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Technique of back massage at home

In ancient times, many healers knew about the benefits of massage. Over time, there were many methods aimed at its implementation. In the modern world, massage is the official therapeutic prevention of many diseases and pathologies. To obtain the desired result, you can contact a specialist or perform manipulations yourself. How to learn to massage your back? Further in the article we will talk about the rules of its implementation.

Who needs a massage?

To carry out a similar procedure is useful to those people who:

  • have a sitting job or spend their free time in front of the computer,
  • experiencing regular increased load on the back,
  • undergoing rehabilitation after a back injury or osteochondrosis,
  • experience persistent headaches,
  • have chronic fatigue and sleep badly at night
  • feel stiffness of the back muscles during the day.

Such procedures are recommended not only for adults, but also for children. If carried out correctly, a positive result can be felt after the first session.

How to learn to massage your back? If a person has not previously encountered similar procedures, then it is best for him to observe the actions of a professional. After all, then it will be clear to the beginner, with what force to act on the back and what actions to perform.

Each session must be started and carried out correctly. Therefore, initially you need to know the features of a classic home massage.

The benefits of massage

Everyone can learn how to conduct such a procedure correctly. A homemade therapeutic massage will only benefit the body. It refers to an effective way to establish the work of certain organs. The following massage abilities are available:

  • improvement of blood circulation and the work of the heart, blood vessels,
  • acceleration of metabolic processes in tissues, which leads to regeneration and rejuvenation,
  • normal blood pressure
  • oxygen exchange is activated,
  • improves metabolism.

Massage helps reduce headaches and edema, improves blood and lymph circulation in the body. The procedure has its own characteristics, so it must be carried out accordingly.

How to make a therapeutic back massage? It is only beneficial if carried out effectively. After the massage, the back muscles relax, additional capillaries open, the elasticity and elasticity of the skin is improved.

With procedures aimed at the lumbar spine, there is not only a relaxing effect, but also a healing one.

The basic principles of massage include sliding your hands on your back in the direction of blood flow, and you must avoid the location of the lymph nodes.

General recommendations

The main rule, which in no case can not be broken - the spine itself can not be massaged. Do not rub, and especially do not push it. The area around the spine should be massaged, and not the ridge itself. Squeeze and use force is also not worth it on the back in the kidney area and between the shoulder blades. Only soft, calm movements of the masseur are relevant here.

Traditionally, massage includes the following techniques: rubbing, patting, stroking, tingling and kneading. The neck area needs to be rubbed and kneaded with stronger movements than the chest and lumbosacral regions. It is the cervical and brachial region that are the most stressed.

The golden rule of a massage therapist is to listen to the feelings of a person who is undergoing a medical procedure. It is necessary to make a massage as comfortable for the patient, with one condition - do not violate contraindications.

How to prepare for a massage

Before the procedure, you need to do a little preparation. To skin well perceived massage, you will need peeling. Before the procedure you need to take a shower. Aromatherapy has a good effect on the body, it allows you to relax and improve your mood.

For the massage you will need:

  • towel,
  • disposable underwear and bathrobe
  • oil and cream that does not cause allergies,
  • aroma sticks.

Many professional masseurs use essential oils. The fragrance of roses, patchouli and palmarosis is attributed to women's smells. For men use the essential oil of sandalwood. Be sure to use those tools that do not cause allergies.

What is useful back massage?

  • It improves blood circulation, which helps to cope with cardiovascular problems,
  • Cells and tissues get nutrients faster
  • The spinal muscles of the spinal muscles are gone,
  • New capillaries are revealed and cells containing oxygen come to life,
  • Blood pressure returns to normal
  • Disappears stress and nervous tension.

When performing a spinal massage at home, do not forget that even sparing techniques may have contraindications:

  • Dermatological infections,
  • Fungal diseases,
  • Vascular pathologies,
  • Injuries
  • Fever or fever
  • Exposure to alcohol and other drugs
  • Pressure problems
  • Kidney or liver failure
  • Allergies, swelling,
  • Oncology,
  • STDs

How to prepare

Before massage, thoroughly wash your hands. The palms should be lubricated with a special oil so that they slide well over the patient's skin. Apply the oil on your hands and rub them together a little. This will ensure a pleasant temperature for human skin.

The patient must take a comfortable position in which he can fully relax. There are two most popular massage poses.

  • Horizontal, on the stomach. The upper limbs are located along the body and lie palms up. Head on the side, better - in the direction of a specialist. The surface is better to pick a solid. Muscles should be as relaxed as possible.
  • The patient sits on a chair facing back. Hands in a relaxed position on the back, and the head rests on them. Under the head, you can put a pillow to feel more comfortable.

The spine has three sections: cervical, thoracic, lumbosacral. The cervical begins at the back of the head, ends at the top of the shoulder blades. Thoracic - from the shoulder blades to the lower edge. Lumbosacral - from the lower ribs to the tailbone. Any technique is first used around the belt, and then moves up to the neck. Always pay special attention and care to the cervical section. Massage usually lasts from half an hour to forty minutes.

A good massage therapist should always feel when his hands are working in a healthy and when in a more or less problematic area. Do not be alarmed if at the beginning of the practice you will feel badly the body of a person - in time this will come.


Session of almost any massage begins with stroking. It should remove the general stress from the muscles and nerve endings, prepare the body for a stronger effect. During these movements, the specialist holds his hands up and down the whole palm and in a circle around the shoulder blades.. It is permissible to combine weak, barely perceptible bottom-up movements with stronger top-down movements. Massaging the side surfaces, hands as if wrapped around them. Finishing a session is also worth stroking your back - it calms the nerves and returns the body to its normal state.

