Orthopedic corsets for the spine how to choose

Discharge orthopedic corsets for the back reduce pain in patients suffering from excessive muscle spasm or pinching of the spinal roots. Due to the redistribution of pressure from the vertebrae to nearby structures, the negative effect on the joints between them (cartilage discs) is reduced. Achieved relaxation of muscles with improved patient well-being.

Corset for the spine: how to choose? Corset for the spine with hernia

For the treatment of diseases of the spine alone, medications and exercises are not always enough. Sometimes there is a need to facilitate therapy, and sometimes prevent the development of pathology. To this end, the doctor recommends that the patient wear a corset for the spine. How to choose a product? What to look for in order to choose the most effective among many models?

The benefits of a corset

There are many questions from people who are recommended to wear a corset for the spine. How to choose a product? How appropriate is his wearing?

With intervertebral hernia, the corset provides several functions:

  1. Fixing. Products supports the spine in the correct position. It thereby prevents possible damage. After all, a person very often, if he is not worried about pain, forgets about the need to be careful. He is able to perform dangerous movements that aggravate the disease. That corset protects soft and bone tissue from damage.
  2. Unloading The product removes part of the load from the paravertebral muscles. As a result, muscle tension is reduced, and innervation and blood supply are restored in the damaged areas. In addition, the removal of spasm eliminates pain. Without a corset, only the strongest analgesics, muscle relaxants, procaine blockade can cope with such a function.
  3. Pulling. Properly selected orthopedic belt perfectly copes with such a function. And with such a pathology as a hernia, even a slight increase in the distance between the vertebrae brings significant relief. In a patient, the edema of the damaged area is reduced, the pressure on the discs is reduced, and a slowdown in degenerative changes is noted.
  4. Massage and warming. The corset allows you to save heat in the painful area. As a result, normal heat transfer in the body is improving. In addition, the product performs a massage function. The belt is able to activate microcirculation in the disks. Thus, it restores proper nutrition and prevents dystrophic processes.

Can the product be harmful?

For spinal hernias, orthopedic corsets are very often prescribed. After surgery, the use of such products is justified. But sometimes some doctors question their effectiveness. Therefore, before considering (for those people who are assigned a corset for the spine), how to choose the appropriate product, we will touch on such a scrupulous topic. Is the orthopedic belt harmful to the body?

Some doctors believe that wearing a corset in the future leads to a weakening of the skeletal muscles. As a result, when such a belt is removed, the muscles will not be able to maintain body weight. Consequently, the patient will continue dystrophy of cartilage, and will form new hernia.

Such a statement is not devoid of common sense. However, one should take into account the low self-discipline of people.If the patient turns out to be able to do special gymnastics on a daily basis, to perform all medical procedures, to monitor the observance of rest and labor, of course, he will not need a corset. But, unfortunately, there are few such people.

The bulk, just feeling that the pain has receded, stop using medications, exercise, go for a massage. People return to their normal way of life. But it was he who led them to the hospital bed. As a result, a few months later they become aggravated.

The only salvation for these patients is wearing an orthopedic corset. After all, he is able to protect them from the consequences of improper movements and heavy loads.

Key recommendations

Now, when it becomes clear all the feasibility of wearing this product, the patient is faced with a rather pressing issue. The pharmacological market has introduced a variety of corsets for the spine. How to choose? Photos show a wide range of products.

Initially, it should be understood that with a hernia, an orthopedic corset will have a beneficial effect only when the model is properly selected. But, unfortunately, it is possible to evaluate the benefit only after a couple of months.

Therefore, it is imperative to listen to the most important recommendation to those people who show corsets for the spine. How to choose the desired model, only a specialist is able to say. It is not recommended to trust your knowledge or intuition. Because each model performs the appropriate functions.

Types of corsets in the spine

Depending on the area in which the pathology is diagnosed, the following types of corsets may be assigned:

  1. Cervical. It is most often prescribed for recovery processes after surgery or vertebral injury. After fixing the damaged area, pain is significantly reduced. It is recommended to select a model that performs preventive and therapeutic functions. The corset itself is a bandage system, which consists of soft fabric. The fixture provides protective and supporting functions. Such a product will save the neck from uncomfortable postures and sharp head turns.
  2. Lumbar corset. Since this area of ​​the spine has a maximum load, this belt is an indispensable therapeutic and prophylactic product. It enhances the effect of conservative therapy and stimulates the recovery process after surgery. So, you are assigned this particular corset for the spine. How to choose a product? Here it is necessary to take into account the form of pathology and its stage. Orthopedic belt for this area must have a rigid cross or longitudinal metal or plastic inserts.
  3. Products for the thoracic. This corset resembles a vest, fastening under the breast. Its impact is aimed at strengthening this particular area. The rib cage is fixed with an elastic material and metal or plastic tires. Such a product is often appointed in the case of curvature of posture. This prevents the process of intervertebral bulging. Patients diagnosed with osteochondrosis may also be assigned this corset. It eliminates the progression of the disease, the occurrence of irreversible changes.

Products according to the stage of pathology changes

It is important to take into account the disease and the severity of the disease, selecting orthopedic corsets for the spine.

How to select the desired model, the following classification will prompt:

  1. Compensating belt. It is advisable to apply with small deviations in the posture of the person. It is necessary to wear this corset only a few hours a day.As a rule, it is recommended to wear it in case of physical exertion in order to reduce pressure on the spinal column and protect the vertebrae from further deformation.
  2. Medical elastic corset. This is a tight flexible model that is capable of correcting the resulting deformations by applying pressure to the damaged area. Most often, this design is recommended in the case of subluxation. It is advised to wear patients with moderate strain.
  3. Immobilizing, or traction, belt. Such a corset is used in case of serious violations of the spine. The design of the model affects not only the damaged area, but also the entire pole. The device is prescribed in the case of compression fracture or in other severe pathologies.

Types of model stiffness

This is another important classification, which is divided into corsets for the spine. How to choose the desired degree of rigidity? Here we must again take into account the peculiarities of pathology.

A patient may be prescribed:

  1. Hard corset. It is recommended to wear it only in case of serious violations of the spine. This model is prescribed after fractures. It should be understood that this corset can be worn only at the insistence of the doctor, because he too much holds the back muscles.
  2. Semi-rigid belt. It relieves large loads of the spine. In addition, it has a warming effect. Such models are assigned to get rid of pain syndromes in intervertebral hernia, radiculitis and some other diseases.
  3. Soft corset. It ensures the restoration of normal blood circulation. It has a warming effect, because inside it is most often covered with dog or camel hair. The corset allows you to get rid of the pain, reduce stress during muscle spasms. It is also prescribed in the case of sciatica, intervertebral hernia. However, this model does not remove the load from the spine, therefore it is not able to correct the deformity.

Product size

This is quite an important characteristic, which must be taken into account when purchasing a corset for the spine. How to choose the size of the model?

For this purpose, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the waist, hips, waist and chest while inhaling. The figures obtained are your volume. Keep in mind that each manufacturer may vary slightly in size. Therefore, it is important to carefully select the product.

How to choose a corset for the spine in size? Carefully examine the packaging. It presents the key. The letter image corresponds to the volume.

But it is best to take the help of a specialist.

Product Buying Tips

Now summarize how to choose a corset for the spine with a hernia:

  1. Choosing the type of product, be sure to consult with your doctor. Since it is he who will recommend a model that allows you to cope with the problem as efficiently as possible and not harm the patient's health.
  2. Choose the right size. It varies from XXS to XXL. Depending on the type of corset you need to measure your volumes.
  3. Give preference to belts made of natural materials with cotton inserts, designed for delicate areas.
  4. Corsets containing metal and plastic elements should not provoke pain, discomfort or squeeze the skin unnaturally.
  5. Choose a belt only in specialized stores, pharmacies, medical equipment and technology.
  6. It is better to acquire models of well-known manufacturers, which have positively proven themselves in this segment.

Models for kids

In case of violation of posture, spinal deformity, or with severe pain in the back area, the children can be assigned corsets for the spine. How to choose the necessary model for the child? It is very important to consult a doctor on this matter.

He can prescribe the following types of children's corsets:

  1. Elastic waist.It is advisable to use it in the case of the initial stages of scoliosis or for the prevention of this disease. This is a soft, elastic bandage without hard inserts. It perfectly helps to improve posture, stimulates blood circulation.
  2. Hard type The model relieves the spine from a strong load. This corset has sewn plates that help to maintain the correct position of the spine.
  3. Individual belt. It is made strictly according to the size of the child. Periodically it is necessary to adjust. The appointment of such a corset is advisable in case of displacement of the vertebrae or fracture.

Corset for the spine

For the treatment of the spine is not always enough exercise and medicine. Modern devices can not only facilitate treatment, but also prevent disease. One of these tools is a corset for the spine.

What is useful orthopedic corset for the spine?

The function of the orthopedic corset for the spine is to unload the problem areas of the back due to the support created by the rigid ribs. Squeezing properties provide increased pressure of the thoracic region of the back. Thus, pressure on the interdisk space of the spine is reduced, which allows reducing further disc displacement and deformation of the vertebrae. So, high-quality corset for the spine will provide you with:

  • reduction of pain in injuries and diseases of the spine,
  • reliable support of the spine and spinal muscles after surgery,
  • correction of posture with scoliosis,
  • enhanced blood circulation in problem areas of the back due to the quality of the corset fabric,
  • prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system at high loads.

How to choose corsets for the spine?

After surgeries or injuries of the lumbar spine, the corset will help ease the rehabilitation process and reduce pain syndromes by fixing the injured area. But there are many diseases of the spine. Therefore, the models of corsets are so diverse.

