Spinal hernia

Secrets of spinal hernia

I was only nineteen years old when one morning I could not get out of bed normally. I do not do hard physical labor. Not an athlete. Gravity never lifted. My back sometimes hurt in the morning, but I did not attach any importance to this. Pain relieves taking pain pills, but seriously on this issue never thought.

And here early in the morning a crazy pain. Neither turn nor move foot. Parents had to call an ambulance. The doctor made an injection and advised him to visit a neurologist. As soon as the pain was relieved a little, she immediately went to the doctor. He sent for an MRI and made a disappointing diagnosis - spinal hernia.

Of all the methods of treatment, he recommended only operational. And most importantly, what the neurologist warned me about, a real “jeweler” should perform the operation. Otherwise there may be damage to the spinal cord and this will lead to partial paralysis.

I, of course, was terrified. Imagine, I'm only 19 years old and such a diagnosis, and even worse, a forecast for the future. My parents were exactly the same condition. The only daughter has such a difficult and terrible diagnosis.

A friend of my parents advised to consult an energy therapist. This specialist really helped her son with the same problem.

At the consultation, the energy therapist warned that it would not be possible to cure the spinal hernia at once. Therapy should be comprehensive and long enough. I had to undergo a course of physiotherapy, acupuncture, hirudotherapy. And also every day to carry out a special complex of physical therapy.

The most unpleasant in the treatment process for me were leeches. Horrible creatures. I can not say that the procedure was painful, I just have antipathy to them since childhood, but this is purely personal. For the sake of recovery and patience.

I underwent a monthly treatment for hernia of the spine with a power therapist and went for a control examination by a neurologist. The MRI results stunned my doctor. Of the eight previously diagnosed, I have only three left. Progress from treatment at the energy therapist was on the face. My neurologist said that the difference in the MRI results obtained was due to the fact that the examination was performed on two different devices. But I think that way he wanted to belittle the achievements of another doctor. Moreover, he himself could offer nothing else but a rather dangerous operation.

A few weeks later I was again treated by an energy therapist. Besides remedial gymnastics, leeches and massage, I pierced a vitamin complex, took gelatin. Actively used cream Hondroksid.

After three months of such a complex treatment, my vertebral hernia disappeared along with back pain.

Treatment of spinal hernia ointments and exercises Margarita, 27 years

I have long suffered from severe back pain. I thought sciatica. However, the true reason turned out to be worse - a hernia of the spine with protrusion. I could not walk on my own. My legs began to be taken away. Ahead loomed disability and bedridden. I was terribly worried. Withdrawed herself and her husband. Well at that time I did not have children.

The attending physician recommended an MRI to make an accurate diagnosis. After that, he proposed two solutions to this problem. The first is an operation that does not give a 100% result. In addition, the likelihood of spinal cord injury, which leads to paralysis of the lower extremities, is high.

The second option is more difficult and painful. It consists of two main stages:

    Removal of inflammation with the help of drug therapy. These include intake of tableted preparations, injections (Milgamma, vitamins B6 and B12), local use of ointments (Zivokost, Sabelnik). Well helps cream "cedar resin." It is based on aconite.

  • Physiotherapy. If the inflammatory process was strong, then you should not burden your body immediately after its removal. It is worth starting the exercises 20 days after the cessation of pain. It is necessary to begin with simple movements. This can be walking on the spot, shallow squats, raising the legs with flexion in the knees, leaning to the right and left. Do not load yourself immediately sharply and heavily. Gradually increase the load on your back. After 10 days, you will begin to feel an improvement in overall health.

  • After weighing all the pros and cons, I chose the second option for myself and did not regret it. After 2 months, my health has improved significantly. Back pain stopped bother.

    It took me 2 years to completely cure my hernia. Now I don’t think about this disease. If my method of recovery helps someone, then I will be very happy. But, of course, you should not “prescribe” yourself any treatment yourself. Be sure to consult a doctor before treating a hernia of the spine, so as not to harm yourself. And recommended to take a course of exercise therapy with a specialist, under his supervision.

    How to cure a spinal hernia with a massage and stretching Ludmila, 48 years old

    What is the treatment of hernia of the spine, I know firsthand. This diagnosis was made to my husband. What we just did not do with it! We went to a variety of doctors. A lot of money spent on their stupid treatment. All this did not lead to anything good. My husband barely went. He was constantly shot in one leg, then in the other. If he bent down, then he was very hard to straighten up. Once a month, it was mandatory to put a drug blockade. Otherwise, the husband could not walk because of severe pain.

