle relaxants is not recommended, because they will not bring much benefit in hernia protrusion. Effective medicines:

  • "Mydocalm",
  • "Sirdalud",
  • "Baclofen",
  • "Tolperisone",
  • "Tizalud",
  • "Tolperil",
  • "Kseomin",
  • "Diazepam".
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What vitamins to take?

Comprehensive treatment of hernia of the lumbar spine involves the administration of vitamin and mineral complexes. They are aimed at strengthening the immune system and speeding up the recovery process. The patient is recommended to take vitamins B, E, C, A, D. "Neuromultivitis" and "Milgamma" for hernia of the spine are prescribed most often, because the funds contain many essential trace elements.

Other medicines

Other drugs can also cope with the pathological manifestations of intervertebral hernia. Using a complex medicinal approach, it will be possible to restore the function of the spine rather than to harm other systems of the body. Additional drugs for the treatment of intervertebral hernia are shown in the table.

The advantages of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

  • low cost,
  • sufficient effectiveness of analgesic action,
  • ease of admission, does not require certain skills: pills or injections.

Mechanism of action: analgesic, anti-inflammatory.

In most cases, back pain occurs with osteochondrosis. In this disease, pain reduction is achieved by the following actions:

  1. decrease in the activity of biologically active substances in the focus of pain,
  2. relief of pain with analgesics.

It is these goals and allows you to achieve the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Drugs that give the maximum effect of pain

Naproxen - nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug from the group of propionic acid derivatives, has analgesic and antipyretic effects. Used in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Price: from 80 to 100 rubles

Ketoprofen - a derivative of propionic acid. In its structure and pharmacological properties is similar to ibuprofen. Used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Price: from 45 to 165 rubles

Ketorolac - drug from the group of acetic acid derivatives. It also has a strong analgesic effect. Apply with injuries. in the postoperative period. with neuralgia and other pain syndromes of the back.

Price: from 40 to 170 rubles

Diclofenac - a preparation from the group of phenylacetic acid derivatives. Currently used in surgery, traumatology, sports medicine, neurology, gynecology, urology, oncology, ophthalmology.

Price: from 16 to 85 rubles

Synthetic narcotic drugs

Cases in which the prescription of synthetic narcotic drugs is permissible:

  • insufficient effect from the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants,
  • chronic spinal pain
  • postoperative period.

Mechanism of action: effects on brain and nerve cells.

Morphine has the strongest analgesic effect. .

Weaker drugs:

  • Vicodin (hydrocore, acetaminophen),
  • Tylenol,
  • codeine.

Possible side effects:

  • allergy,
  • risk of addiction
  • constipation
  • drowsiness.

To reduce back pain, semi-rigid lumbosacral corsets are actively used in modern practice.


  • anesthesia,
  • reduction of inflammation
  • reducing the risk of developing the chronic stage of the disease.

The most famous and effective corticosteroid is a drug called methylprednisolone. .

  • large dosages in the first few days of taking,
  • further - a significant reduction in dosage,
  • Reception is carried out within five days.

Adjuvant therapy

Back pain can be caused by certain disruptions in the nervous system of the body. In this case, the condition of the back becomes dependent on psychosomatic factors. From severe stress, the patient may not be able to get out of bed for several days due to a pronounced pain syndrome.

To relieve pain caused by stress, you can resort to using the following drugs:

  1. Antidepressants. in particular, duloxetine (by prescription only).
  2. Antiepileptic drugs. for example, gapabentin.
  3. When chronic pain is prescribed more powerful antidepressants. nortriptyline, amitriptyline. They significantly improve the condition of the patient. After receiving treatment of the clamped nerves.
  4. Injection of vitamins from the B-group. To remove back pain, it is necessary to conduct a series of injections: each individual injection with a portion of the vitamin is placed with a new syringe.
  5. Milgamma - A medicine that combines several vitamins. Thanks to him, it is possible not to carry out a series of injections, but to confine to a single injection.