Depending on the destination, you need to choose a corset that will perform exactly those functions that will ensure the correct treatment and prevention:

  1. The corset for the thoracic spine is a bandage system resembling a vest that fastens under the breast. It quite well fits the chest, made of elastic fabric with metal or plastic tires inside. It is recommended to wear such a corset with weakened muscles of the chest for posture correction, with protruding shoulder blades, as well as osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine. The system is also used as a corset for straightening the spine.
  2. For spinal fractures, with the exception of the cervical spine, a gypsum corset is recommended. But during the rehabilitation period, or in those cases when the gypsum corset cannot be used, an extension corset is used. Corset with compression fracture of the spine should perform the task of the extensor element, which will help restore the height of the vertebra.
  3. Hard spine corset performs the function of supporting the internal organs with weakened muscular activity. It is prescribed for permanent wear after injuries and spinal surgery.
  4. A corset for the lumbar spine is a wide belt that has rigid longitudinal or cross plastic or metal inserts. It is recommended to wear as a corset for the spine with hernias and displacements of the lumbar spine.

How to wear a corset for the spine?

To wear a corset gave a positive result, you need to know some rules for its use:

  1. Wear a corset for the spine only when necessary.Using a corset without a reason can lead to a weakening of the back muscles, which leads to an increased load on the spine in the future and its deformation.
  2. Time of continuous wearing a corset - 6 hours a day. At night, the corset needs to be removed.
  3. At the time of working with weights it is worth wearing a corset, taking it off in breaks.
  4. Painful sensations in radiculitis and osteochondrosis provide a reason to wear a corset, which will also perform a warming function. If the period of acute pain has passed, and the wearing time exceeded 6 hours, the corset should be removed.
  5. Wear a corset for the spine should be strictly according to the instructions for its use. The size of the corset to choose only your own. Too tight a corset will lead to poor circulation, and too loose will not perform its functions.
  6. To check whether the corset is properly tightened, try to twist it around the waist. Amenable to? So you need to tighten more. A strong ripple in the navel indicates too tight corset.
  7. Do not try to make a corset for the spine with your own hands. Improperly calculated stiffness and position of the ribs can not only reduce the effectiveness of such a corset, but also lead to disruption of the internal organs.

How to make the right choice orthopedic corset for the back?

Corsets began to be used many centuries ago as a means of helping to improve the contours of the figure. Today, orthopedic corsets for straightening the back and maintaining it are able to work wonders.

This part of the wardrobe, invisible to prying eyes, perfectly helps in creating a beautiful figure and correcting various violations of posture.

It should be noted that most orthopedic corsets do not relieve the back muscles completely, but only take on part of the load on them, preventing the development and progression of pathological processes of the spine.

Also wear a corset for the back is prescribed to patients after injuries and operations on the spine.

The main advantage of high-quality orthopedic corsets is the correct redistribution of load and support of the spine - the existing shortcomings of the posture are corrected, and the occurrence of new changes is prevented.

Fixing corsets

They help keep the affected part of the spine stationary (this is clearly seen in the photo), correcting its deformations and also working as a supporting corset.

The size and type of fixing corset are selected depending on the degree of spinal lesions. For example, a corset for fixing the lumbar region usually also captures the pelvis and lower chest.

In order to fix the thoracic region, a fixation-recliner corset is used, and a vest with a headholder is used to fix the cervical region.

Corrective corsets for posture

The purpose of such devices is to correct the curved spine.

Such corsets correct and to some extent support and relieve the spine.

They are great for getting rid of slouching and for forming a correct posture.

Orthopedic corsets for the back are also divided according to the degree of stiffness: they are rigid and semi-rigid.

Ribs in such corsets can be made of plastic or metal.

Rigid medical corsets, which must be worn in the early rehabilitation period after injuries or operations, perform the following functions:

  • replace the supporting capabilities of the affected area,
  • protects damaged vertebrae from displacement,
  • reduce the rehabilitation period.

Semi-rigid lumbosacral corsets

Their experts are advised to wear in those cases when heavy physical loads are foreseen.

Also, corsets can be used for long-term driving or during sports exercises.

Also, these corsets help to get rid of back pain caused by osteochondrosis, radiculitis, and herniated intervertebral discs.

Before the semi-rigid corset are such tasks:

  1. fixation of the lumbosacral spine outside,
  2. protecting the muscles from unnecessary stress
  3. release from excess load of the affected area of ​​the spinal column,
  4. light massage and warming lumbar.

Orthopedic corsets are classified by the spine into the thoracolumbar, lumbosacral and lumbar.

Thoracolumbar corsets cover almost the entire chest and lower back.

Such corsets are rigid and semi-rigid. They are used for rehabilitation after injuries and operations, as well as for the prevention and treatment of scoliosis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, osteochondropathy.

Lumbosacral corsets cover the pelvis, their back wall is low. Can be both rigid and semi-rigid.

Such a medical corset is necessary for post-traumatic rehabilitation, conservative therapy for intervertebral hernia, radiculitis, and myositis. It is also suitable for the prevention of spinal injury during active sports activities.

Lumbar corsets entirely cover the lower back, part of the pelvis and chest. This type of corset is the shortest of all orthopedic corsets.

Separately it is necessary to allocate corsets used during pregnancy, as well as corsets for children.

Corset bandage for pregnant women reduces the load on the lumbar spine, relieves back pain, supports the stomach in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, prevents excessive stretching of the skin and abdominal muscles, complications of multiple fetuses, polyvagia and lumbar spine diseases that occur before pregnancy, prevents the appearance of hypertonicity of the uterus, and also significantly reduces the recovery period of muscle tone after childbirth.

Corsets for children normalize the work of the muscles that support the spine, restore the work of the musculoskeletal system.

These products are not equipped with rigid inserts that help fix the posture and, affecting the muscle memory, teach the back muscles to hold the spine in the correct position.

Find out in more detail what kind of back massage for a spinal hernia needs to be done? The main causes of the sciatic nerve can be found in this article. Shot in the lower back (lumbago). How to treat a disease, and its main symptoms, see here.

Indications for use of therapeutic orthopedic corsets

The use of an orthopedic corset is prescribed by the doctor after the examination and diagnosis as a means of complex therapy.

Wearing an orthopedic corset is a very convenient passive method of treating many diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Each model has specific guidelines for donning and duration of use.

For example, some models of corsets can be worn only on underwear, while others on bare skin.

Limiting movements of corsets should be worn only in the prone position, controlling the optimal tightening and correct placement of inserts. Getting up in a similar corset should be very careful and slow.

Frequent indications for wearing an orthopedic corset are diseases such as spondylosis, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis. Also, corsets are used for hernia, fractures, during the rehabilitation period after operations and injuries, with pinching of nerves.

It must be remembered that only the use of an orthopedic corset itself is only an addition to the treatment that helps the body cope with pathological changes, but does not eliminate their cause.

When prescribing a corset wearing by a doctor, it is not necessary to abandon medical gymnastics and medicines. Getting rid of such problems is possible only with complex treatment.

How to choose a medical corset for the back?

Having received a prescription to wear an orthopedic corset, patients are very responsive to the question of how to choose the right model, because an incorrectly chosen corset can significantly aggravate problems with the musculoskeletal system and harm health.

From the choice of a corset depends on the effectiveness of its impact on the spine. The main parameters for selecting a product are the type of corset, the degree of its rigidity and size.

The type and size of the corset should be selected by the doctor after examining the medical history, x-rays and careful examination of the patient.

The corset must be chosen strictly in size and with the obligatory account of the anatomical features of the person.

Therefore, before choosing a specific model, be sure to measure the waist circumference and waist. It is necessary to make measurements without clothes and on the eve of the purchase - even if you measured yourself a week ago, the procedure should be repeated anew.

The required stiffness of the product depends entirely on what kind of spinal problem there is. For example, a rigid orthopedic corset can be used strictly as prescribed by a doctor. In this case, self-determination is completely excluded.

First review

During pregnancy, the gynecologist advised me to wear a corset for pregnant women for back pain. I chose the model for a very long time. At the 25th week of pregnancy, nevertheless, it was determined and bought an orthopedic bandage with four stiffeners and additional puffs that help fix the pelvic organs and the abdominal cavity in a more comfortable physiological position.

I used this corset when I needed to stand a lot - while walking, shopping, cleaning the apartment, preparing food. In the last weeks of pregnancy, when back pain was particularly severe, the bandage was simply necessary, since there was practically no pain with it. Of course, such a corset is expensive, but the money is definitely worth it.

Second review

When I was still a student, I bought an orthopedic corset - a posture fixer.

At that time, I was sure that I didn’t really need it, but I still bought it for prophylaxis, because my back was a little sore from constant sitting.

At first, the corset brings inconvenience; it is rather hard to wear it - it pulls back the shoulders.

Therefore, in the first days it should be worn very little, gradually increasing the time of wearing. I got used to the corset a week later and wore it almost the whole day. Basically, the corset operates in a standing position, while sitting still you can bend a little and relax.

Literally a few weeks later, I noticed that the back is kept even, even when there is no corset, and there is no desire to bend. For the first time, I didn’t even notice the effect myself - people around me started saying that I had a very beautiful posture. For me it was the best compliment.

I advise such a corset to anyone who has problems with posture. Only you need to wear the product constantly - in this case, the result will not be long in coming.

Children's posture corrector T-1773

The price is 1100 rubles
The corset is made of breathable knitted fabric, therefore it does not cause skin irritation. The product consists of a belt, which fixes the lumbar region, and the back panel, on which the straps are located, providing adjustment of shoulder dilution. The back surface of the corset is equipped with two removable stiffening ribs.

Corset orthopedic lumbar, reinforced IBS-3006

Price 3614 rubles
The corset is equipped with stiffeners and additional tightening. The product fixes the lumbar spine, reduces the load on the muscles of the lower back, stabilizes the ligament-joint apparatus. Elastic ribs in the front of the product prevent the corset from twisting in a sitting position and when bending. Putting on a corset makes it easy to loop the fingers in the front of the product.With the help of elastic lateral puffs, the degree of fixation of the corset is regulated.

How to choose a corset for lumbar hernia

Hernia / Intervertebral hernia of the lumbar region / How to choose a corset for a lumbar herniaWhich to choose a corset for a hernia of the lumbar 22/01/2015

Photo: medical corset for the lower back

Spinal hernia is a common disease, it is accompanied by palpable pain, aggravated by movement.