This technique is performed slowly and in the direction of the flow of lymph. The squeeze feature is quite deep. To enhance the effect, squeezing is applied with burdening - one palm is placed on the other, and processes in turn long, and then the broadest dorsal muscles.


Next, begin to rub the muscles of the back. Performing the technique, we move from the side to the center, to the ridge. The greatest attention is paid to the cervical region and shoulder girdle. During the reception we move the skin, affecting the muscles. On the long muscles begin to rub with the sacral area. Moving in a semicircle, they are working on the area of ​​the spinous processes up to the neck. Having reached the head, we begin in the same way to return to the sacrum. Repeat the process five or six times.

The widest muscles are "sawed" with both palms, their ulnar surface. We start, as always, with the lumbar. It is allowed to perform the technique with the fingers apart, this will make movements more gentle.

Sides are working on the radial side of the hand, moving from the pelvic bones to the armpits. Reaching the area between the ribs, rubbing from the spine to the side. Spreading his palms, as if with a rake, we strongly carry out the gaps between the ribs.

Paying attention to the inner edge of the shoulder blades, hands massaged lay behind his back, sending his elbows down. At the same time slightly raise the upper side of the shoulder, and rub the other. Between the scapular region and the spine, it is better to apply the most gentle option of rubbing - just your fingers. Using rubbing, we smoothly eliminate salt accumulations, puffiness and muscle spasms.


Then with both palms we stretch our backs, for the back we apply smooth movements with our hands from center to side. Left and right, we massaged separately, kneading each side in turn. To enhance the effect, one palm can be put on the other. Start with the long muscles. You can knead in the following ways:

  • One thumb. It presses the muscles to the bones and produces circular motions,
  • Two hands. You need to move your thumbs one by one on both sides of the back,
  • The cushions of all fingers except the thumb, making circular motions,
  • Phalanges of the whole palm, also moving in a circle.

After working long muscles, go to the broadest. Move from the ilium to the armpits. Take hold of the muscle, slightly pulling it off and moving in this position, again, in a circle. While flexing the muscles of the scapular region, place one arm under the shoulder joint and lift it slightly. Knead all surfaces of the joint in a circle. The kneading technique improves blood circulation, helps cells and tissues to get rid of accumulated metabolic products.

Slamming and vibrations

We will engage the palms, clapping on the patient's back, without affecting the bones and unprotected internal organs. Hands should be at this moment to act as springs, quickly, but without pain. This method of back massage at home is done with your fingertips. They move in a circle from the lumbar region to the neck. Reception aims to relieve muscle spasm and normalize metabolism. Improves blood circulation and muscle contraction.

Massage of the neck and collar area

How to make a competent massage in this area? A common problem here is salt clusters. If the patient can be given such a diagnosis, we will use the following scheme: deep enough we work on the scapular region, develop the shoulder girdle and neck. Any impact start by stroking. Then vigorously grind and knead intensively. Finishing a session, we make vibrations, we stroke.

Stroking, we act with straight grabbing movements across. Then we move in a circle and zigzags with the whole palm, edge of the palm, fingertips. Rubbing, "sawing" or arrange the fingers and "scrape" the desired area. It is also possible to rub with fists, exerting pressure with the base of the palm or thumbs. With great care, you can press down the area with your elbows.

We use squeezing technique with the help of a palm edge. It is rather difficult to carry out this technique in the neck-collar area because of the small area, therefore it is most convenient to squeeze with your fingertips.

The shoulder girdle is one of the most problematic areas, so the movements need deep, but unhurried and smooth. Work on the muscles attached directly to the vertebrae. After working the area completely, perform quick vibrations - tapping. All tricks must be used five to seven times in a row.

The condition of the neck and collar area of ​​the back will improve after three or four procedures, even if the patient has experienced some discomfort for the first two times. The mobility of the ridge increases, the feeling of heaviness in the shoulders disappears, sleep is normalized.

How to do massage

Massage relaxes, helps relieve stress and improves mood. A session of a proper back massage improves blood circulation in the muscles, which not only strengthens them, but also improves the metabolic processes in the cartilage tissues of intervertebral discs. And this is the best prevention of protrusion and hernia. Massage helps with back pain, even if your back hurts for a long time.

Massage eliminates muscle spasms, which will help to cope with chronic back pain. Due to the acceleration of blood flow strengthens the cardiovascular system. Blood pressure is stabilized.

Therapeutic massage of the back is based on the principle of movement along the paths of blood circulation and lymph flow. Back massage techniques involve movements from the lumbar region to the lymph nodes in the groin, from the chest area to the axillary, from the chest area to the clavicular. When doing all types of massage, you need to remember that a massage therapist works with muscles, not bones. Need to work out the subcutaneous muscles. And most importantly - never use the spine itself. Working with the spine is a manual therapist's specialty; in order to perform it, long training sessions and special education are necessary.

Massage preparation

First you need to lay the patient need on a hard surface. All massage rooms and salons are equipped with special massage tables. If you had to do spinal massage at home, you are unlikely to find a special massage couch. Therefore, it is desirable to choose the hardest place. As an option - lay a blanket on the floor.

Wash your hands thoroughly before you massage. Apply a special ointment or massage oil to make your hands slippery. Rub your hands lightly to keep your palms warm and the first touch to be pleasant.

