Spinal hernia

How to treat a lumbar spine hernia

The rupture of the fibrous intervertebral ring in the lumbar region is accompanied by the release of its gel-like wall, which pinches the nerve endings. This causes a hernia, which can cause one or two legs to fail and the patient’s disability. At the initial stage, the disease is treated with drug and folk methods, but advanced cases require surgical intervention.

Bad habits and hernia

Patients with a rupture of the intervertebral ring will have to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Nicotine clogs blood vessels, leading to oxygen starvation and impaired blood circulation. Alcohol poisons and weakens the body, impairs the functioning of the liver and other digestive organs. Intervertebral discs, because of their bad habits, receive less nutrients than necessary, and therefore slow down the regeneration and renewal of bone and soft tissues.

Lumbar pathologies appear due to the abuse of coffee and black tea. Green, by contrast, is useful because it contains antioxidants, but in moderation.

Patients with hernia recommended therapeutic exercise. Loads develop spinal flexibility and strengthen the back muscles. You can not sit for days on the couch or lie in bed, but weightlifting is contraindicated. With a hernia, it is forbidden to lift not only the barbell, but also packages with products that weigh more than 2-3 kg.

Physical therapy combined with medical treatment and proper nutrition. Only an integrated approach will relieve pain, inflammation and back problems. Patients who refuse to follow the instructions of the doctor, fall on the operating table.

NSAIDs, injections and ointments

Why is there a pain in the intervertebral hernia and it gives to the lower extremities? Blame the pinched nerves and inflammation. If the first cope with physical education and massage, then the second is eliminated with non-steroid drugs containing hormones and painkillers.

The new generation of NSAIDs is less harmful to the stomach and is suitable for long-term use, but has many contraindications and side effects. Only a specialist who takes into account the patient's state of health and neglect of the disease should select injections and pills.

Damaged soft tissue and nerve fibers restore biogenic stimulants:

  • Fibs
  • Pentoxifylline,
  • Aloe extract,
  • Emoxipin,
  • Clopidogrel.

Glucosamine or Chondroitin Sulfate contributes to the regeneration of damaged cartilage. Chondroprotectors and stimulants are supplemented with preparations containing enzymes. They are needed to improve metabolic processes in the body and damaged tissues.

Inflammation accompanied by pain syndrome removes the B vitamins. Substances are found in the liver, egg yolks and fish, but sometimes experts prescribe chemist's complexes. For hernia, vitamin E and ascorbic acid are beneficial, as well as retinol. Components activate the regeneration of soft and bone tissues, remove edema and inflammation.

Bundles and intervertebral discs strengthens vitamin D, which is combined with calcium.

Among the painkillers emit:

They effectively eliminate pain, but are contraindicated for drivers and representatives of other professions where concentration and high concentration of attention are required.

The drug Phenylbutazone, which belongs to the group of painkillers, is incompatible with salt. Ketorolac is forbidden to combine with alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and cigars.

Powerful NSAIDs:

  • Meloxicam
  • Diclofenac,
  • Movalis,
  • Piroxicam,
  • COX-2 inhibitors,
  • Celebrex.

Some products do not sell without a prescription. Analgesics and nonsteroidal drugs are taken by courses, they must take a break so as not to overload the digestive organs and kidneys.

If a patient with an intervertebral lumbar hernia is worried about muscle spasms, relaxants are prescribed:

Pain syndrome and antidepressants are removed, which block the nerve endings, remove anxiety and anxiety, normalize sleep. Full rest is important for the rapid recovery of soft and cartilage tissue.

It is recommended to combine electrophoresis and Karipazim with Pentoxifylline. It is available as a gel or ointment for external use. The tool is applied to the area of ​​the hernia, and then treat the inflamed area with an electric current. The procedure is practically painless, because the specialist puts the device to its minimum capacity.

The current contributes to better absorption of the ointment, which breaks down dead tissues and removes them with excess fluid. The edema disappears in just a few procedures along with pain. But electrophoresis is carried out only by a doctor, not by folk healers or healers.

NSAIDs are produced in the form of tablets or powders, as well as solutions for intramuscular injections. There are also epidural injections, when the medicine is injected directly into the hernia with a thin needle.

Drugs are combined with traditional methods. Products from natural ingredients are inferior to synthetic options, but are suitable for long-term use.