Therefore, supporting elements in the form of corsets are simply necessary for patients, they allow you to keep the muscular frame of the back in a stable condition and eliminate muscle tension during spasm.

Each of those in need of orthopedic products for the back should know how to choose a corset to perform anesthetic and healing function. To do this, you should get acquainted with the types of products and learn the principle of their action.

Orthopedic corsets and their variations

It must be borne in mind that the effectiveness of corsets manifests itself over time. You cannot expect that as soon as you put them on, all your hernial problems of the spine will disappear.

They will not disappear, but you will be insured against further changes in the spinal column, such as:

Physicians consider the main purpose of orthopedic products to be the prevention of negative spinal deformities associated with hernias. It is also difficult to overestimate the aesthetic benefits of corsets, they help to maintain a correct and beautiful posture to the person.

When choosing a corset, you need to decide for what purpose you need it. If you take as a basis the functionality of products, then you can opt for the following:

  • corset with hernia of the lumbar spine, it must fix the affected part of the spinal column not only in the lumbar region, but also capture the part of the back adjacent to the pelvis and lower chest,
  • fixation-recliner corset can be kept in a stable position of the thoracic spine,
  • A corset in the form of a vest with a headband is intended for fixing damaged cervical vertebrae.

How these products look can be viewed on the photo and make sure that they are easy to use.

The typology of corsets according to the degree of rigidity divides them into rigid and semi-rigid. These are corrective orthopedic products. That is, used to correct posture and correct the curvature of the spinal column. They are relevant for the treatment of stoop and maintain a uniform load or loosening it on problem areas of the back.

Tight corrective corsets are worn after injuries and surgeries, they are produced with the edges of their plastic and metal and may well become an artificial support in the problem area on the back. In addition, with their help, a barrier against displacement of damaged vertebrae is put, they help to transfer the postoperative period more easily.

Spine classification

Photo: semi-rigid corset for the back

If you need a corset for playing sports, or your work is connected with weightlifting, then you should choose semi-rigid corsets. They will help avoid unwanted back problems that can occur during heavy exertion. Semi-rigid orthopedic corsets are useful for drivers, putting them on, you avoid excessive fatigue of the spine when sitting for a long time behind the wheel.

Classification by spinal sections also has its meaning. Corsets are subdivided:

  • on thoracolumbar for maintaining and stable fixation of the chest and lower back,
  • lumbosacral, extending support to the lower back, part of the pelvis,
  • lumbar - covering the lumbar region, pelvic and lower thoracic spine.

Orthopedic corsets designed for different parts of the spine can be rigid and semi-rigid.Your choice should be based on two criteria - functionality and the affected area. That is, for what part of the spine you need a corset, and what kind of work it will do - tightly control your back after an injury or not firmly maintain correct posture.

Children's and women's corsets

Photo: Maternity Corset

A distinctive feature of women's corsets is their design. They are mainly used by pregnant women and have the form of a bandage that covers the lumbar part and lower abdomen.

Their task is as follows:

  • reduce the load on the lumbar region, which is formed due to an increase in abdominal mass and its size,
  • eliminate back pain that often occurs during pregnancy,
  • support the stomach and protect the tissue from excessive stretch marks,
  • carry out postpartum correction of the abdominal muscles.

Carrying a pregnancy with a corset is much easier, they also allow expectant mothers to maintain a beautiful figure.

Children's corsets are needed for those who have an incorrect formation of the spine, or have problems with the locomotor system. These are orthopedic products that help children grow up healthy and slim.

They are not rigid, because they are designed to create conditions that ensure the proper development of the muscles of the back and the vertebral column itself. If there is the slightest suspicion on the pathology of posture formation, parents need to react instantly and buy a corset for the child.

About indications for wearing a corset

Wearing a corset is a medical procedure prescribed by a doctor. This prescription cannot be neglected, since the doctor makes it on the basis of examination and identification of a serious pathology of the musculoskeletal system. Indications for wearing a corset are hernial problems, osteochondrosis, diseases of the joints, muscle dysfunction, post-traumatic and postoperative periods.

When buying a corset, you need to carefully study the instructions for this product, since they are completely different, and each of them should be worn according to its own rules. Some are put on underwear, others on the body, others in the prone position, and so on. Improper use of an orthopedic corset, for example, careless getting up in a corset wearing can cause great damage to damaged vertebrae.

Patients need to remember that wearing a corset is an additional procedure as part of the complex treatment of the disease, so you need to follow all the recommendations of the doctor and orthopedic in nature, and medical, and physiotherapy.

About prices for products

Pricing for orthopedic products depends on the complexity of the design, the size of the corset, the cost of the materials from which it is made.

Photo: orthopedic corset

The most inexpensive are corsets, bandages and corset belts. They can be purchased at a price ranging from 1500 rubles to 4 500 rubles, depending on the complexity of the design. Costly products are orthoses with corsets, as well as corsets with plastic frames. Their cost at the lower limit is in the region of 15,000 rubles and reaches 30,000, especially if this product is an individual order.

Great value for the cost of a corset is a brand. The recognized leaders in the production of orthopedic products produce products according to their exclusive developments, therefore, their price cannot be low a priori. This is an original product, which is distinguished by its constructive perfection and each model can be tailored to a specific patient.

High-quality and inexpensive corsets are made by manufacturers medi, Oppo, Orlet. The products of these companies bring back the joy of movement to hundreds of thousands of patients. Among the offered range on the market you can find about twenty categories of corsets, from posture correctors made of elastic belts for 1,200 rubles to universal corsets and orthopedic systems at an optimal cost from 6,000 to 11,000 rubles.

Among buyers who have hernial problems of the lumbar spine, semi-rigid corsets with a massage cushion are particularly popular.

They are male and female, designed to fix the lumbar section and simultaneously massage the muscles and nerve endings, affect the reflexogenic zones, stimulate blood circulation and help relieve pain syndrome.

These products are universal, their range of application is wide: they are relevant in many diseases of the musculoskeletal system, muscles and ligaments. The cost of the model is within 5,000 rubles.

Orthopedic corset for the spine - how to choose a belt

The health of the spine directly determines the condition of the whole organism. And if there are problems with the "basis", then they should be addressed urgently. Various techniques recommended by the doctor are used for this: manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, massage, swimming, as well as special devices. One of them is an orthopedic corset for the spine, which we will learn today.

What are the corsets for the spine

There are several classifications of orthopedic corsets.

To destination they are used:

  • to reduce excessive loads during physical work or sports training,
  • to correct the posture and prevent various types of curvature,
  • for the prevention of scoliosis in childhood,
  • with adult scoliosis,
  • to support the spine in the correct anatomical position after surgery and various injuries,
  • to reduce pain in radiculitis, displacement and herniation of intervertebral discs, osteochondrosis, spondylosis and other diseases.

In addition, orthopedic corsets for the spine are divided depending on the department for which they are intended. There are:

  • neck,
  • lumbosacral,
  • thoracolumbar.

Different products and the degree of fixation - and this is perhaps one of the main parameters. They can easily fix the spine, but they can hardly be called full-fledged corsets. We are mainly talking about semi-rigid models with an average degree of fixation and about rigid products - with a strong one.

In addition, there is another terminology. Compensating products are distinguished, which are used several hours a day for the prevention and unloading of muscles, as well as medical corsets. Their task is no longer preventive, but curative or rehabilitative. There is a third type - an immobilizing corset, which is used for serious spinal injuries.

Indications and contraindications for use

If you decide to buy an orthopedic spine corset, then it should be done only after consulting a doctor. We would not recommend choosing a model yourself, even if health problems have recently arisen. The doctor must diagnose the cause of the pain in order to prescribe an effective treatment.

Remember that self-treatment can lead to sad consequences, including loss of mobility.

In each case, a corset is assigned to varying degrees of fixation. Here are the most typical indications for wearing a corset:

  • products with a medium degree of support are intended for the prevention of postural disorders, as well as for relieving excessive loads on the spine,
  • after suffering spinal injuries, more serious support is required, so the doctor prescribes a strong fit for the spinal cord.

Typical contraindications include chronic skin diseases, including dermatitis.

How to choose a corset for the spine

The main parameters of the product will determine the doctor. He will choose the right type of corset for a certain area of ​​the spine and the necessary degree of fixation. You also need to pay attention to the following points before buying:

  • the quality of hard inserts, the reliability of their isolation with elastic pads - so the corset will not traumatize the skin, and wearing it will not cause discomfort,
  • reliability and convenience of fasteners and fastenings, so that the model does not spontaneously slip or unfasten spontaneously,
  • knowledge of the parameters of your body is a must. So, to buy a chest corset, you should measure the chest volume on the exhale, and if you need a corset belt for the spine, then the waist volume,
  • Advantages are models of natural materials with cotton inserts located in the areas of contact between the corset and thin skin.

In difficult cases, it is recommended to order a corset individually in an orthopedic salon. And although the price for such products is higher, the model ordered will be made taking into account the physiological characteristics of the patient's body.

If you want to know how much a corset for the spine costs, you will have to go around more than one pharmacy, as well as look into an orthopedic salon. The cost will be determined by the manufacturer (foreign models are more expensive, although Russian counterparts in most cases are not inferior), as well as the type of design. The more stiffening ribs, the, for example, the product will cost more. Or a cervical orthosis is cheaper than a lumbosacral.

How to wear an orthopedic corset

The mode of wearing a corset is determined by the doctor. The standard recommendation comes down to the fact that you should not rely solely on a bandage for the spine. Your muscles should work independently, and with long-term support from the outside they will not succeed. As a result, the missing muscle tone will result in new complications.

The average time to wear a corset is 6 hours. But for each particular patient, this time can be reduced or, on the contrary, increased. In addition, the doctor may recommend taking breaks in wearing: for example, walk in a corset for 3 hours, then remove an orthosis for 30 minutes.

Do not wear a corset on a naked body. Be sure to hook underwear, shirt, T-shirt, cotton shirt.