When working with a patient, remember one of the main rules of massage - listen to the one whose back you are treating. If the patient experiences discomfort, try to understand where the source is. If the problem is that you are working too hard on your back, loosen the movement. If the patient has started to hurt something, and does not go away after you have stopped massaging, end the session.


A wellness back massage continues with kneading. Arrange hands like this: one brush to another. We process long muscles, then the broadest ones. But depending on the sensitivity of the patient and for solving various tasks, kneading is used in different ways:

  • Thumb. Press the muscles to the bone tissue under them, start to move in a circle from the bottom up,
  • The thumbs of both hands act on the back in turn from one side to the other,
  • On the back they drive with four fingers in a circle,
  • Drive all the fingers in a circle.

  • We also read: Technique of back massage at home.

Stretching the muscles along the spine, go to the broadest. We work along the lines, from the ilium to the armpits. Grasping the muscles, slightly pulling them and massaging in a circle.

Work with the lower thoracic department

Massaging from 7 to 12 thoracic vertebrae. All movements are performed from top to bottom and from the center to the sides:

  • Stroking,
  • Squeezing
  • Rubbing,
  • Kneading
  • We use the technique of light strokes and clapping.

Massaging this area for five minutes will be enough.If a therapeutic back massage is performed, work on this surface for a quarter of an hour. Please note that the 11 and 12 vertebrae are close to the kidneys, they cannot be strongly affected, otherwise pain may occur during a back massage.

Massage under the spatula

To apply rubbing on the inner scapular sides, place the hand massaged on the lower back and move your elbows closer to the surface. With one hand, lift the shoulder slightly and rub it with the other. In the area between the scapular region and the ridge, rub with pillows of fingers. While flexing your shoulder muscles, place one palm under your shoulder and lift it slightly. Do not forget about the shoulders - do kneading in a circle from all sides.

Study of the collar area

Impacts in the neck area and from 1 to 6 vertebrae of the chest are implied. It is necessary to act here less intensively than on the lower back and lower thoracic region. Massage of the thoracic spine and neck should be more benign. It is necessary to move, as usual, from the center to the sides and from the bottom up. With one important caveat - massage of the cervical spine is always performed from the top down. We perform standard strokes, squeezing, grinding and vibration (vibration can not be used above the sixth vertebra of the neck). Finish the massage of this area, shaking the skin with your fingers and stroking. Massage the neck area for a quarter of an hour.

Lumbar massage

To make a back massage in the lumbar, you only need to move from the center to the side. Stroking, squeezing, rubbing and kneading. Then we perform vibration and shock techniques. In the standard version, back massage in the lumbar region takes about five minutes. For therapeutic massage is better to spend twenty minutes.

By massaging around the coccyx, you can deeply flush the muscles, but going to the area where the internal organs are located, you need to proceed with caution.


A lot of good things can be said about massage: it relaxes, tones the tissues, strengthens muscles. But even if you know well how to massage your back, pay attention to the following contraindications:

  • Injured spine
  • Infectious and fungal dermatological diseases,
  • Cardiovascular pathologies,
  • The acute period of osteochondrosis, protrusion or hernia,
  • Inflammatory processes.

Back and neck massage - benefit and effectiveness

The back and neck are quite vulnerable and require special treatment areas of the body. Therefore, massage of these areas is the most common. It is recommended to make all people, especially those who have such a disease as osteochondrosis.

With proper use of massage benefit from him is huge:

  • relieves pain when pinched vertebrae
  • perfectly relaxes and has a well-pronounced sedative effect,
  • perfectly relieves fatigue and helps to relax at the end of a hard day's work,
  • restores skin elasticity and prevents its premature aging,
  • eliminates the symptoms of spinal curvature, removes excessive muscle tone and prevents the appearance of migraine,
  • boosts immunity
  • improves blood flow and helps fight back cellulite,
  • restores the tone of weak muscles
  • effective in combating salt deposition.

[box type = ”info”] Cervical massage is especially useful for people with sedentary work. Due to the lack of movement of the neck during the working day, there are pains in this area and a crunch in the joints. [/ Box]

Massage of the neck and collar zone relaxes muscles, relieves fatigue and insomnia, eliminates irritability, and soothes. Improves metabolic processes and blood flow. Suitable as a tonic against diseases of the spine and salt deposits.

Back massage at home

In order for the massage to be fun and useful, you must follow the simple instructions:

  1. To pick up the hardest bed that is at home. You can massage even on a regular table, it is important that it is large. But any surface must be covered with a clean sheet or blanket. Under the knees or head, you can put a roller or pillow. It all depends on how comfortable the patient is.
  2. In the room for massage should be warm, in any case not cold. You can turn on relaxing music, light candles or dim the lights. It is good to use aroma lamp with citrus or any pleasant smell. This will help to relax as much as possible.
  3. Wash your hands well with soap or use an antiseptic.
  4. Take massage oil, you can use baby oil or even plain olive, pre-boiled. Apply oil to your hands so that the massage is comfortable. Hands pound and warm.
  5. First you need to do a delicate massage. Stroking the back from the waist to the shoulder blades, all movements are soft and gentle. Strokes do all palm.
  6. Then put the palm edge and two hands hold in this way along the spine. Intensively carry on the back edge, then reduce pressure, and expand the palm. Simply put, fold the hands of the “boat” and lead her along the spine. But it is important not to overdo it, nor to be too pushy. If the patient complains of pain, it is better to reduce the intensity or stop it altogether.
  7. You need to put your hands on the sides of the patient, make light movements, as if capturing the skin.
  8. With your whole hand, massage your shoulders in a circular motion.
  9. Finger tips, slightly grabbing the skin, you need to massage the two parts of the back. Movement should not affect the spine, and not cause pain. On the shoulders, you can pinch more intensely.
  10. You can massage the shoulders longer, dotted, pinching, rubbing and stroking. After all, it is because of the lifestyle, constant sitting, shoulders hurt very much. It is precisely the discomfort in this part that complains the most.
  11. You can massage your upper back by clenching your hands into a fist. But the movements should not be strong, it is not necessary to put pressure on the spine, it is necessary to massage it over it, in the area of ​​the cervical region.
  12. Massage should be completed by stroking the entire back.