    We have already lost all hope when we accidentally met a real "miracle-worker." He was recommended by relatives of her husband living in St. Petersburg. We made an appointment with this neurologist.

    At the first consultation, he carefully examined her husband and immediately warned that the treatment would take up to 20 sessions. He also said that in the process her husband will have to experience a lot of pain, but he will succeed in achieving the result. We had nothing to lose, and the husband agreed.

    The treatment method used by the doctor is a combination of dry stretching of the spine with a massage. For a start, a warm heating pad was placed on her husband's back. This allowed to relax the muscles of the back. Then the doctor conducted a massage for 10 minutes. After that, the husband's shoulder girdle was fixed, and a special device with a load was placed on the pelvic region. Initially, the weight was 1 kilogram. The first procedure together with the massage lasted 40 minutes. After that, the husband had to lie down for about an hour under a warm blanket.

    From the first session to the twentieth the weight of the load was increased to 20 kilograms. During this time, the pain has completely disappeared. Her husband's condition improved significantly. He was finally able to dress himself and even tie his shoelaces.

    When we finished the course of treatment, the doctor painted a whole range of therapeutic exercises and advised to hang on the horizontal bar every day. My husband did not do the exercises, but he does not forget about the horizontal bar.

    7 years have passed since the treatment. During this time, he never remembered his back. Well-being is excellent.

    The spinal traction method is a good way to treat a hernia. The main condition is that the procedure was carried out by an experienced doctor. This will achieve the necessary success and not make the body worse.

    The story about the treatment of spinal hernia folk remedies Faith, 59 years

    I want to tell you how you can treat a spinal hernia with folk remedies. My sister Maria lives in the village. She is lonely, children are long in the city and come to her mother quite rarely. One summer I went to visit her: to relax, socialize, help with the housework. A couple of weeks after arriving, I woke up at night from severe back pain. At the same time, the right leg was taken away, and everything in my head was buzzing. Masha gave me painkillers, and in the morning I was going to call the children to take me to the hospital. The sister began to dissuade and said that they have a woman in the village who treats all diseases better than doctors.

    Slightly light Masha went for the healer. I thought it was an old grandmother. But a young woman came to me, just over 30 years old. I carefully asked about everything, looked, felt and told my sister to come to her dinner. To alleviate the pain in the back, the woman warmed the salt in a frying pan, poured into a tight bag and put it on the lower back. With such a compress, I had to lie for an hour. After that, you could get up and walk a little.

    From saline compress it became easier for me in ten minutes. I began to feel the leg and even could stand up on my own.

    And in the evening my sister brought recipes from the wise woman:

      Herbal tincture. Mix in equal quantities dry St. John's wort, leaves and flowers of strawberries, chamomile, immortelle and birch buds. They need to pour 500 grams of vodka and insist for 15 days in a dark place. This tincture is taken in a tablespoon 3 times before meals.

    Tincture of sabelnik. Prepared for 20 days. It requires three hundred grams of grass and half a liter of vodka. Infused mixture for one week in a dark place. Drinks sabelnik on a tablespoon three times a day. Tincture need to drink water. The course of taking the drug - until it ends. After that, it is recommended to take a break for a month and repeat the treatment. By the way, cooked tincture of cinquerelma is an excellent rubbing for the back. It must be used on a sore spot twice a day. After rubbing your back should be smeared with anti-inflammatory ointment and lie down for 30 minutes under a warm blanket.

    Honey massage. It also helps with severe pain. My sister massaged me for the first three days after the attack in the morning and evening with a small amount of honey. After the massage I wrapped me up with a warm shawl, and I lay there for about 20 minutes.

  • Horse Fat Compress. Real salvation from vertebral hernia. If you do not have it, use the badger or canine. On a cellophane film with a small even layer of fat is applied and applied to the affected area. So that it does not slide off, the compress must be secured with a plaster or a bandage. If horse fat is used, then the dressing is worn for 2 days. If you use a different fat - compress should be changed every 12 hours.

  • The tools are simple and affordable, but they work wonders. I felt relieved on the third day. The month of treatment in the village of my sister went to my advantage. I came home, went through a second course with a sabelnik. I still don’t remember about a sore back.

    The use of acupuncture for spinal hernia in Vadim, 37 years

    I am a former athlete. Heavy loads in my youth led to the fact that back pains became constant companions for me. But when they began to refuse the legs, I realized that it was necessary to take serious measures.