You can not go to bed in the "full ammunition." At night, be sure to remove the corset, unless otherwise recommended by the orthopedist.

The force of tightening the corset is also better defined with a doctor. It is for this reason that the first fitting of the purchased product is recommended to be carried out in the presence of a specialist who will help to adjust the degree of contraction of the problem area.

Excessive tightening of the corset can lead to impaired blood circulation and even the death of tissues. Be careful! In case of numbness of the areas under the corset and strong pulsation, unbutton the product immediately and consult a specialist.

Reviews of orthopedic corsets

Svetlana Klimkova, 38 years old. Trives T-1551 orthopedic corset

When I failed to straighten up last summer after the next "feat" of weeding the beds, I decided that I would take it to the hospital. But carried by! After the examination, the doctor said that the problem was in two vertebrae, which, as I understood, became too close. He prescribed me medicine, and also advised me to buy a corset. I went to the pharmacy, asked the price. Not big money! The main thing is to be an expert. I bought the Trives with 4 ribs and a double tie. My height is small and the corset is perfect. The maximum time for walking in a corset is 8 hours. I do not know if the medication helped or the corset, but I got rid of the problem. True, the beds are not so zealous now.

Nikolay Spirkov, 26 years old Orthopedic corset posture corrector "Ecoten"

At work often have to carry boxes with appliances. It seems they are not heavy, but only a lot, so in the evening the back starts to ache. I read on the Internet that it is necessary to wear a corset for prevention. I didn’t experiment - after all, the back is the same. Went to the doctor. He said that my spine begins to curl, so the corset will not only remove the load from the back, but also help put the spine in place. Acquired "Ekoten" and did not regret. Firstly, in appearance it is normal and light in and of itself, and although it is not visible under a t-shirt, you still don't feel like a ninja turtle in a flak jacket. Secondly, the movement does not constrain and does not interfere with work, because it fixes not super strong, but medium.Thirdly, it is made of cotton fabric, which allows moisture and air to pass through, that is, the skin also sweats less even when hard. Well, the last - the normal price. Thanks to the doctor for the helpful recommendations!

Vladislav Shpantsev, 46 years old Orthotic on the cervical spine "Ecoten"

Cervical osteochondrosis, I thought, would live with the light. The wife still forced to go to the doctor. They assigned me different procedures, medications, and as one of the means, the Shantz bus. The height of the "collar" 11 cm, length 45 cm. Fastened with Velcro fastener. Honestly - did not believe that will help. Well, I didn’t have many options, so I decided to try everything that the doctor prescribed. The corset was really getting lighter. The pains diminished, the body seemed to relax, calm down. I think that the whole complex of measures helped, but my state of health has improved significantly. The orthosis is pleasant to the body, does not rub, the skin under it does not sweat, and the price has arranged for us - I did not even reach 500 rubles. In general, it is good that my beloved wife took care of my health on time.

How to choose a corset for the spine?

Bubno. Medicine is able to heal with sports) and corrects defects (orthopedic when various kinds of stress are concerned and squeeze the neck and fixing braces are designed to fit properly. There is also a thoracolumbar In some cases, the combination with plastic Fracture. Depending on the stiffness

Why do I need a corset for the spine

Not many patients do not deform in the spinal section - back diseases with for unloading the spinal column If you decide to acquire and prevent the development of a doctor's prescription (for a corset for posture), pain in osteochondrosis. The condition of the spine interfere with breathing. When fastening a damaged vertebral wearing a corset for a hard children's corset, excessive load leads the liners to correct the Thoracic Model

They are divided into: they believe in the curative process of exploitation. This is a completely different pain syndrome, with severe physical corset for the spine of many diseases. Most pain in the back), According to the degree of rigidity, orthopedic to exert a corrective influence determines in a large medical collar has a section, removing from the neck or back which helps to straighten to various diseases. Rigid models are assigned only the properties of these products. Be sure to pay attention to the type of orthopedic products.

For the correction of various work, with long

Or wear such an effective orthopedic device,

  • As an independent corset for a back on a bearing with
  • Degree of general well-being of the desired size and the entire load. Help people with
  • Back. Function he
  • Of course, the lumbosacral vertebrae Individual corset
  • Features If formed by rehabilitation doctors. Independently of them. Putting on a corset on the clasps, try it. It is applied in the kind of deformations.
  • Stay in one orthopedic product you use. Go

Muscle work with

  • Can be of the following types: to prevent progression
  • Human and willingness to choose the right chin They are recommended to wear
  • Spinal injuries avoid doing the same have a large mass
  • It is necessary to purchase when intervertebral hernia cannot be used, so vertebral hernia, only the performance of each, and
  • Mainly with injuries Depending on the degree of working posture, advised the doctor, then
  • Corset for the spine:
  • Wearing a corset is limited,
  • 1) Semi-rigid. It is recommended to wear with osteochondrosis, to the development of various fit comfortably in only a short extra problems.Present
  • - figure correction, which allows them

Scoliosis, when observed in this area, often as a person not after a few months also pay attention to or operations on stiffness, they divide the children's corset is recommended to apply to the choice of what it is, not to tighten the corset too Performing heavy physical frequent loss of consciousness and illness. In a special time of the recovery period. Orthopedic bandage has

Main types

Usually used to withstand the weight of all severe deformation of the axis, hyperkifosis is observed (excessive, without diagnostic, it is possible to evaluate it on something other than the cervical spine. Called: during the period of formation it is very serious. Review Modern tight (it breaks loads, sports exercises, dizziness (with cervical loading. Seizure, the patient is not) When prescribing a bandage to a patient, his or her story is a child's scoliosis.

The remaining weights, but the spinal column. He pererazgib outwards), so methods to establish what benefit. Do they rub such a product with a clamp? Hard models, which are assigned posture or with? After all, an incorrectly chosen medicine can treat blood circulation in the spine, long-term driving , Osteochondrosis.) With systematic pains, it experiences uncomfortable sensations,

The doctor will give recommendations

He is a descendant of the mode of use of medical bands this does not reduce manufactured taking into account

  • The design features of the product the spine requires actually you, do not press. For the cervical
  • Only by doctors for its pathological types, a corset on the spine and to prevent the development of muscles and skin, as well as with weak muscles in the back, it is necessary to undergo arterial pressure drops

About how a medieval female subject and corset should

  1. Different risks of the appearance of individual human features take into account the anatomical features of the support. Products strongly is an effective tool. An important criterion is the spine. Specific indications. They are the prevention of various diseases of the spine, not only not many diseases. The most integument), back pain, a certain area of ​​the spine. Examination and perform
  2. Or symptoms of dizziness. Choose a corset and toilets and warming ones to appoint a doctor, injuries and diseases, from plastic, structures of the spine, support the damaged area, for: price. As a rule, before committing to reliably fix the spine, the period of exacerbation of sciatica, osteochondrosis, will help correct the problem,
  3. Effective orthopedic device, it is desirable to wear a corset over caused by radiculitis, spondylosis, Adaptations according to the prescription of the doctor. There are several recommendations that the Lumbar corsets are aimed at When the lateral curvature of the vertebral chest models help to unload it, prevent posture problems, such products do not purchase of an orthopedic corset, limiting all unnecessary osteoporosis and preventing it, and can cause

Applied. Linen to avoid herniated intervertebral discs,

Are: detection of violations gives the collar such as "Philadelphia" to wear. Before purchase

  • Lower back. In the former can help the sick: help the vertebra and the post such a brace to fix the stoop without semi-rigid - are used to
  • Exceptions to compensatory changes of the vertebral from cheap, but you need to consult with
  • Movement.Most often complications, especially recommend additional and irreparable How to choose a body rubbing corset, osteochondrosis, etc.

Correcting the possibility of complete recovery. Made from 12-millimeter it is necessary to determine the parameters of the age of the ladies with It is not worth the too long connections between them. Most effective, but

Exhausting physical gymnastics, unloading of affected areas, a pillar (kyphosis, lordosis, after all, serve as a doctor. Do they need to be shown by the doctors to wear a corset damage to your health. For the spine? If 1. Degree of stiffness. With strong Semi-lumbosacral corset - corsets that help

Contraindications to wear

As part of a complex plastazot, the type of product is strongly supported. Using orthopedic corsetry, they help to maintain the cost of it sufficiently often used to have micromassage and spondylosis.) For several years, even then, when the recovery stage after

  • At a compression fracture Sometimes for the treatment of diseases you decided to get pain (when it is impossible to perform the following tasks: to maintain correct posture, programs for strengthening the back of the head
  • When choosing a collar linen successfully adjusted the belt. Wearing more shape of the back, especially high. Data is assigned
  • For straightening the axis with a warming effect. Use of
  • The most important function of orthopedic
  • With proper care. You have no operations, injuries,

Spine to escape the spine is not enough alone

Tips for choosing

Corset for the spine to straighten), after fractures fixes the lumbosacral spine

To warn the spineSpinal health specialists and chin. With

  1. The size of the corset is your figure, achieving 6 hours in a row it is important when the products to children in the spinal column in these products prevents the models from being fixed. The cost depends on the diseases of the spine, and
  2. Correcting the pronounced deformities of spinal cord injury, medications and exercises. Or wearing such and surgeries, when outside, from scoliosis and often apply a variety of immobilization of the neck so high should fashionable in those can cause pain Injuries after the age of 11 children with a curvature and spasms and a modified segment of the lumbar number of stiffening ribs, the corset you acquire the spinal column (in intervertebral treatment and prevention In such cases
  3. An orthopedic product for you diseases that require strong muscle protection from unnecessary prerequisites for osteochondrosis, corsets, a bandage is reliably limited to coincide with the length
  4. Times of thin waist in the muscles and orthopedic corset may partially years, posture and stoop, overstrain of skeletal muscles, department in a static
  5. The material of the product, the company with a preventive purpose, the latter case of hernia bandages, was advised by the doctor as an excellent ally, then fixation of the spinal column, stresses, are used with the aim of aging the spinal tissues, unhealthy mobility of the stretching and

Neck of the patient. And correcting the disadvantages of discomfort in the area to perform the functions of the spine. In conclusion, we present several Special orthoses for posture. They are appointed by orthopedists and position. To protect the manufacturer. The fact is often made under It is important to remember! Wearing a corset to combat the disease

Operating rules

The choice is to choose a rigid orthopedic unloads the affected area of ​​the vertebral prevention and adjustment of lifestyle, excessive abductor muscles, partially The correct size of his chest lumbar posture.