Massaging tools for yourself

Making yourself a back massage is quite difficult. But you can help yourself with pain and relax your back.

  1. To effectively massage your neck and neck, apply your arms around your neck.
  2. Start massaging, rubbing, pinching. Do this with the neck.
  3. And in order to massage your shoulders, clasp yourself with two hands over your shoulders and start massaging and pinching.
  4. It is also good to make circular turns around the neck, to tilt your head, often with a characteristic crunch.
  5. To massage your back, you need to put your hands in the sides, then clasp yourself and start massaging from the sides to the top of the back.
  6. Massaging the spine is not necessary - it is the prerogative of professional massage therapists. You can also, departing 4 centimeters from the spine, massage the back from the waist to the shoulder blades.

A good technique for massaging your back with balls or plastic bottles filled with warm water. To do this, lie on the floor and place a hard ball under your back, you can have a baby massage with spikes. But the size should be big enough. And rolling on the floor on the ball under your back, massage your back. Repeat for about 5 minutes. The same can be done with plastic bottles.

Massage your back with a towel. In movements similar to the way you wipe after a shower, massage your back. This is a good prevention, which does not require efforts and skills and can, in addition to relaxation, bring improvements in mood.

Rules of the procedure

How to learn to massage your back? It includes the following rules:

  1. The massage is performed in a supine position on a hard surface. Conveniently, if it is a special couch. On the surface where the massage is carried out, you should lay a clean cotton sheet.
  2. Wash hands thoroughly before the procedure. It is necessary to use not only soap, but also a disinfector. Acne may be present on the patient's body, which is injured during the procedure.
  3. To improve slip use special oils. If the massage is medical, then use healing creams.
  4. After the procedure, the patient needs warmth and peace. You need to take cover with a blanket and lie down in a relaxed position for at least 15 minutes.

Only after that you can get up and do the usual household chores.

Classic massage

Begin the procedure with a simple technique. How to learn to massage your back? This procedure is best carried out with pain in the back, which occurs due to over-tension of the back muscles, with chronic fatigue and headaches.

With regular massage you can relieve tension from the back, improve blood circulation and prevent the development of osteochondrosis in people with a sedentary lifestyle. The procedure has some subtleties.

How to massage your back? Photos on this topic are presented in this material. The classic technique is as follows:

  1. Initially perform stroking actions. With them, the session begins and ends. Strokes disperse the blood flow, warm up the muscles and prepare the body for further procedures. Manipulations are carried out along the spine, and then from it in different directions in the form of a Christmas tree. First, the actions are light, then their intensity and pressure increases.
  2. Grinding is performed from the sides to the spine and back. Manipulations are done by the edge of the palm, but the pressure should not be strong, so as not to cause pain. Rub to the need to fully warm the back. Redness of the skin means that the massage is performed correctly.
  3. The most intense part is kneading. This is done with two hands, you need to grab a thin fold in the spine and move it to the side. Each half of the back is processed separately. The duration of the manipulation is 10-15 minutes.
  4. Claps are made bent in the form of a spoon with palms. They are carried out only on the muscles, excluding the spine, kidneys and shoulders. Hands need to move sharply, but that massage does not cause pain.
  5. Then, vibrating manipulations are carried out from the back of the head to the spine. They should not bring pain to the patient.
  6. It is necessary to finish the massage with stroking actions. This is done first intensively, then the pace slows down. After the end of the massage, the patient must lie under the covers for 15 minutes.

How to learn to do back massage at home? Having mastered, a person can easily do it. If stiffness in the back is observed after sleep, then massage is done in the morning. And when the pain appears in the evening, then before bedtime.


Such manipulations are carried out carefully, they are made after the removal of an aggravation attack. How to make a therapeutic back massage? It is carried out in the absence of contraindications and problems with the musculoskeletal system.

The procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Manipulations are performed on a hard surface.
  2. Hands thoroughly washed and warmed.
  3. Massage is carried out with the use of oil or cream.
  4. The process begins with light effects. Movement is directed from the shoulders towards the waist. Slides should be intense, but at the same time soft. When massaging the thoracic, no special effort should be made.
  5. The edges of the palms spend on the spinal column, with little effort when smoothing the shoulder area.
  6. Then they move their hands to their sides and carry out exciting techniques from below and up.
  7. In a circular motion, knead the shoulder area without any special effort.
  8. When the entire back is crushed, go to a deeper impact. They move from the bottom up, grabbing the skin folds with their fingers. Such manipulations are carried out on each side of the back separately.
  9. The massage time of the cervical spine should be increased, because this part of the back suffers during sedentary work.
  10. The procedure ends with light pats of the tips of the fingers on the back.