You can get rid of spinal pain and bypassing drug treatment: physiotherapy, massage courses and physical therapy have a positive effect on the condition of the back. However, medical diagnosis is necessary in any case, as well as discussion of treatment methods with a specialist.

  1. Anti-inflammatory drugs are aimed at reducing pain, reducing inflammation, support normal performance.
  2. Muscle relaxants help reduce muscle spasm when combined with anti-inflammatory drugs.
  3. Analgesic drugs of narcotic action reduce only pain, while not reducing inflammation.
  4. Vertebral corticosteroid injections assist with secondary ischialgia, herniated intervertebral discs.

The maximum therapeutic effect of medical preparations is achieved exclusively by practical means, by trial and error. You may find the right remedies right the first time, but you may have to try several remedies before determining what will ease the pain without side effects.

Draw conclusions

We conducted an investigation, examined a bunch of materials, and most importantly, we checked the majority of hernia treatments. The verdict is:

All drugs gave only a temporary result, as soon as the treatment was stopped - the pain immediately returned.

Remember! There is NOT ANY MEANS that will help you to cure a hernia if you do not apply a complex treatment: diet, regimen, physical exertion, etc.

Modern means of hernia, which is replete with the entire Internet, also did not produce results. As it turned out - all this is a deception of marketers who earn huge money on the fact that you are led by their advertising.

The only drug that gave significant
the result is chondrexyl

You ask, why does everyone who suffers from a hernia in a moment did not get rid of it?

The answer is simple, Hondreksil is not sold in pharmacies and is not advertised on the Internet. And if they advertise - then this is a FAKE.

There is good news, we went to the manufacturers and share with you a link to the official site Hondreksil. By the way, manufacturers do not try to profit in public with sore joints; according to the promotion, each resident of the Russian Federation and the CIS can receive one package of the drug IS FREE!

Symptomatic therapy of spinal diseases

Symptomatic therapy is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of the disease. The most common vertebral hernia is accompanied by pain. If pain syndrome occurs rarely and only with sharp corners of the body, doctors are limited to the appointment of NSAIDs and chondroprotectors. For example, diclofenac + alflutop, but with the protection of the intestinal wall from damage (almagh, gastal).

  • Means for protection of the stomach wall (almagel, phosphalugel, almagh, gastal).

Form a protective film on the surface of the stomach wall. It prevents the influence of an aggressive environment in the cavity of an organ on its mucous membrane. Medications are more often used in the treatment of peptic ulcer disease, but therapy for intervertebral cartilage prolapse also requires the administration of these drugs.

  • Antidepressants new generation (sertraline, insidon).

Used for insomnia against the background of spinal diseases. They are sold exclusively by prescription and are used only with low efficacy of other drugs.

Against the background of conservative treatment of the disease, physiotherapeutic methods, acupuncture, massage and hirudotherapy are not superfluous.

  • To prevent exacerbations of pathology, electrophoresis of novocaine with caripazim can be used.

This preparation contains components of plant origin (himopapain, papain), which increase the elasticity of synovial cartilage and collagen fibers. With the local introduction of karypazima, the hernia softens, which is enough to relax the clamped nerve. So it is possible to eliminate the pain syndrome. The effectiveness of getting rid of pain increases when simultaneously with the drug intramuscularly injected mydocalm.

In Europe, homeosiniatry is gaining popularity. The essence of the method lies in the introduction of homeopathic remedies subcutaneously with thin needles into the places where reflexogenic points are located. Homeosiniatria has no contraindications.

Epidural anesthesia is performed by surgeons with a strong pain syndrome. The technique involves the introduction of glucocorticosteroids (diprospan, dexamethasone) directly into the epidural space of the spinal cord. So it is possible to stop the excitation of nerve fibers in the initial stage. Such anesthesia is used for radiculitis, when a person takes a forced posture and cannot be straightened.

What drugs for hernia can be bought without a prescription

Since the majority of drugs for the treatment of hernia of the spine has side effects, you will not be able to buy them at a pharmacy without a prescription. The only exceptions are paracetamol (acetaminophen) and some types of NSAIDs (ibuprofen, aspirin).