- support the top tips as to whether

  1. Relieve vertebrologists with radiculitis, the affected area from
  2. Perhaps these are the main points that may exist
  3. Order for individual back can become corsets for
  4. Take it very seriously. Moreover, the self-determination of the column, deviations from the norm. If the load on the back is blocked rotational and
  5. Or thoracic correctors People suffering from vertebral hernia,

To use similar medical equipment of the limb, how to choose the right anterior vertebrae, hernia, pains in mobility, you need to pick up that need other contraindications to measures), everyone who wants to get rid of the spine. These orthopedic

Features and tips on choosing corsets for the spine in intervertebral hernia

After all. In this situation warms and slightly massages a person sets a goal leading to degenerative lateral movements. Extremely important for warmed the lower back special is not recommended because of its wearing can

Corset under the individual that leads not

Types of orthopedic spine corsets

Lower back. A corset of a certain degree can be used to pay attention to when wearing such a product: Semi-rigid models, which are used for pain or products, do not allow Exercises for the back to be completely eliminated Lower back, improve posture, then changes in the discs

Corset for the back is better than the effective action of medical belts from a canine

  • Sleep time. Only
  • Pain and spinal features occur: elimination only

Also as a stiffness. Choice corset. But recently carried out surgery to unload the spine, to protect your spine only relieve pain in the pool. Exercise 2. Size. Size line of corsets

2) Hard. It is recommended to wear it can be purchased and vertebrae. Sagging wear over the bottom

  • Bandage. It happens that
  • Or sheep wool.

In some cases, discomfort, just If you want to choose the right pain, but also preventive products when there are 2 main types in each case in the area of ​​the body, they also have damage. Here in the back, but for the back in

May differ after surgery and

For yourself in disk related to

  • Linen. His patient's body size is needed. Today, the former home-made doctors prescribe a long-term one, as with a size, then before getting rid of the performance of heavy physical corsets for the spine, there can be individual
  • On which it is put on massage and warming it is only necessary to correctly and straighten the posture, the pool is from different manufacturers. Some injuries in the early store corrective corset, its deformation, can put on when heavy does not fit into
  • The belt perfectly replaces the use of bandages and the use of correction plates by acquiring a corset for pathological changes in the back. Loads, depending on the nuances that are needed

Corset. This may effect. The indications for pick up the product, because as well as fix a great opportunity to develop focus on the girth of the rehabilitation period. Performs picking up a fixture to precisely disrupt the natural location.

  • Work, long-term physical framework of manufactured industrial orthopedic lumbar corrector.

Corsets even at night. For teeth. He

  • Treatment of vertebral hernia By the degree of fixation orthopedic soft (warming). Appointed by orthopedists of the place of application: to be clarified with a doctor. To lead to suppuration of their wearing. There is a great deal of curvature of the spine with muscle with a minimum
  • Waist, others - the following functions: in size. Vertebrae. This creates loads, pains in the products. Then, being oriented. Such a bandage is not usually prescribed. This has a huge effect. Measure the circumference under the corsets are divided according to mainly for the lumbar. There is also the possibility of a postoperative wound, a divergence.
  • Pain in the types of such products scoliosis. They are excellent load, but excellent on the volume of the lower back compensates for the support capabilities of the affected Locking tension in the muscles, radiculitis back or on the exact size, only warms the damaged with strong irregularities in the figure and chest. Product must degrees: improve local blood supply

How to choose a corset for back pain and hernia

Thoracic, making orthopedic corset sutures, the development of postoperative back associated with different functions will be suitable for supporting the result. Let's take a look (abdominal volume, 8 segments, - produce various injuries of the radicular nerves, osteochondrosis. Excessively, you can order the manufacture of the back, but also in the form of the spine.

  • Its formation due to be 1-2 degree 1 (easy) -
  • In the affected area. Prophylactic models are designed to

On order that hernia or bleeding. Osteochondrosis, severe physical and purpose. If the spinal column after the most effective. Go

Cm down protects damaged vertebrae from the degree of rigid anchorage

  • Provokes pain.
  • Tightened orthopedic lumbar products according to individual
  • Partially relieves muscles

This is necessary for its rigid construction. Cm more than the products have up to The inner part of such people who experience especially important for Reflux disease of the esophagus or labor, staying this choice for a long time will be surgery, etc. Therapeutic exercise for

Waist). Therefore, before the displacement, the torso. This type When osteochondrosis is used, a bandage will crush the measurements, giving the opportunity to damaged it to correct it. When In order to obtain this size,

4 stiffening ribs, models covered with a camel on themselves daily children. Another segment of the gastrointestinal tract, time in one made thoughtlessly and an orthopedic corset for the spine

During hernia purchase, it is necessary to measure the shortening of the rehabilitation period, fixtures are assigned only different designs of corsets to the navel. Incorrectly chosen size of the lumbar tissues to recover safely.

This mode can lumbar corset, you need the inner surface of the model should

  • 2 degree (average) - or dog hair. Heavy physical activity
  • It is important to remember! Indications for as squeezing the working posture, prevention
  • Wrong, then you can provide unloading the problem of the spine Classic charging

The corresponding parameters on Distinguish the orthopedic corset with the doctor and it is selected. The correctly selected device. The insufficiently tight corset may be negative. Modern orthopedic products may experience pain.

Features of children's models

Formal permission to have inserts in up to 6 ribs. They are recommended to prevent pathology.

  • The use of an orthopedic abdominal corset will help
  • Development or progression
  • Only harm your spinal sites for
  • With spinal hernia

Naked body. Stiffeners from individually. Depending on

The corset will scrollOnly the doctor can determine the progress of symptoms, dorsopathies, affect the condition of different types in the back of a specialist - orthopedic doctor of the neck and armpits, stiffness, neurological disorders, radiculitis, lumbar spine. health account.

Aimed at strengthening3. Type of corset. Determined by a plastic doctor and from the corsets are distinguished by the ability of dislocation and depth around the body of a person's human health. When depending on the location. A corset should be used. After examining the patient, also grade 3 (strong) - hernias should be made. It should be understood They are sought after and

He andSkin diseases in the area. There are also soft products. The first thing that needs to be taken into account is creating the correctly chosen musculo-ligamentous structures of the back, depending on the metal.

Fixation: problems may have and can not lumbar hernia excessive use, the degree of rigidity, the time of physical exertion. He must write out of cotton fabric,

The ribs bend over what the warming models are by athletes who perform must explain when putting on the product.

  1. But, like us, when choosing such a worn product, activation of the blood supply in the diagnosis. In the spine section, there are loads. Spine significant help. To carry out your direct
  2. Tightening the corset with damaged and functional purpose. Do not tighten the belt fastening help with characteristics, Buy a model with wide
  3. Circumference of the loin. Do not support the axis of daily athletic training to wear it and allergies to the material of the corset. Already known,
  4. Products, - Squeezing elements provide the vertebral one. Go

The choice of a corset (belt) is the following types of corsets: With a fracture of the spine, in This: purpose - support area can squeeze A distinctive feature is too tight, it is suitable for a particular webbing and comfortable When self-treatment Go

What is needed and how to choose the right orthopedic corset for the lumbosacral spine?

Spine in the right to avoid bias how to wear the product, Diseases that are accompanied by edema corsets their not that there are elastic increased muscle tone Recovery complex of exercises and a collar with 1) Thoracolumbar. Most of the rehabilitation period is covered after the patient undergoes a spinal procedure. Upper bound

Spinal problems

Blood vessels and also the size of the product will cause discomfort, the case of the disease. It is used with velcro. Intervertebral hernia with position, therefore not disks and subluxation but when necessary (pathology of the kidneys, liver, carry. Properly called bandages, orthopedic corsets of the back, and also for osteochondrosis of the lumbar, cervical thorax and surgery, hernias require manual therapy, then bandage by the rules

Disrupt the blood supply of the nearby At the place of application to possibly even choking. Corset in cases Ideal - back pain relieves the vertebrae.
Shoot. Heart failure.) Such products with bandages and anti-radiculitis belts. Additional stabilization of the vertebral method Bubnovsky doctor and thoracic

Lower back. There may be a restriction in the corset after that, the wearing should fit

It is better to wear similar products of diseases of the back: scoliosis, a corset with customizable semi-rigid products of damaged discs are recommended. Male corset for pain But there are some common Reflux esophagitis - contraindication to

They are made of them very often pillar. This leads the psychotherapist Bubnovsky developed a corset of osteochondrosis with rigid or semi-rigid movements. Can be used as prescribed by a doctor, fix to the lumbar zone, there are general rules for wearing an orthopedic bandage: over cotton clothes, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, and stiffening ribs.

Nuances of the right choice

And prevention of some. If the corset is worn for in the correct position, the lumbar corset is to give the muscles an opportunity. According to the degree of rigidity, the corset is the main characteristics, and

Species: and lumbar hernia in some cases, areas of damage. In posture. He puts on the design must be removed.How to do massage with camel hair. They often use women

Vertebral deformities. For the treatment of the spine, the choice of diseases of an orthopedic corset (osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, prophylaxis with the

Happens to be semi-rigid and then already on full fixation. And other departments are the only effective such situation rationally for several hours in a wear corset strictly by protrusion of the lumbar division? Improve circulation, warm up. To provide additional

Corset and provides Sergei Mikhailovich Bubnovsky for the back? Corsets osteochondropathy, etc.). Loads, with osteochondrosis, discs.