    In addition to hernia of the spine, seasonal allergies constantly torment me. Her exacerbation I have long been taking acupuncture from a familiar chiropractor. I decided that maybe he could help me with his back when the pain became unbearable. Here is my case history of "lumbar hernia" of the spine and how to treat it.

    After the inspection, my manual suggested that I take two courses. One is the usual classical method of setting needles at specific points. This will help reduce inflammation and pain, normalize the functioning of the back and vertebrae, relax spastic muscle tissue.

    The second is the installation of mini-needles. With them it was necessary to be like 3 days. After this, the needles are removed, and their installation sites are processed with an alcohol raster.

    Knowing on myself the wonderful effect of acupuncture, I, of course, agreed to all the recommendations of the doctor. Relief came in the second session. The course consists of ten procedures. When I went through it completely, the doctor recommended to do therapeutic gymnastics.

    I also took a course of exercise therapy with a familiar physiotherapist. Gentle loads helped me to fully restore my back. A year and a half has passed since then, and during this time the spine has never bothered me.

    How to treat spinal hernia - see the video:

    Herniated disk

    To understand how the development of intervertebral hernia, Let us turn again to anatomy. A healthy disc is a kind of fibrous tissue with an internal gelatinous core, fenced around a solid ring, the structure resembling a tendon. Inside the disk there is a necessary water and nutrient balance, which is not carried out by the blood circulation, like all other internal organs, but by the cells of the spine, which in turn feed on the cerebrospinal fluid (cerebrospinal fluid). If this cellular metabolism is disturbed, the spinal disc begins to undergo the first dystrophic changes:

    1. It begins to thin and dry due to insufficient fluid intake.
    2. Then, under the influence of even small loads, the disk is deformed and the core is displaced inside it
    3. Further external factors are involved: for example, the presence of additional diseases of the spine, raising excessive severity, thoughtlessly sudden movement, hypothermia, etc. All this leads to the formation of the first signs of such a serious pathology as a herniated disk

    Thus, we can draw the first conclusion:

    Spinal hernia due to internal problems of the body: its cause - metabolic disorders, nutritional and water balance. Other diseases of the spine and external factors only provoke further development of the pathology.

    The stages of the development of intervertebral hernia

    In its development, a herniated disc passes the following steps:

    1. Initial degeneration - these are the first minor changes: the disc is slightly shifted — only 2–3 mm, there are no structural deformations yet, as well as external symptoms
    2. Prolapse - significant displacement (4−10 mm), while the core is still stored inside the fibrous ring, but the convex deformed parts of the disk already touch the roots of the nerves, and cause the symptoms of radicular pain
    3. Extrusion - the exit of the nucleus beyond the disk, most often in the lateral or posterior-lateral direction - towards the spinal canal. In this case, there is a strong pain syndrome and possibly numbness in certain parts of the body with muscular atrophy. Actually, extrusion - this is the formed hernia
    4. Sequestration - the core actually has already leaked out as a drop outside the fibrous ring and is held only by surface tension, after which the capsule inevitably breaks and the contents of the core leak

    The newly formed intervertebral hernia, in turn, triggers a mechanism for the development of a formidable ankylosing spondylitis (ankylosing spondylitis), which gradually, but inevitably, like moloch, grinds one by one all the cartilaginous joints along the axis of the spine. There is a visual "settling" of the spine: patients noticeably decrease in height, their movements become constrained, they suffer pain throughout the spine.

    One of the main precipitating factors for the development of a hernia is vertebral osteochondrosis. This is far from accidental and explicable if you look at osteochondrosis through the prism of structural changes that accompany it:

    • dystrophic changes in the intervertebral discs, especially cartilage tissue
    • stenosis of the spinal canal, due to which there is not only an increase in the risk of nerve pinches, but also a deterioration of the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal cord and brain

    There is really a vicious circle, osteochondrosis hits the spine on both sides:

    By itself - through the destruction of the disk structure, and by provoking a disease such as intervertebral hernia - through internal metabolic processes.

    Every change that occurs through the fault of osteochondrosis today, in the future, promises even more catastrophic destruction tomorrow, quietly preparing the ground for this.

    Types of intervertebral hernia

    The above stages of hernia development are conditional. Due to the narrowness of the spinal canal in the cervical region, even minor disc displacements of 2 mm can cause radicular symptoms.