Paracetamol has a moderate analgesic effect, but does not eliminate inflammation. The effectiveness of the drug is different for each person, so the medicine is almost not prescribed by doctors when a disc falls out.

Ibuprofen has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, but it is not without drawbacks characteristic of all NSAIDs. Apply it should be carefully, not more than a week.

All other funds are sold in pharmacies by prescription, as they have serious side effects.

The final result of the article

In conclusion, we conclude:

  1. Drug treatment of hernia of the spine involves the use of a large number of drugs (diprospan, milgamma, alflutop, movalis, diclofenac, mydocalm, dexamethasone). Each of them has its own side effects, which are summarized in combined treatment regimens. Only a doctor should prescribe medications for intervertebral hernia
  2. In a pharmacy without a prescription, you can only buy paracetamol and ibuprofen, which are only effective as symptomatic agents in the initial stages of the disease.
  3. At home, you can apply heat treatments, massage, physiotherapy and traditional methods of treatment of hernia of the spine.


It is better not to joke with such a diagnosis as a hernia of intervertebral discs, since the spinal cord passes from the vertebral canal, from which the nerves leave, providing innervation of organs and systems. Naturally, when squeezing the nerve endings, not only pain symptoms can appear, but also disturbances in the work of certain organs. According to statistics, it is often the lumbar region that is affected, since it accounts for not only physical activity, but also the need to maintain body weight. The loin is often subject to trauma during sudden movements, due to over-tension of the muscles when lifting weights, and, as is known, it is not easy to relieve the pain in the lumbar area. Consider the causes and signs of a lumbar spine hernia, as well as the principles of treatment, including anesthesia, physiotherapy, tips on how to sleep and how to sit properly. Let us examine what is a hernia in terms of anatomy and physiology.

The lumbar spine consists of 5 large vertebrae, interconnected by intervertebral discs, which, in turn, create a depreciation function. Also disks are necessary for uniform distribution of loading on lumbar department. The reliability of the disc provides a fibrous ring, and inside this ring is the core, semi-liquid consistency. With increasing loads, after injury to the back or from other circumstances, the fibrous ring may be destroyed, that is, the appearance of cracks through which the nucleus partially enters the spinal canal — it sticks out. So, over time, a hernia of intervertebral discs is formed, which, in turn, can squeeze the nerve endings, vessels, narrow the lumen of the spinal canal, which leads to negative consequences.The patient may be at risk of disability with a hernia that violates the functions of the urogenital system, gastrointestinal tract, causing paralysis of the lower extremities, so consider the causes and risk factors to protect themselves from this pathology.

Intervertebral hernia is one of the rare pathologies that can be caused by both an overly active lifestyle and a sedentary image. Most often, a person is faced with the fact that he has signs of a hernia of the cervical spine and lumbar area. Hernia of the spine in the lumbar spine can cause constant stress on the muscular system, that is, people whose work is related to weight lifting and vibration work suffer. The second risk group is athletes, and weightlifters are especially susceptible. If at a young age intensive workouts keep the muscular system in good shape, then with the cessation of training, chronic injuries and damage to the musculoskeletal corset in the lumbar region begin to appear.

In women, childbirth is often the cause of the hernia, and it may be not the childbirth itself that is to blame, but weight gain during pregnancy, and after it carrying the baby in her arms. There are problem deliveries, when the fetus is large or it has an abnormal presentation, then the risk of spinal injury increases.

Risk factors for hernia in the spine:

  • getting a back injury, especially in a traffic accident, when the body is in shock or jerk,
  • hitting the back with a blunt object or falling from a height onto the back,
  • impaired metabolism due to abuse of alcohol, junk food, due to diabetes, smoking,
  • lack of vitamins and minerals, especially vividly manifested condition with the aging of the body,
  • obesity, which increases the load on the lower back.