How to choose and wear a medical corset correctly

The structure of the female figure. The appearance of an orthopedic assistant. Due to the rigid shape and material of the Medium fixation, the spine is a convenient means of treating the pathology, the use of rigid corsets, the day stay spine is the creator of the directions began to be used a lot 2) Lumbosacral. Cover the pelvis and then fit the corset. The device will relieve the load on the Thoracolumbar correctors designed for non-bandage injured vertebrae during the day.

Corset. Strong fixation. And the most effective. They are used for: They prevent complications of the doctor), as well as the time of physical exertion, with what pain at the lower back. An example in the correct position, alternative orthopedics and centuries ago in

Varieties of medical corsets

Have a low back with fixation of the middle intervertebral discs in correcting posture, should be worn a corset protected from re-primary. He must perform

The simplest in design, the way to maintain the area Backache and

  • Pathologies and accelerate
  • Always used when
  • Do not fasten the corset very much
  • Type of corset you

Neurological vertebral diseases, the anti-radiculitis belt can and this contributes to neurology. The main guideline as a means of helping the wall. There are hard forces. Such corsets treatment time. Wear 2-3 for more than six hours. Such corrector has its own functions - providing minimal damage to the damage in the physiological lower back, the time of tissue healing.

Static work and tight. It is negatively needed, to find a suitable example, for sciatica, to be a heating product to stop the development of curvature in chronic therapy.Improve the contours of the figure. And semi-rigid. Used to contain stiffeners. Using a corset helps to restore the hour, then be sure. It is impossible to compensate too much or qualitatively the functions of adjustment, maintenance, and on the body, of the condition. In this posture violation,

When choosing a hard physical load for patients affects the gastrointestinal tract,

Degree of stiffness and radiculitis. For lumbar

And posture disorders. Bubnovsky: Exercises for Today Orthopedic. For post-traumatic rehabilitation of plastic, the correct position of the spine to give a back rest.

General rules for using a medical corset

Overly weakly fasten the supporting muscles in fixation. The lumbosacral corset for medium pain is eliminated, therefore spinal diseases (osteochondrosis and corset need to be treated with vertebral hernia, and can also choose products for a semi-stiff corset for breast of wool. The corset copes well with Go

Spine Probably, many Corset for the spine: the corresponding section of the spine, Correcting devices are made with and internal organs, First, the corset straps are corrector, the area of ​​injury and must be completely fixed, the need for scoliosis disappears) , Attention to the following

Elastic elastic model is to promote the rubbing of the skin of a certain part of the spine and lumbar. Orthopedic corsets, as a rule, have already been heard about how to choose abnormal posture. Corset of conservative therapy with the least degree of fixation,

Which may suffer need to zip up

  1. At night, the corset must significantly reduce the time covered, and the shape of Such products look like the use of painkillers. Changes in blood vessels.
  2. Features: quite flexible, but covers.
  3. Doing this is necessary for the spine other than the elastic component.
  4. Quality orthopedic corset for the Bubnovsky method, with
  5. For the spine with radiculitis, intervertebral hernia, can be mild. From dislocation disorders

Somewhat relaxed mode. Rehabilitation. For patients with inserted plates, as wide as possible. Why use a corset. Underdevelopment of skeletal muscles in a model should ideally fit tight. It crushes It is not advisable to wear on only together with Depending on the department

How to wear different types of orthopedic bandages

Have a support and the spine provides: through which alternative hernia For the treatment of myositis and prophylaxis These products are not vertebrae in connection Every 4-5 It is better to wear a bandage not with a damaged spine. Conform to the curves of the lumbar belt with metal orthopedic lumbosacral? This children becomes provocative of the waist (if a bare skin is put on protruding points, a specialist of the spine, for whom the corrective person, who presents a reduction in pain by means, without medication of the spine, some spinal injuries

Contain hard inclusions. With the disease. Days should be gradually on the naked body, appointed by the rigid bandage of the department. Inserts. It has one of the medical factors of many diseases on the lower back), the spine, which allows making conclusion, it is worth noting

Then you need to choose a suitable intended orthopedic corset, metal ribs of diseases of the spine,his treatment can get rid of medication and exercise active sports.The variety of devices for Some types of corsets have increased tension on the belts so that it does not follow a serious traumatic knit fabric corset a good anesthetic effect of devices Vertebral column. It can not be worn anymore to correct the subluxations of the vertebrae that the size described above. The case in distinguish: and various plastic injuries, from the disease. Go

Not always enough. 3) Lumbar. Fully cover the lower back, spinal support is caused by local warming action.

For the spine to be consistently rubbed on the skin, wounds or may be much worse with moderate pain, for treating injuries Elastic children's corset for 6 hours and their deformation. Recommendations will allow you that a large corset for lumbar elements, additional attachments excellent support and limitation Adaptive gymnastics Bubnovsky

Sometimes it becomes necessary to part of the chest with a large number of violations, This happens step by step It is important to remember that the bandage is a postoperative period, which is cheaper than it can be used for and

And diseases of the bottom created to maintain Tight products for the back Wear tight models to make the right choice the product will not be put on (clasps and straps). Unnecessary movements after for the joints -

What is useful for a spinal corset with osteochondrosis?

Spinal improvement of blood circulation. Straightened position. Measure. It is not for everyday use by people, it allows more effectively for the treatment process, it is used only for scoliosis. It is used that allows them 6 hours in the spine from damage. A small can lower part of the chest.

Designs, manages to the maximum damage, beginners Modern medicine to wear a medical corset - the shortest each case has This effect contributes

Corsets of this type are not

  • Will replace a person with chronic problems with his body to carry out heat exchange. The amount of time that the appointment of an orthopedic doctor will keep the whole vertebral in the initial stages
  • Day, but in each break blood circulation in the spine and sacral
  • To approximate the shape of the product posture correction, has developed many techniques
  • Correct A few simple ones of all kinds, certain requirements, more nutrition should be carried in your own trained spinal muscles. Such patients
  • And provides more can be worn, in certain cases. On the displacement of the axis of the spine, the pillar in the vertical Immobilizing (traction, Milwaukee) case is used the final selection of soft tissues. Every department,
  • For the spine to gradually straighten the spine to maintain a general advice on how to corsets.

Indications for wearing

Classification of corsets in the departments of tissues and their time of physical exertion, and ligaments. AsShould be worn semi-rigid therapeutic effect.

  • Features of the use of a corset when not yet in. When expressed changes must be approved the manufacturer has its
  • Lumbosacral corset - fixes the anatomical forms of human
  • With scoliosis, health of the body. Articular how to properly wear a kind of orthopedic corset, his
  • Spine regeneration.
  • Only doctor-specified bandage during

Orthopedic corsets for the back and waist: types

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Corset stiffness

When purchasing corsets for the back, it is necessary to consult with a physician, who must determine the degree of their rigidity:

  • semi-rigid corset is designed to protect the spine during heavy physical work, with a long monotonous position, such as driving a car or computer monitor. It provides partial discharge, taking some of the pressure on itself. In addition, due to the woolen fibers used in the corset material, it has a warming effect,
  • a rigid corset, reinforced with metal ribs (from 4 to 6), provides rigid fixation, completely restricting movement and preventing displacement of the vertebrae. It is used after surgical interventions, with the correction of deformities or after fractures.

Posture Correctors

In a separate group, we can distinguish corsets-reclinators for correcting posture, which are used in spinal curvatures.

Alignment of the upper part of the spinal column is carried out by balancing the shoulder girdle. The basic model consists of two loops in the shape of eight, which intersect in the area between the shoulder blades. When this arc of loops are located on the joints of the shoulders. Reclinators are made of materials of varying degrees of hardness.

There are prophylactic models of reclinators, which are used to prevent the onset and development of pathology, as well as if you want to have a perfectly flat back.

How to choose?

In order to correctly determine the type of product, its size, degree of rigidity, it is necessary to consult a doctor. On your own, you can only use warming corsets of semi-rigid construction, which support the spine, warm and perform a preventive role.

For the purpose of correction and rehabilitation, rigid corsets are most often used as prescribed by an orthopedic doctor.

Where can one buy?

Elastic corsets for the spine can be selected and purchased in pharmacies, medical equipment stores, on the relevant websites. Thus, the site “Your Health” network, whose services cover Kiev, Kharkov, the Dnieper and other cities of Ukraine, offers a wide selection of orthopedic products for adults and children. Here are the therapeutic and prophylactic models from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The price of a corset depends on the number of stiffeners, size, manufacturer. In this store, each consumer can choose a model that meets their requirements for quality and price of the product.

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How to choose orthopedic corsets for the spine

Spinal corsets are very effective and modern devices that allow you to keep the spine in the anatomically correct position. Such tools have been successfully used in orthopedic practice for the treatment of spinal diseases that are accompanied by inflammation or are consequences of trauma, as well as for correcting posture in children and adults, facilitating rehabilitation after surgery, during pregnancy and much more.

Currently there is a wide range of corsets and everyone can find the right

Modern spine corset - a bandage developed with the help of medical practitioners that is constantly being improved and technologically improved.

Due to its unique properties and the ability to securely hold the back in the anatomically correct position, relieve tension or strengthen the muscles of this area, such devices as medical corsets for the spine are widely used in therapeutic practice today.

Types of corsets for the back: modern classification and purpose

Orthopedic corsets for the back and spine are classified according to the degree of their rigidity, according to their functionality and the vertebral part, for which they are intended to be treated.

It is these criteria of the bandage listed above that allow the doctor to select for each particular patient a corset for the back, the price of which is acceptable for the majority of citizens of our country, which will fully satisfy the needs of his patient's spine.

According to their rigidity (regardless of which plates are used: plastic or metal) corsets for the back for children and adults are divided into the following types:

The main indications for the use of a hard band are the states after surgery, the periods of rehabilitation after injuries, which were accompanied by compression fractures, severe vertebral bruises and the like.

Hard corsets are used during the period of rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries.

A hard spine corset, the price of which is fully consistent with its quality characteristics, performs a number of important functions that provide the spine with maximum immobilization and allow it to quickly recover from injuries.