    Intervertebral hernia of the cervical spine, in view of these anatomical features, is quite common. Her symptoms such as dizziness, headache, hearing loss, nervous disorders, can be mistaken for pathologies of the neurovascular system and brain

    However, more often there are hernias lumbar and lumbosacral. This is due to the great influence of loads on these sections: statically, the weight of the whole body and the weight of the lifting weights fall on them, and dynamically - the forces during turns and bends.

    Intervertebral hernia in the lumbar and sacral regions begins with lumbodynia and ischialgia, which can turn into bouts of severe pain (lumbago and sciatica). The pain can be given to the buttock and spread to the hip lower down through the entire leg, causing restricted mobility and gait disturbance. These are signs of pinched sciatic nerve. More serious consequences can occur when pinching the nerve fibers of the spinal cord (horsehair syndrome). This may cause disruption of the pelvic organs: for example, incontinence of urine and feces.

    Intervertebral hernia of the thoracic region is least likely, because in it the spine is strengthened by a skeleton of ribs and sternum. It can occur when lifting weights on outstretched arms (for example, in athletes-weightlifters). Another source is based on progressive scoliosis, mainly in those who spend most of their life in a sitting position. In terms of its symptoms, a hernia can be similar to myocardial infarction or angina pectoris.

    Symptoms and treatment of spinal hernia

    What symptoms should alert you?

    1. Severe pain and increased muscle tension
    2. Paresthesias in places remote from the source of pain:
      numbness, tingling, feeling of passing electric current
    3. Limiting mobility and reducing sensitivity in areas of a pinched nerve

    The effect of intervertebral disc pathologies, including hernias, on the general condition of the body and the work of the internal organs is simply amazing. Each segment of the spine in the presence of pathology in it can cause its own specific symptoms and diseases that would seem completely unrelated to the spine. There are detailed tables of signs that are used in the diagnosis.

    Spinal segment pathology tables

    When making a diagnosis, the basis is:

    • External examination of the patient and his complaints
    • Identification of the main symptoms
    • KG and MRI (computed and magnetic resonance imaging)

    Treatment of a herniated disc usually begins with medication to eliminate external pain, and then the immediate treatment of the disease begins:
    Physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage and manual therapy.

    Very good help with hernia special static stretching exercises, swimming

    Surgery is resorted to in extreme cases, when the hernia affects not only the nerve, but also the most important processes of human activity, and there are no other opportunities to cope with it.
    The statement that the intervertebral hernia is eliminated only by an operation, and it cannot be otherwise, is in many ways exaggerated.

    Believe in yourself, do not stop fighting the disease!

    What is included in the main set

    The course of recovery of the spine with a herniated disc takes place in three stages:

    1. Anesthesia.
    2. Stabilization.
    3. Anchoring results.

    Each stage has a methodological and practical components. The theoretical part of anesthesia, for those who want to get acquainted with the course closer, is free. In this section, Alexander:

    • shares his experience in simple and safe anesthesia without pharmaceutical preparations,
    • gives examples of his mistakes made at the beginning.

    The author draws attention to the importance of correct, healthy thinking, helps build good habits, gives specific clear instructions for action.

    The practical part is made up of two sets of exercises with a stick. One is performed standing and the other is lying down. In each of 26 exercises.

    As a gift, all buyers of the course receive a video collection “78 good habits for spinal hernia” or instructions “How to make a board for stretching the spine in 1 day and how to use it correctly”.

    Will the use of employment

    Alexander Shevtsov promises to diligent followers of the “Grandfather's Secret” recovery system to restore the spine in four months.

    Success can be achieved:

    • With any size of intervertebral hernia, spending 20 minutes a day,
    • Without special knowledge
    • At home.

    If for some reason, despite following the methodology, the result is not achieved, the author guarantees a refund.

    We offer a selection of reviews from those who have already mastered the course.

    How to purchase a course or get acquainted with the introductory lesson

    You can learn more about the methodology of the remote course of spinal recovery in case of a hernia of the Grandfather's Secret disk directly on the author’s page. Alexander Shevtsov gives you the opportunity to read reviews on your recovery system.