Most often, these reasons are combined, for example, people with diabetes are prone to obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. It is worth noting that a lumbar hernia is not immediately noticeable, since the disease is characterized by progression, the slow onset of the development of the pathological process. In the spine, there is a degenerative-dystrophic process, accompanied by a malfunction of the disks, which is why it loses its strength. That is why the disease can be caused by various infections, such as tuberculosis, syphilis, which affect the body systemically.

And of course, do not forget about the factor predisposing to hernia - osteochondrosis. Most patients with hernia have a history of this disease, as osteochondrosis affects the structure and nutrition of the spine.


Most often, a hernia in the lower back develops between the L4-L5 vertebrae, the sacral part is involved in the process a little less often, that is, the L5-S1, which makes it possible to conclude that the lower part of the lower back suffers and this is due to increased loads on this area.

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Consequently, the symptoms often involve not only the lumbar area, but also the buttocks, lower limbs, why diseases such as lumbago, incarceration of the sciatic nerve, radiculopathy, and others are characteristic of the disease. Therefore, it is better for patients with hernia not to joke with their health, so as not to start the disease, since the complications of the hernia lead to the fact that the patient often cannot not only run or swim, but also walk normally.

Pathology is characterized by symptoms of pain, the strength of which increases with exercise. If a squeezing of nerve endings occurs, then shooting will appear - sharp pain with each movement that passes in a state of rest. Anesthesia for lumbago with conventional drugs (analgesics, NSAIDs) is not always helpful, therefore, as a rule, patients seek medical help.In addition to pain, a person with such a diagnosis suffers from stiffness in the lower back, sensitivity is disturbed, there is a burning sensation and tingling at the site of a hernia.

When inflammation develops due to compression of the spinal cord or nerve endings, additional symptoms appear. In addition, the pain increases dramatically from turning or bending the body, so the sensations of pain spread to the buttock area, go down the legs, up to the toes of the foot. The patient may have problems with the urogenital system, manifested in a decrease in potency, delay, or, conversely, uncontrolled urination. Gastrointestinal organs may suffer. If you do not treat a hernia, the patient is threatened by the occurrence of paresis and paralysis.

Conservative treatment

With the help of conservative treatment, it is unlikely that the hernia can be completely cured, everything depends largely on what size of the hernia, but if you start treatment in the early stages, you can stop its growth, that is, stop progression. Moreover, if you strengthen the muscular corset, you can avoid squeezing the nerve endings, why doctors often resort to non-surgical treatment.

Therapy has two directions at once, the first of which is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of pain. To do this, apply these techniques:

  • drug therapy - drugs of the NSAID group (Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Meloxicam), muscle relaxants (Sirdalur, Mydocalm),
  • unconventional methods - acupuncture (acupuncture), by the way, acupuncture is permissible to be performed only by a doctor,
  • spinal blockade with hormones - Diprospan, Kenalog in combination with Lidocaine.

Blockade with hernia of the lumbar spine is prescribed when other methods of anesthesia are ineffective, as with the introduction of hormones there is a risk of side effects. A hernia block is performed once every 3 months, more often in advanced cases. Acupuncture for hernia is used to reduce the symptoms of pain.

The second direction of treatment is aimed at strengthening the muscles, for which it is necessary to train to build muscle. But do not forget that the training program should be selected individually. A popular technique is the hyperextension with hernia of the lumbar spine, that is, special exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the lower back. For this purpose, special simulators for hernia.

To reduce the load on the spine helps lumbar bandage, which should be worn according to the testimony of a doctor. Some doctors advise using exercise bikes for classes. By the way, it is not recommended to press the press with a hernia in the usual position from the floor, so you should not perform those exercises exercise therapy, which are not prescribed by the doctor.

Swimming with hernia is effective, which is why swim is recommended for prophylaxis, especially for people with spinal curvature. Replace seawater will be able to pool, and if you go to the pool with osteochondrosis, the chance of hernia development decreases. If a woman is waiting for childbirth, then she is also recommended to visit the pool, but you need to work with a trainer and after consulting a gynecologist, then the birth will be successful.

Speaking of prevention issues. You can bring a technique that helps strengthen, pump all muscle groups and protect the spine from osteochondrosis, a hernia is a fitball. Fitball is an excellent prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, consisting in exercises with a special elastic ball.