Compresses and tinctures for a healthy back

Intervertebral hernia is treated with dried papaya fruits. The pieces of fruit, crushed into powder, are eaten on an empty stomach three times a day. At one reception, use a tablespoon of ground fruits, washed down with warm water.

Fresh papaya is also useful. Once a week, buy ripe fruit on the market and eat instead of a second breakfast or snack.

Treatment with exotic fruits combined with compresses of horse fat. Means smeared on a piece of gauze or immediately on the lower back, top cover with cling film and a woolen scarf. Compress set at night, and removed in the morning. Discomfort in the lumbar region usually disappears 1.5–2 hours after applying horse oil.

Honey massage
Inflamed area of ​​the back knead gently so as not to injure the pinched nerve endings. Loin smeared with fir oil. The product is rubbed for 3-4 minutes with stroking movements, then a layer of honey mixed with mummy is applied. Per 100 g of the sweet component will need 1 g of pharmaceutical powder diluted with water to a liquid state.

Slipping movements knead the lower back. Skin treated with honey should stick to the palms. The patient will be slightly unpleasant, but then relief will come. The remains of honey means wash off with warm water. Infusion of sabelnik, garlic or any warming ointment is applied on the inflamed area, wrap a sore spot with a fluffy scarf.

You can treat the lower back horse fat, and instead of fir oil to use birch, from the flowers of Hypericum or a series.

Garlic and cinnamon remedy
Peel 300 g of garlic, skip ready slices through a meat grinder. Transfer the mass into a glass jar, mix with 100 ml of diluted ethyl alcohol or vodka. Stir with a wooden spoon, cork and store in the closet for 10 days.

Soak gauze in garlic tincture, apply to the lower back before going to bed.

The remedy is prepared from the roots of sabelnik and devyasila. Grind to 100 g of each component. Put the seeds of the steppe hemlock and clover grass into the mass. Take 120-150 g of herbal ingredients.

Connect the mixture with a liter of vodka, keep on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for 3 weeks. You can put a tin of tincture under the bed or wardrobe. The main thing that the workpiece does not fall into the sun. Periodically shake the vegetable mass, and after 3 weeks to separate the alcohol from the meal. First, the infusion is rubbed into the patient's back, and then a warming ointment.

Cream for pain and inflammation
Put 200 g of pork fat in an enamel bowl or mug. The component is prepared from unsalted lard, which is fried over low heat. Add 90–100 g of Althea root powder to the container.

Boil the ointment for 20 minutes, then reduce the heat and fill the lard with 100 g of grated beeswax. Stew for 2 minutes, then strain through cheesecloth into a glass jar. When the mass becomes thick, it is removed in the refrigerator. Rub the ointment into the inflamed area, then wrap the scarf around the lower back.

It is useful for intervertebral hernia to take a bath with a decoction of flax seeds. Once you need 0.5 kg of vegetable raw materials and 3 liters of boiling water. Connect the components, strain after 3 hours, add to bathing water.

All unconventional methods must be approved by a doctor. Before using any herbal remedies, they test for allergies, and then rub ointments or apply compresses.

Healing Physical Education

Charging is done by patients undergoing medical treatment, and patients undergoing surgery. The main task is to restore the mobility of the spine and remove uncomfortable sensations. It is advisable to carry out light warm-up to prepare the body for exercise, and then proceed to the implementation of the complex.

  1. Lean your back against the wall, lean against it with the buttocks, the back of the head and the shoulder blades. Move up to the hard surface of the foot. Maximum relax the muscles. Stand 60 seconds, gradually increase the duration of the exercise up to 5 minutes.
  2. Move to the floor, take a recumbent position. Keep your hands on your stomach or floor. Heels rest on the floor, bent knees look at the ceiling. Without separating the legs, tilt them to the right, count to 5. Returning to the starting position, move the closed knees to the left. Hold for 5 seconds.

Patients who do not have pain, it is recommended daily to pose in the "Bridge". First lie on your back, then rest your palms and heels on the ground and lift the body. To arch the abdomen, and with the head try to reach the buttocks. Measure for 2-3 seconds, gently lower the body to the ground.

Drugs and charging will ease the patient's condition in case of an intervertebral hernia, pain and inflammation will be removed. Massage and electrophoresis will restore the function of the spine, and folk remedies will fix the result. But if the pills and compresses did not cope with the problem, do not be afraid of the operation.

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