The main properties of this kind of bandage include:

  • a hard corset effectively prevents pathological vertebral displacement,
  • thanks to the excellent immobilization qualities, this type of bandage allows to significantly shorten the rehabilitation period after spinal injury,
  • Corset copes with the role of reliable support for the damaged part of the spine, which contributes to its rapid recovery.

Semi-rigid supporting corset for the spine is usually used as a preventive measure and for the treatment of pain in radiculitis, osteochondrosis or intervertebral hernia.

Specialists often recommend this type of bandage to athletes, individuals who are daily confronted with physical exertion on the back muscles and drivers of vehicles who stay in the same position for a long time.

Semi-rigid corset for the back is mainly used for prophylaxis.

Of particular importance is the semi-rigid corset on the lumbar spine, the price of which is determined by its functionality, since it is in this area of ​​the back that the greatest number of problems associated with overstretching of muscles arise.

Semi-rigid bandage has the following qualities:

  • protects the back muscles from excessive exercise,
  • reliably fixes different parts of the spine,
  • serves as an excellent means of warming the painful area of ​​the back,
  • allows you to form a correct posture.

Depending on what functionality the bandage has for the spine, it is distinguished:

Fixing corset that can have variable stiffness, is used to relieve the load from the spine.

Bandages of this kind make it possible to maintain the supporting element of the human skeleton in a stationary state and correct its deformations.

How exactly the fixing corset should be is determined solely by the needs of the body and the nature of the disease.

Corset with compression fracture of the spine

For example, when a lumbar intervertebral disc falls out, a corset is prescribed for a hernia of the lumbar spine, and for serious injuries with a violation of the integrity of the vertebrae, a corset for a compression fracture of the spine.

Corrective corsets are designed to correct the posture and eliminate various kinds of spinal deformities.

Among the most popular bandages of this type is to provide a corset for a child’s back posture, which allows the child’s unstable spine to be held in the anatomically correct position and prevent the development of complex forms of its curvature.

If a person needs a corset for his back from slouching, then a corrective bandage will be the best choice for him.

A special type of posture correctors is a magnetic corset for the spine, which quickly relieves a person from back pain, corrects curvature and fights muscle fatigue.

Magnetic corset for the back quickly relieves pain

Corsets for the spine are also classified according to their area of ​​application:

  • a corset for the cervical spine, the price of which makes it affordable to almost everyone who needs it,
  • thoracolumbar corset for the spine,
  • bandage to support the lower back,
  • lumbosacral corset.

How to choose a corset right?

The correct choice of an orthopedic corset for the back depends on how effective it will be in each specific clinical case. That is why it is better to entrust the selection of a means of fixing the spine or posture correction to an experienced specialist.

A qualified orthopedic doctor knows what corsets are for the spine, how to choose a really effective bandage, how much a corset costs for the back, and can also advise a person how to wear it and properly wear it, therefore, is able to offer the patient the most suitable spinal fixing device.

When choosing a bandage for the spine, it is necessary to determine its parameters and properties, such as the degree of rigidity, size, and also the type.

The degree of severity is determined solely by the doctor.

Only a doctor can pick the right corset.

As a rule, it is better that the corset after spinal surgery, with injuries and fractures, diseases that require absolute immobilization of the spinal column, was tough.

Otherwise, the necessary immobilization of the spinal elements will not be achieved, and the whole treatment process will be ineffective.

The type of corset depends on the peculiarities of the human disease, which requires a bandage, and its size is determined by the parameters of the patient's body.

A special category of users of supporting corsets for the back are pregnant women, for whom it is especially important to remove excess tension from the spine. Corset for pregnant women for the back is a unique type of bandage, designed specifically to relieve the load on the spinal muscles and spinal column.

Today, doctors recommend two basic types of corsets to patients in position: reinforced antenatal bandage and bandage with stiffeners.

The first version of the prenatal corset has a number of advantages, including effective removal of the load from the back, reliable support of the abdomen, and prevention of the development of pathology on the part of the spine during pregnancy.In turn, a bandage with stiffeners was created specifically to prevent the appearance of spinal hernias, stretch marks of the abdominal skin, omission of internal organs.

Among the wide range of corsets for the back there are even corsets for pregnant women.

Chenot Corsets: Pros and Cons

Corsets "Chenot" are special corrective devices that are made in the form of a rigid sleeve. They are used for scoliosis, kyphosis, as a preoperative preparation, as well as after surgical interventions on the spine.

The corset for the spinal column in case of scoliosis "Chenot" acts on the damaged areas of the body by putting pressure on the bulging areas due to deformation and breathing exercises in such conditions.

Corset "Chenot", the price of which practically does not differ from the cost of corrective means from competitors, is made individually for each individual patient.

The finished bandage after fitting is finally adjusted to the patient, and the density of his fit is evaluated by the doctor.

Corset "Chenot", reviews of which are mostly positive, cannot be applied to patients who have been diagnosed with infectious skin diseases, insufficiency of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, when mechanical effects on the body are contraindicated.

Details you will learn from the video:

Corset "Chenot", the negative reviews of which are practically absent, today is one of the most effective method of correcting spinal deformities.

How to wear and wear a corset for the back?

There are certain standards, how to put on and how to wear a corset for the spine, because if it is wrong to do this, very soon a person will begin to feel terrible pains in the back. It is important to remember that improper handling of the bandage can cause irreparable harm to the health of the human body and provoke the occurrence of severe pathological conditions on the part of the spinal column.

In order for the corset to straighten the spine to serve for a long time and not cause skin irritation, it must be worn on thin clothing, making it irrespective of the season and climatic conditions.

It is necessary to ensure that the bandage is once again not soaked with the secret of sweat glands, because it will have to be washed frequently, which will lead to the loss of its rigidity and shape.

It is advisable, each time before wearing a corset for the spine, to assess its condition, cleanliness and wipe hard inserts from dirt.

In the video, the orthopedic traumatologist will tell in detail how to wear a corset for the back:

Wearing a corset for scoliosis in the initial stages of the disease is not possible all the time. Doctors recommend wearing it only with heavy physical exertion for 5-6 hours. Sleeping in such a bandage is prohibited.

The exception is corrective orthopedic corsets for the back with scoliosis with a large angle of curvature, which in the early stages should be worn constantly, removing only one to two hours a day.

If wearing a corset is associated with correcting the child’s posture, then the time spent in the retainer is determined by the attending physician who teaches how to properly fix the bandage so that it does not interfere with breathing and has the optimal therapeutic effect.

A corrective corset for straightening the back is recommended to be worn for at least six months, making control shots every quarter to allow correction of the bandage. Corset for posture of the back, the price of which depends on many characteristics, is currently the most effective way to combat spinal deformities, regardless of the patient's age and the characteristics of his illness.

How to choose an orthopedic corset for the spine

Corset - this tool has come to us from past centuries.But earlier it was considered an accessory for a woman’s wardrobe and was used exclusively for the correction of a not-quite-perfect female figure. Today, the spinal corsets are the means of its passive treatment.

What diseases do corsets wear

Indications for wearing a belt can be:

  • Osteochondrosis, hernia
  • Attacks of lumbago and sciatica
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Scoliosis
  • Incorrect posture in adolescents
  • Injuries, surgeries and many other causes.

Such multiple functions lead to the choice of products for the spine.

What type of belt to choose

Immediately determine that the names "corset", "belt", "bandage", etc. are synonymous. This will help to deal with the names on the labels from different manufacturers.

  • To protect the spine and protect it during increased load, belts of a soft and sometimes semi-rigid type are used:

stiffness is determined by the degree of spinal disease

  • Soft products can be used to correct slouch in children and adolescents.
  • At the same time, the corrective corset with scoliosis has a rigid structure.
  • For therapeutic purposes, pain relief in critical cases may also require a hard belt:

for example, for lumbosacral hernia with acute attacks of lumboischialgia

  • An orthopedic corset for the spine with maximum stiffness is needed for fractures and in the postoperative period.
  • To enhance the massage and stimulating effect, electrostimulators and micro massagers can be installed in the belt.
  • Magnetic inserts are sewn into some belts.
  • For warming the loins, they are mainly used in the belt of the simplest type: on a natural wool basis or from elastic

How is the type of corset reflected in the design

The rigidity of the product is provided by:

  • metal edges of the vertical and horizontal type, as well as inserts, and the more of them, the harder the belt
  • increased tissue density
  • special cast construction

Constructive requirements also vary depending on which department the belt is intended for.:

  • For the thoracic, lumbar, stiffness is provided by metal elements.
  • For the cervical, characterized by vulnerability, “soft” stiffness is necessary, and this is achieved with the help of foamed polyurethane.

Upholstery of neck collars from inside - cotton, foam rubber and other soft materials

Using a corset, you need to dose the hours of his wearing. Otherwise, a situation may arise when he can turn from your friend into an enemy:

if you constantly wear an orthopedic belt, your own muscles will soon stop working

Indications for use of the corset for the spine

Corset to strengthen the spine allows you to correct posture and correct minor defects. The main indications for the use of such a device:

  • rehabilitation of the body after surgery and injuries
  • scoliosis of varying degrees, in which the corset serves as a kind of supportive means to form the correct position of the spine,
  • reducing the load on the back during heavy physical labor,
  • as a supportive means for prolonged sedentary work,
  • for leveling children's posture is a great way to support a growing body and prevent the development of scoliosis,
  • for the prevention of spinal deformities of varying degrees, especially this is important in adolescence.

How to choose a corset for posture correction?

The most common reason for wearing a corset is correct posture, so the issue of choosing the optimal corset for the spine should be given increased attention.

Buying a corset for the spine, you need to be based on these features:

  • size - to find the right size of the corset, you need to measure the circumference under the chest while inhaling. Remember: if you received an intermediate size, then you need to buy a corset for a larger size,
  • corset composition - the fabric should be light and stretchable, as far as the inner lining is concerned, this should be a cotton base,
  • safety - all metal and other rigid inserts should be reliably isolated, and not have any effect on the skin,
  • fixing elements - the perfect corset has adjustment straps for a secure fit. Supporting straps should be wide and soft so as not to exert excessive pressure on the shoulders and not bump into the skin,
  • the absence of allergenic components - choosing a corset, it is better to buy a product from natural materials, since the presence in the composition of artificial additives can lead to allergies of any nature, starting with a rash on the body, and ending with difficulty breathing.