Do not forget about food with hernia of the spine. It is necessary to exclude alcohol, cigarettes, fatty and fried foods. Recommended to make vitamins in your diet.

Often, physiotherapy with hernia of the lumbar spine is shown to relieve inflammation. The question arises - is it possible to use all the techniques of FST, the answer is no.The doctor can choose the procedure, since electrical stimulation has a number of contraindications. Electrophoresis helps with hernia of the lumbar spine.

Prevention of complications

Now let's talk about what is possible and impossible with the disease, that is, contraindications for herniation of the lumbar spine. The herniation diet is complied with, a walking tour helps, as a sedentary lifestyle negatively affects the disease.

Massage is permitted, a trip to the pool, that is, swimming is not only possible but necessary. From exercise exercise therapy weight lifting is prohibited, that is, strength exercises, techniques that can strongly stretch the muscles and ligaments. Squats are shown only in the early stages. By the way, squats, press inflation help with the preventive purpose, and as you know, prevention is better than treatment.

It is impossible to prescribe painkillers for a hernia, to lift weights, to sit on a chair for a long time. Many are concerned about how to live with such a diagnosis, so with early treatment and compliance with the recommendations, you can even prevent disability.

Of course, in advanced cases, an operation is necessary and a long rehabilitation period will be required, which includes a swimming pool, FZT, exercise therapy.


How to cure spinal hernia: effective treatments

One of the most common and at the same time the most serious complications of osteochondrosis is a hernia of an intervertebral disk. With its formation, persistent pain syndrome appears, which is associated with compression (squeezing) of the nerve roots of the spinal cord. At the same time, various motor disorders, sensory disorders, and disruption of the work of the pelvic organs can develop, which in some cases leads to permanent disability and the need for outside care. It is necessary to treat hernia of the spine immediately after detection, and not only in the hospital, but also independently at home, using a set of exercises recommended by a specialist.

Drug treatment

Conservative treatment of hernia of the spine is prescribed in each case in case of exacerbation of the disease. Allows you to quickly eliminate pain. But, unfortunately, the effect of such therapy does not last long, if no other measures are taken. To eliminate the pain syndrome, use drugs from the following groups:

  • non-narcotic analgesics and drugs from the group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ksefokam, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Indomethacin, Paracetamol, Celecoxib, Meloxicam, Diclofenac, Dexalgin),
  • in some cases, narcotic analgesics (Nalbuphine, Morphine, Promedol, Omnopon) are prescribed for a short course of pain relief,
  • glucocorticoid hormones (Prednisolone, Hydrocortisone, Methylprednisolone), which have strong anti-inflammatory abilities,
  • muscle relaxants (Mydocalm, Tizalud), eliminate the pathological tension of the muscles of the spine, than contribute to the reduction of compression of the nerve root and its swelling,
  • diuretic and decongestants to reduce the swelling of nerve fibers,
  • B vitamins, which should always complement the treatment, because they contribute to the restoration of damaged nervous tissue.

Effective treatment is also impossible without strict bed rest. In the case of exacerbation of symptoms, it is necessary to strictly adhere to all medical recommendations on behavior and regimen. It is strictly prohibited any physical activity with exacerbation of pain, which is caused by a hernia of the spine.

If medications and a strict regimen do not lead to the elimination of pain, the treatment regimen is supplemented with a local blockade. But it is necessary to remember that with the help of the blockade the hernia itself is not treated, but only its symptoms are eliminated for a while.

As a rule, local anesthetics, analgesics, corticosteroids are administered at the exact point where the pathological focus is located. This treatment is performed only by a specialist and can not be applied independently. The blockade allows you to quickly get rid of the pain, can be applied repeatedly.

Therapeutic gymnastics and spinal traction

Therapeutic exercises are prescribed only without exacerbation of the disease. With active pain syndrome, any exercise is contraindicated. Active actions can provoke an even greater pinching of the nerve root and worsening of pain.