Manipulations are carried out within an hour, following the necessary rules and recommendations.

How to massage the back of a man?

Any person will not refuse such procedure, both the woman, and the man.

How to learn to massage the back of a guy? The procedure is carried out in several stages:

  1. Before the massage they create a pleasant atmosphere. Light aroma lamp with such aromas: sandalwood, jasmine, orange.
  2. Massage is carried out on a hard surface. You must first wash your hands. Apply cream or ointment to manipulation.
  3. Begin with the loins, gradually rising up. This will remove the pain.
  4. Then you need to go to the back of the head, stretch the upper part of the shoulders. Work should not fingers, and all palm.
  5. Finish the procedure with stroking movements.

It is easy to learn how to massage the back of a man; it just requires mastering the correct manipulations. It is held for half an hour, usually at night.

Baby Massage Technique

The child also needs such manipulations. Back massage for children includes the following steps:

  1. Initially, do strokes from the bottom up for each side of the back separately.
  2. Carefully press down with the fist, avoiding the spinal area.
  3. The following manipulations are stroking.
  4. Then there are tapping and tingling fingers.
  5. Ends massage light stroking.

Through the massage, adults bring great benefits to the child’s body.

Back massage for women

Manipulations do not differ from those that make men. There are several features of massage in women:

  • The procedure is individual for each woman, especially during the menstrual cycle. Some poorly tolerate back massage during this period.
  • If the discharge is not intense, then the manipulations will not be dangerous. Massage and its duration will depend on this.
  • During pregnancy, women should not abuse the procedure, especially during the first trimester. Massaging areas such as the sacrum or tailbone can lead to spontaneous miscarriage.

Therefore, before you do a back massage to a woman, you should clarify whether there are any restrictions for its implementation.

Muscles of the back: a little anatomy

The most powerful and large muscles in the human body are on the back and legs. We will not go into unnecessary anatomical details - we will tell only the theory that is necessary for the proper execution of the massage.

On the back is a huge number of muscles, each of which works at its own angle. Spinal muscles are divided into superficial, with two layers, and deep. In order to use all the layers of muscles, during the massage they need to be carefully and deeply worked through.

1. Trapezius muscle - wide and flat muscle of a triangular shape. Located in the upper back. With the reduction of all bundles of this muscle, the scapula approaches the spine, while the upper bundles contract, the scapula rises, the lower ones descend. Contracted on the one hand, the trapezius muscle tilts the head in this direction, and when contracted on both sides, these muscles deflect the head back. Trapezius muscles are important for the formation of correct posture.

2. The broadest muscle - superficial muscle, which occupies the entire lower back. Its upper beams come under the lower part of the trapezius muscle. The main function of this muscle is to bring the shoulder to the body and move the arm back to the center line, with rotation inward. If the hand is in a fixed position, the latissimus muscle brings the body closer to it, and also expands the chest when breathing. This makes it an auxiliary respiratory muscle.

3. Diamond-shaped muscles - diamond-shaped plates under trapezius muscles. By contracting, the rhomboid muscle pulls the scapula upward and toward the spinal column, and also fixes the inner edge of the scapula in position to the rib cage.

4. Straightener back - the strongest and longest muscle of the back, located along the spine - from the base of the skull to the sacrum. The muscle that straightens the spine is divided into 3 large sections: the spine-costal, the longest and spinous. Its function is the extension of the spinal column and its fixation. The muscle straightener of the back is very important for maintaining correct posture. In the process of the extension of the spine, other, smaller muscles are also involved, which develop during flexing, bending, and raising the arms and body.

5. Big round muscle - the muscle lying under the broadest. It is intended for lowering the raised arm and extending the arms down and back. Exercise of a large round muscle allows you to expand your back at the top.

Drawings of the muscular system of the back

In the pictures you can clearly see that the muscular corset of the back is a multitude of muscles, which are arranged in several layers. Some muscles are under the other, and under them in turn, the following. Therefore, making massage this area, you should carefully massage each area to get even to the deepest muscles.

Click to enlarge.

The importance of massage for the back

Everyone knows that the health of the body depends on the health of the spine. And the spine and the condition of the spinal muscles are inextricably linked. Many diseases of the spine are caused by spasms of interstitial, lumbar and lateral muscles of the back. Such spasms can last for several years, which leads to blockade of the muscles of the vertebral discs. In this case, the real cause of the blockade is precisely muscle spasm, and not bone growth of the vertebrae or dystrophy of the intervertebral discs.

The back muscles can be in a tense state all day. Improper posture, acquired due to a sedentary lifestyle, leads to a weakening of the muscles, and this, in turn, entails excessive tension and rapid fatigue. Back pains, which can be debilitating and painful, limit mobility and impair the quality of life. It is important to remember that the spine is a tough and reliable construction that can serve at least 70 years without fail. At the same time, it is the back that gives us extra years and deprives many everyday pleasures. And the main reason for this is the state of the muscles.

Anything can cause an overstrain of the spinal muscles and the subsequent blockade of the disc: hypothermia, a postponed disease, an unsuccessful turn, or excessive bending of the body. It is also dangerous to have a long static tension in the back, which occurs when carrying the bag on one shoulder all the time and also being in an uncomfortable position for a long time (for example, when working at a computer).

Another common problem is pain in the lumbar region. As a rule, it is caused by the same muscle spasms. The appearance of such pain is preceded by an overstrain of the spinal muscles, after which, unexpectedly, as they say, "shoots in the back." Low back pain can shift to the buttocks, thighs and legs, significantly reducing body mobility.