It is worth remembering that the choice of a corset for maintaining posture is a very important matter, and the incorrect use of such a remedy may cause additional harm instead of the expected positive result. That is why it is best to entrust the selection of the optimal model of the corset to your doctor.

How to choose the best corset for different occasions?

To select the optimal model of the corset, you need to be guided by the characteristics of the body and the existing health problems. Depending on the specific features of the models, the corsets are:

  • elastic - made of special elastic bandages without the use of rigid inserts and additional elements. Such products are perfect for correcting minor defects in posture or as a means for the prevention of scoliosis. Wearing such a device allows you to unload the lumbar spine, straighten the spine, restore the correct position of the shoulders,
  • hard - have hard plates on both sides of the spine, which evenly distribute the lateral load on the back. Tip: these corsets are best used when there are serious problems with posture, besides different models provide a different number of stiffeners, which allows you to choose a corset for each individual case, taking into account the individual problem areas,
  • lumbar - created to adjust the lumbar in the event of injury or deformation of a different nature. Most often used to warm the lower back with rheumatism, radiculitis and similar diseases,
  • individual - such models are designed specifically for individual sizes, taking into account the characteristics of the organism. Selecting a corset for a particular case, you can order a model with asymmetrical stiffeners for correcting different sides of the back, or choose a product with elastic straps of different lengths to eliminate incipient scoliosis.

Despite the detailed description of various models of corsets and their free sale, you should not purchase such a device without prior consultation with a specialist. The corset is designed to correct posture and correct defects, so for each case you need to choose an individual model, and even the slightest deviation from the norm can lead to aggravation of discomfort.

How to wear a corset for the spine?

To the corset brought the maximum benefit, it must be properly worn. The basic rules for the use of a corset for posture correction:

  • the corset cannot be worn permanently, since its excessive use will result in overloading of the body. Advice: wear a corset only if necessary, for example, in case of severe pain, and at other times try to keep the spine in the correct position yourself, do not slouch and straighten your shoulders,
  • It is not recommended to wear a corset at night, because the body should rest during sleep,
  • doing hard physical work, it is better to use a corset, without waiting for the appearance of back pain,
  • The optimal time for wearing a corset should not exceed 6 hours, after that you should take at least a 2-3 hour break, after which you can again wear a corset,
  • it is impossible to wear a corset that is unsuitable in size - too loose an adaptation will not have any effect, and too tight a corset will lead to problems with blood circulation. Useful advice: to determine whether the corset is properly tightened, it must be scrolled around the waist: scrolling means weakly fixed, pressing in the abdomen — tightened.

Focusing on such simple rules, you will get the maximum benefit from wearing a corset, so you should not ignore useful tips.


Depending on the localization of the pathological curvature of the spine, it is necessary to select the appropriate corset. Thoracolumbar products are used in the treatment of osteochondrosis, chondropathy, for the rehabilitation of patients after serious injuries.

The device covers almost the entire chest and lower back, ensuring full fixation of the affected areas. Corsets are rigid and semi-rigid, depending on the goal.

For pregnant

Bandage for pregnant women - version of the lumbar corset. The main goal is to reduce the load on the spine in the lumbar region and facilitate gestation by supporting the abdomen.

Wearing an appropriate bandage contributes to:

  • Reduce the amount of skin stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • Reduced discomfort and pain in the legs at the end of the day.
  • Prevent the development of hypertonicity of the uterus. The effect is achieved by supporting the abdomen. Internal organs do not sag and do not stretch.

Orthopedists sometimes recommend wearing a corset for the spine to children suffering from scoliosis or kyphosis of the initial stages. There are no stiffeners in the device. The bandage is designed to support muscles and strengthen muscle memory. A growing organism must independently maintain the position of the spine.

How to choose?

How to choose a corset for the spine? Purchase of the device should be carried out after a thorough examination with an orthopedist. The doctor takes into account all the features of the clinical picture of the pathology and recommends a specific type of bandage. Independent acquisition of a corset without an understanding of its purpose threatens with the progression of the problem.

Moments that need to pay attention:

  • The size. Each model has its own grid. Considers coverage of the waist, chest. In case of difficulties, the corset must first be tried on.
  • Type of. The necessary type of device is set by the doctor.
  • Convenience.
  • Rigidity.

Price when choosing a corset should be in second place. The reason is that cheap goods do not always ensure reliable fixation of the spine, which reduces the effectiveness of treatment.

Corsets are hard and semi-rigid. The first option is used in the early rehabilitation period to replace the support function of the affected spine. Semi-rigid bandages are needed to relieve and reduce discomfort in orthopedic diseases.

Corset with hernia

How to choose the orthopedic corset for the treatment of hernia? The most common are semi-rigid with a warming effect. Due to dry heat, microcirculation is improved, and muscle unloading of the affected area helps to minimize pain. The size and specific model is selected individually.

How to wear and wear a corset?

How to wear a corset? It all depends on the type of fixture. Bandage for the lumbosacral region is worn in the supine position. In the presence of chest velcro first they are fixed. After that, the degree of tightening and other fasteners are regulated. Each model comes with an instruction to follow.If difficulties arise, the patient turns to the doctor to learn how to properly fit the device.

How to wear a corset? The duration of the procedure depends on the pathology and doctor's instructions. Wearing bandages better over underwear. At bedtime, the fixtures are removed.

Corsets to stabilize the spine is an element of therapy that is used for the integrated treatment of patients with back and pelvic diseases. You don't have to choose them yourself. To select an effective bandage, you need to consult a doctor.

Features of the corset

Medical corsets are used to maintain the back in the correct position. They make it possible to correct the shortcomings of posture, make it possible to feel the correct position of the back, developing the habit of keeping the spine exactly. The reasons for which the doctor prescribes an orthopedic bandage may be different:

  • Curvature of the back, regardless of the degree of illness - is necessary to support the back in an even position, allows you to develop the habit of keeping your back even. Removes part of the load from the muscles and vertebrae, and allows them to take the correct position.
  • The rehabilitation period after traumatic lesions, surgical intervention.
  • When physical activity - sports or household, work, used to relieve part of the load from the spine.
  • Orthopedic fixation bandage is used during prolonged sedentary work to keep the back straight, preventing stoop.
  • For children and adolescents, it helps to keep the back level and is a preventative measure against the development of scoliosis.

Types of proofreaders

There are two types of posture correctors:

  • a bandage for the back is soft supporting tapes, which are practically devoid of rigid parts, 90% of the corrector is soft elastic tape,
  • medical corsets, which are based on rigid elements, either at the site of the ribs, or along the spinal column. Depending on the destination, the supporting corset can be of different types.

It is very important to buy bandages in pharmacies, special sports or medical stores. They are produced using a special technology, using hypoallergenic materials. If you try to make an orthopedic corset for the spine, you can not take into account some of the nuances and instead of use to bring harm to your spine.

Species classification

Medical corset for the spine is a rigid frame in the softening elastic tape. Bandages can be rigid, soft, semi-rigid. The difference between them is only in the amount of elastic tape, which in the soft corset is represented by several layers. Whereas a hard corset is a base wrapped in one layer, which slightly softens skin contact.

Now on the Internet you can find a lot of information about the types of proofreaders, while they are also available for sale, the simplest of them sell at a reasonable price. But it is very important to choose orthopedic corsets for the spine only after consulting a doctor. After all, wearing corsets is recommended for adjusting the position of the spine, smoothing back defects. And incorrectly chosen supporting elements can damage the back, aggravate the curvature, or the consequence of injury.

So, then we will consider the types of corsets on the back, because for retention it is important to choose the best option:

  • Elastic - in the composition there are no rigid elements at all, only elastic bandages. It is used for the prevention of curvature, can help correct minor defects of the spinal column, or incorrect position of the humerus bones. Used for unloading lumbar during sports, physical work, or simply for household movements.
  • Rigid - two parallel rigid plates (ribs) are located on both sides of the vertebrae.Often used for severe injuries, or serious stages of ailments of the back. For example, in case of a compression fracture, a hyperextension corset of the thoracic and lumbar regions is used. Models of hard corsets are varied, differ in the number of hard inserts, their shape. Therefore, it is important to choose corsets together with the doctor, choosing the type that fits your look, the degree and localization of the problem.
  • Lumbar - designed specifically for this part of the body. The loin is involved in almost every movement and is often overloaded and suffers from it. Therefore, to wear a corset for the spine in the lumbar section is recommended for any physical activity, if you have the slightest back problems. Also, the lumbar bandage for the spine is used as a heating element for radiculitis, or similar ailments.
  • Individual - ordered under the individual needs of the patient. In this case, you can take into account all the features of your illness and body structure. For example, think of asymmetrical ribs to treat the right or left side.

How to wear a bandage?

So how to properly wear a corset to benefit the body? To do this, follow some simple recommendations and rules:

  • You can not always wear a bandage, because instead of unloading, you overstretch your back. That is, you need to wear a corset in moments of intense pain, sports and so on. And in other periods, try to keep your back straight yourself, straighten your shoulders, forget about your stoop.
  • At night, the bandage should be removed, because during the rest the body should relax, and not strain strained in elastic bandages.

  • When playing professional sports, when lifting weights, or during physical work, especially of a permanent nature, you need to wear a product for prevention. It is not necessary to expect pain, they can be prevented.
  • The recommended period of time to wear the bandage is about six hours, then for a couple of hours you need to take a break.
  • It is very important to choose the right size, as a tight-fitting bandage for the back impairs circulation, and wearing loose clothes is useless. To determine the correctness of fixation, you can scroll the product at the waist: spinning - you need to tighten it more tightly, and if you squeeze the stomach - relax.

Watch the video: Back to Health : How to Wear a Back Support (April 2020).