As a rule, strict bed rest must be observed during the first 2-4 days after the onset of an exacerbation of a hernia of the spine. After this time has elapsed, one can gradually begin special exercises, which in each case are selected individually by the physician-physiotherapist.

At first, gymnastics should be held under the strict supervision of a specialist. After the patient has learned all the subtleties of doing the exercises, you can begin to do them on your own at home.

Must remember! In order for physical therapy to bring a positive result, all exercises must be selected taking into account the characteristics of the disease and the patient's body, and most importantly, the classes must be regular for a long time. If you follow this rule, then after 3 months, you can notice positive results.

Spinal traction, or traction, is an effective treatment for intervertebral hernia, but must be applied strictly according to indications. Traction is carried out using special traction apparatus or manually.

The most effective traction is with a hernia of the cervical spine, with protrusion of intervertebral discs in the thoracic and lumbar spine stretching does not always bring results. Also, traction is most effective in the initial stages of the disease.

Physiotherapy and massage

Such treatments as massage for hernia should be applied very carefully. As the rough and active movements of the masseur can lead to a deterioration of the condition.

Massage can only be done without exacerbation of the disease. In the presence of pain, a massage session should be stopped or postponed until the pain subsides completely.

It is necessary to be afraid and such methods of treatment as manual therapy and osteopathy. Despite promises to relieve you of an intervertebral hernia, manipulation of the hands on the spine can lead to complications and increased pain.

Among the physiotherapeutic procedures for the treatment of spinal hernia are used:

  • cryotherapy - local cooling of the painful area with the use of liquid nitrogen, is often used in the complex treatment of exacerbations of pathology, perfectly eliminates pain in the back and neck,
  • laser therapy - the use of laser for therapeutic purposes, improves blood circulation, nutrition of the cartilage tissue of the intervertebral disk, promotes the regeneration of damaged areas,
  • magnetic therapy
  • electrophoresis
  • ultrasound,
  • electrostimulation.

It should also be borne in mind that in about 20–30% of cases, warming physiotherapy can lead to a worsening of the condition, so all of them should be prescribed only on the recommendation of a doctor.

Modern conservative treatment

Modern methods of treatment of hernia of the spine include PASHA®-Method (therapy with multifunctional electrodes). The technique was developed by specialists in Germany and consists of controlled stimulation of the spinal cord. So far there are only a few dozen experts in the world who have the practice of using this method of treating chronic pain.

PASHA®-Method is used only in patients who suffer from severe vertebral pain for a long time with the ineffectiveness of drug therapy.The effect of treatment persists for a year and a half.


Treatment of intervertebral hernia with folk remedies can be applied, but it should not be the main one. Also, before you try any popular recipe, be sure to consult with your doctor about the possibility of its use. Since many methods of traditional medicine are based on the warming effect, and, as we found out, during the exacerbation of pain, additional activation of the blood flow only leads to deterioration.


Spinal surgery is always a big risk, because surgical treatment is resorted to only in extreme cases and according to strict indications:

  • the ineffectiveness of all possible methods of conservative therapy for 6 months,
  • if the patient develops complications of hernia - paresis, paralysis of limbs, impaired sensitivity, work of the pelvic organs,
  • if there is sequestration of the disc herniation (separation of a piece of tissue of the disc).

There are several methods of surgical treatment for intervertebral hernia. Until recently, the removal of a hernia was possible only through the use of laminectomy (extensive and open surgery). With the introduction of new technologies into medical practice, new, safer methods of treatment appeared - microsurgical or endoscopic hernia removal, laser vaporization of the disc, implantation of damaged disc prostheses. The effectiveness of the operation largely depends not only on the surgical procedure itself, but also on the rehabilitation period.

In drawing conclusions, it is important to note that although effective treatment of intervertebral hernia does exist, all methods are far from simple and require patience, financial costs and a desire to be healthy. Therefore, it is better to engage in the prevention of osteochondrosis - a correct lifestyle, a balanced diet, regular exercise, a rational mode of work and rest, sanatorium treatment.

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