Often, back pain is associated with inflammation of the nerve root caused by its compression. Compression of the spine occurs from the displacement of the intervertebral disc. This pain is very severe and extends to the legs and pelvic area.

Massage will help to get rid of the problems associated with excessive tension of the back muscles. Regular back massage is an excellent method of treatment and prevention of poor posture and diseases caused by muscle spasms.

Massage at home

The method of conducting massage at home remains the same. Pay special attention to the workplace. The surface of the bed or couch on which the patient rests should be smooth and firm. If there are no other options, even the floor will do. It is recommended to put a small flat pillow or patient's hands under the head. A small pad or cushion is also placed under the lower legs. In order to achieve complete relaxation, the room should be warm enough.

Massage oil can be purchased at the store or you can prepare yourself from a mixture of natural aromatic oils. The advantage of organic oils is that they do not have chemical additives and artificial flavors. The most suitable massage oils are coconut, sesame, almond, grape seed oil and avocado.

To relieve muscle spasm requires at least four sessions of massage. The ideal option is to stretch four sessions for two weeks, giving the muscles enough time to recover. As a rule, relief comes after two sessions. If the spasm is not relieved, try a massage using a different technique.

Basic rules for back massage

Let's look at some important points that should be considered in this massage.

  1. Massage movements are performed upwards from the sacral area.
  2. The upward movement is done by the inside of the palms, the downward movement by the back side.
  3. For people with increased nervous excitability, as well as the elderly, deep and strong methods of influencing the muscles are undesirable.
  4. Hands of the massage therapist should be as warm and relaxed as possible.
  5. The duration of the first massage is 15 minutes. In the future, the duration of the session is determined based on the volume of the body, the age and state of health of the patient.
  6. During the procedure, it is not recommended to remove hands from the patient's body, interrupting tactile contact.
  7. A massage should end with a stroke of the back.
  8. Rubbing and stroking should alternate - this allows the muscles involved to rest and relax.
  9. During the massage, the rhythm of the movements is very important.
  10. The rubbing is done on both sides of the spine, using two hands. Movements are made in the direction of the long spinal muscles.
  11. You can not perform tapping and patting in the lumbar region. Between the shoulder blades, these techniques must be performed with caution.
  12. When performing the "vibration" alternate clapping and tapping movements.
  13. Deep kneading is performed as follows - the muscles are captured and kneaded between the thumb and the rest of the fingers.
  14. A session begins with a light stroking and ends with a more intense exposure.

Classic Massage Technique

1. Start by stroking and rubbing.

Apply some oil to the entire back and make smooth stroking movements all over the back. Your main task now is to apply butter and warm your back a little. Move from the waist up along the back, as well as from the spine to the side.

2. squeezing. Now you need to increase the pressure a little. To do this, focus not on the whole palm (as in the previous exercise), but on its base (palm of the hand). Make deep squeezing movements along the spine upward with the base of the palm. And also at the bottom above and slightly obliquely to the sides.

Types of massage

To properly massage the back and neck, it is worth finding out what the purpose of this procedure. Depending on this emit back massage types:

  1. Medical - applied when available diseases of the spine and cardiovascular systemeliminates swelling,
  2. Relaxing - the most common type of massage. WITHeliminates muscle tension, increases blood flow, boosts the body's immune system and improves skin condition,
  3. Reflex - has a pronounced analgesic properties. It is used to improve the work of the internal organs with the help of the impact of the massage therapist on special points of the back, which are interrelated with them.
  4. Sports - designed primarily for athletes. Heldafter or before the competitionto relieve muscle tension or relieve fatigue. Increases stamina and has the desired effect. It happens preliminary, training and restoring.
  5. Cosmeticanti-cellulite, improves skin condition.

Types of massage in the neck area:

  1. Classical- includes standard massage techniques: stroking, kneading, rubbing, squeezing, vibration,
  2. Relaxing- used to relieve muscle spasms,
  3. Dot- local effects on the acupuncture points on the neck, responsible for internal organs,
  4. Cosmetic- used to get rid of fat deposits in the cervical-collar area, improve skin condition, restore its elasticity,
  5. Wellness or healing - used in various diseases of the cervical spine, salt deposition.

Massage for beginners

Many people want to carry out this procedure themselves, but do not know how. Properly massage the back and neck is easy. To achieve a certain result, it is enough to use the standard massage technique. It includes techniques:

  1. Stroking - usually the session begins with this movement. In this way, prepare the skin for a more active impact on it. Stroking is carried out with the whole palm across the surface of the back across and along, around the shoulder blades. Light movements should be combined with more intense.
  2. Trituration - movements are made from the side of the back to its center. Special importance is given to the area of ​​the shoulders and neck. It is this reception serves as a good tool in the fight against salt deposition.
  3. Kneading - is the seizure of the folds of the skin with his hands. Movements are carried out from the spine to the sides of the back. Reception is held for each of its sides in turn. is hegood effect on the state of the heart and vascular system, increases blood circulation.
  4. Pats - held with two hands exclusively on the muscles. Movement is short and springy. The procedure should not be painful. She is promotes good muscle contraction, improves blood flow.
  5. Vibration - from the lumbar region to the neck area, circular rhythmic movements are performed with the tips of the fingers, which promotes gradual muscle relaxation.

Back massage should be finished with soft pressure. They are best carried out rhythmically, accentuating the movements of the hands in more intense and painful places.

Massage of the neck and collar zone includes approximately the same techniques. But their technique has some differences:

Technique of back massage

  1. The massage begins with stroking the middle part of the neck and neck areathen goes to the side. The hand of the massage therapist should be positioned so that in the middle of the neck the stroking is done with the thumb and the rest on the sides. Movement should be continuous, slow and rhythmic.
  2. The following technique is called "squeezing." Its essence is to provide a certainpressure on the cervical spine. The brush is set to the side of the spine on the neck line from the side of the hairline. The movements are carried out from top to bottom to the shoulder and the deltoid muscle.
  3. Kneading- the longest reception. Here it is necessary to capture the muscles with palms on both sides of the spinal column. Thus to make movements towards the back, then to the shoulder joint. All actions should be carried out slowly and painlessly. They can also be carried out with the tips of the thumbs, massaging the muscle in circular motions.
  4. Trituration- its essence consists in energetic stretching and displacement of the skin. This technique is best done alternately with two hands.
  5. Vibrationperformed by oscillating movements of the entire surface of the palms or fingertips. Reception can be intermittent or without tearing hands from the body.

Stages of neck massage

How to do massage of the neck and neck area? First, the duration of this procedure for osteochondrosis should be about 20 minutes. Secondly, massaging can be carried out both in a lying, and in a sitting position.

  • After preparing for the session, at the very beginning of the procedure, it is necessary to hold easy stroking neck.
  • Then warm the lateral neck muscles. rubbing , gradually moving to the shoulder area.
  • Conduct kneading muscles in the neck and neck area. The procedure is carried out circular movements whole palm and thumbs. It should be usually painless.

[box type = "warning"]Exposure of the spinal column should be avoided.[/ box]

  • Session ends light pats and strokes .

There are many techniques for massaging the cervical spine. It all depends on the severity of the disease and its type. Ordinary massage is carried out, based on the classical techniques described above.

Independent neck massage

A back massage is always required by another person, and a neck massage is easy to make yourself. The main thing is to correctly follow all the recommendations to ensure that the procedure is effective.

  1. Convenient to start with sit down, remove hair, warm your palms massage oil.
  2. Slightly lower chin and start the procedure with strokingfrom hairline to shoulder area.
  3. Then should commit circular rotational motion fingertips in the neck. They can be alternated with more intense strokes.
  4. Along the spine to produce easy tingling skin.
  5. Lift chin and do stroking movements in the larynx area.
  6. To commit circular motions below from collarbone to chin index and thumb. Make stroking movements with palms and repeat the procedure again. This stage can be from 5 to 10 minutes.
  7. Complete the procedure you need soft strokes the entire surface of the palm.

Regular self-massage of the neck helps to avoid lethargy and flabby muscles. It tones, relieves fatigue and improves well-being.

Features of the baby massage

Some children need a massage from the earliest age, both on the back and on the neck. It is right to do it painlessly, so as not to cause fear in the child.

Baby massage usually can be curative, toning and relaxing . Relaxing is characterized by a more gentle, calm impact. Toning massage involves more intensive use of all the basic techniques.

At home, very often they make children's entertaining massage, which is performed under a funny rhyme. Children usually like it a lot. This is both a game and a useful procedure. Example of a baby massage:

  1. "Rails, rails, sleepers, sleepers" - alternately, transverse and longitudinal lines are drawn along the back,
  2. "The train is coming late" - to hold the tips of the fingers of one hand along the spinal column from the bottom up, imitating the train. Movement should be soft, stroking.
  3. “Peas crumble from the last carriage” - fingertips massaged the entire back,
  4. "Chickens came pecked" - soft "pecking" with your fingertips on the back,
  5. "The geese came nibbled" - easy tingling,
  6. "The elephant has come has trodden" - soft pressing fists all over the back,
  7. "Behind him a little elephant ran" - fast chaotic pressing with knuckles,
  8. "A squirrel came running and swept everything with her tail" - finishing stroking back palms.

Learn how to massage the back and neck more than ever by the way at any age. Proper use of it will be of great benefit to the body, will bring muscles to tone, relieve fatigue and relieve from many diseases.

How to do a massage the back and neck, you can more clearly learn from the training video.

Back massage - performance rules

  • Do not forget about hygiene, and therefore before the procedure, you must wash your hands with warm water. Be sure to use a cream or massage oil.
  • It is more expedient to start massaging the back with the region of the sacrum, and then smoothly move higher.
  • Massage always start with a light stroking. Both circular and backward movements are permissible. Gradually, you should massage a little more actively, applying more and more force.

The most basic rule that should always be followed when performing a massage is not to press, not to rub the spine directly. It is necessary to massage strictly only the area along the spine and nothing else. Also, experts do not recommend strongly pressing or patting the area on the back in the kidney area, and there is no need to apply maximum force between the shoulder blades. In these zones, you can only gently massage gently.

During a back massage, the following methods are permissible: rubbing, patting, stroking, tingling and kneading. It should be noted that throughout the procedure, the masseur skillfully alternates the above-mentioned techniques.

It is important to know that the neck and shoulders need to be rubbed and kneaded, applying a little more force than massaging the muscles in the lower back. After all, it is the neck and shoulders of the day that are subjected to greater tension.

Another rule that must be observed is to take into account the wishes and condition of the person who has entrusted his back to you. If you are asked to massage a little stronger, then you can increase slightly the force of pressure, though if it does not contradict the basic rules, that is, it does not harm health.

How to do back massage

It is more expedient to start a full body massage from the back. Since it is least sensitive to influences from the outside than the chest and abdomen. It is no secret to anyone that there is a huge amount of muscles on blue that are tense. The most vulnerable zones are the shoulder and lower back area.

Back massage can be done both from the top down and from the bottom up. On the back, with massage movements, long, wide and trapezius muscles are worked out.

The person who is being massaged should lie on his stomach, and his hands should be along the body. As noted above, massage should begin with stroking. Gradually need to add strength. Movement is performed strictly from the sacrum up to the supraclavicular fossae. One hand should move the thumb forward, on the other hand in front there should be a little finger.

We can distinguish the following basic techniques used for back massage:

  1. straightforward, rubbing fingers with force,
  2. rubbing around with thumb pads,
  3. circular rubbing - pads of all fingers of one hand using force,
  4. concentric rubbing - the thumb and forefinger work,
  5. rubbing the phalanxes of bent fingers, and, moreover, it can be lightly massaged, and maybe with the use of force.

During the massage, the broad back muscles are recommended to knead with the base of the palm. And when massaging long muscles stretching from the sacrum and up to the nape, it is best to use deep linear stroking with the thumbs of two hands from the bottom up. The area of ​​the neck, upper and middle part of the back - massage should be in accordance with the direction of the muscle fibers. Rubbing along the spine can only be circular movements with finger pads or phalanxes of bent fingers.

Back massage - photo instruction

We offer you a photo instruction or manual on how to properly massage your back.

  • Put your hands on the back of the person to be massaged. The right hand should be on the waist, and the left hand between the shoulder blades.
  • Slide your right hand gently to the person's left buttock, while the left hand should remain in the same area. With soft enough movements, with minimal use of force, begin to massage, while you need to slightly shake the entire body.
  • Slowly, move your left hand to your right.
  • Shaking the whole body, slowly, iron the whole back with your left hand, starting from the left side.
  • Talk to the person you are massaging to find out if he feels comfortable.
  • Put your hands on your lower back. Smooth movements rise to the neck.
  • Then, also smoothly go back to the waist. Repeat this several times.
  • When the entire back is oiled, starting from the waist, with wide circular massaging movements, proceed to rubbing with the use of minimal force. Slowly move to the area of ​​the blades. Reaching the shoulders - stroking, get down again to the waist.
  • Lower the right arm in the lumbar region on the spine, put the left one on top - thus slightly pressing, move towards the neck.
  • The middle and index fingers must be pressed on both sides of the spine. Thus, you need to go down again to the waist.
  • Using both palms, massage both sides from the buttocks to the neck alternately.
  • Put two palms side by side on the back, resting only with the base of the palm and with quick, rhythmic movements begin to warm up the muscles, in the direction from the buttocks to the shoulders. Similarly, go down to the starting position.
  • Two hands, using force, massage the muscles of the buttocks and the lower back.
  • With thumbs, mash the skin along the spine. And then in the area of ​​the shoulder blades.
  • Close your palms and lower your hands in the middle of your back.
  • Slowly, gently unfold the arms of the person to whom you are massaging your back, palms down.
  • Press firmly enough to the palms of both hands and massage so hard that the skin gathers in folds. Shifting one hand a little forward, do not forget to slightly pull the second back.
  • We start kneading the shoulder and neck muscles. In these zones, you can safely apply more force.
  • With your left hand, take your partner’s left hand under your elbow, and grab his hand with your right hand. Start gently, without hurting, and place it on the lower back. The palm should look up.
  • Place your left hand under his left shoulder. Closing the fingers of your right hand, do circular rubbing in the left upper back. Particular attention should be paid to the area between the spine and scapula.
  • Massage the whole scapula with pinching movements.
  • Do all of the above on the right.
  • Squeeze the fists lightly and “drum” them over the entire surface of the buttocks.
  • Sideways palms in a fast, rhythmic pace, lightly tap on the buttocks.
  • Put your hands together with handfuls and lightly pat them, starting with the buttocks and ending with the upper part of the neck.
  • Back of the palm pat on the right side of the torso.
  • Gently place both of your palms along the spine, with your fingers pointing straight down. Gently, but at the same time with pressure, run your hands several times along the back.
  • Swipe across the entire area of ​​the back and go down again to the lower back. Do this several times.
  • Put your hands on your upper back. Bring them together, and with exciting movements massage the neck muscles. All fingers, in this case, should move towards the collarbone.
  • And now slightly pressing down, massage well the cervical vertebrae.
  • Then you need to put your hands a little below the shoulders, on either side of the spine. And massage with circular movements "from the center." Gradually, continuing to massage, get down to the lower back.
  • At the same pace you need to reach the buttocks. Do not forget to rub the sides. Then we return with stroking movements to the neck.
  • In the area of ​​the shoulder blades, pressing on the back, massage both sides of the spine. Grab and neck.
  • Thumb pads, making small small circular movements from the spine to the side, walk across the back, starting from the neck, ending with the loin. The greatest force must be applied in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, and at the waist - the least.
  • Place your palms firmly on the shoulder blades. Alternately acting with his left or right hand, in a circular motion, while it is necessary to slightly press, go through the entire surface of the back. And do not forget to grab the buttocks.
  • Widely spread your fingers and hands, lightly pressing pads on the skin. knock all over your back. Finally, pat the entire surface of the back several times.

Watch the video: Deep Tissue Massage : How to Give a Deep Tissue Lower Back Massage (April 2020).