    Ankylosing spondylitis and other autoimmune diseases

    Back pain (dorsalgia)

    Other pathologies of the spinal cord and brain

    Other injuries of the musculoskeletal system

    Diseases of the muscles and ligaments

    Diseases of the joints and periarticular tissues

    Curvature (deformation) of the spine

    Treatment in Israel

    Neurological symptoms and syndromes

    Tumors of the spine, brain and spinal cord

    Answers to questions from visitors

    Soft tissue pathologies

    X-ray and other instrumental diagnostic methods

    Symptoms and syndromes of diseases of the musculoskeletal system

    First symptoms

    The first pains in the lower abdomen and in the back began in 2013 after moving to another apartment. During the day, while I was moving, the loins did not remind of themselves.

    But when I got up in the morning I could not straighten up and there was pain in my lower back, as if it was cutting me with a knife. I didn’t even think that after moving, transferring a heavy refrigerator and a washer I earned myself a hernia.

    During the day and evening, the pain was more or less relieved, and I forgot about it. In the evening I went to bed normally, and the next morning I could not bend over. Raising a six month old son was problematic for me.

    Some time passed and this illness slowly released me and I did not attach great importance to these symptoms.

    Over the next three years, I had occasional discomfort in my groin. I began to worry that I have problems in the male part.

    In the spring of 2016, I felt complications, I could not sit without pain for a long time and I constantly had pain in my lower back when walking.

    For a long time my wife persuaded me to go to the hospital to be checked, but I refused, I can't stand these hospitals. But the back began to refuse often, I could not stand without pain and moved like an old grandfather, leaning on the walls. Because of this, I could not make an application for the repair and adjustment of computers and lost revenue.

    I often searched the Internet for information about what happened to my back. All the symptoms that I had said that I had an intervertebral hernia. I didn’t believe in it until the last moment, I consoled everything myself that I just tore off my back and soon everything would pass. Aha naive, will pass itself as.

    Intervertebral hernia does not appear and does not disappear in one day. This all is formed by months and years of not correct habit. A constant movement is useful for the spine, and the back muscles must be strong to support the spine.

    In the end, I agreed to persuade my wife to go to the hospital and be examined.

    My trip to the hospital

    Let's go means on Monday to the Central Central Hospital, and the queue. as usual oh. don't get up

    Since I had difficulty moving, my wife accompanied me everywhere. I thank her very much for this, if it were not for her, I would not go to the hospital for sure and would do it right. Why is it right? Read on, then all the fun begins.

    I will not write about how I’ve been looking for a medical card for a long time. A new one was brought in and everything, I did not appear in the hospital for 5 years and apparently my card was sold to someone,) Of course, I’m joking, but who knows.

    While sitting in line to the therapist and neurologist on the wall saw a poster of the cause of diseases of the spine:

    1. This is a passive sedentary lifestyle, that is, when you sit in debt your back muscles atrophy and become weak.
    2. You can not lift large weights.
    3. Not proper nutrition - lack of vitamins and calcium.

    All these three reasons contributed to my back problem.

    I spent the queue something like 2 hours to the therapist. In the doctor’s office, the therapist says that they say so and so in the back pain and the foot of the right leg when I stand in 2-3 minutes numb.

    Well, as usual, I listened to my apparatus and measured the pressure done - everything is normal. I wrote out a referral for taking urine and blood tests and prescribed different pills I don’t remember the names, since I can’t stand injections.

    He asks me: “Will you do an MRI?”
    I: no damn, I just came for the pills. "Of course I will, for which I came to the hospital to find out the cause of the pain, and then to heal."

    Most people do the opposite, first they heal, and then they find out that they haven't been treated for it.

    Gives me a form - a direction with a location map where magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is done. And I sent everything back home, not a diagnosis, not a method of treatment, swallow the pills and further the coffin of myself, such an impression.

    The next day I give blood - urine and I go to a neurologist, I describe my symptoms, that the loin cuts and the right leg falls off. He prescribes mexico injections.

    I ask: “what’s wrong with me, what kind of diagnosis?”

    Here you will make 6 shots, you will come to it again and see.

    Ofigevayu second time.

    But where to go back, something hurts, I believed the doctor (the doctor from the word lie, by the way, I later read it somewhere) bought 6 shots and started doing 1 shot a day in the right loaf.

    3 injections done, then came the weekend and 3 had to be done next week.

    After the injection seemed to let go, the pain subsided. On Sunday, the aching pain was all day. And on Monday morning I could not get out of bed. A misfortune happened to me on March 21, 2016 on Monday.

    They say that Monday is a hard day, but I haven’t been so hard for me yet. On this beautiful morning I woke up with a wild backache, sat down on the edge of the bed with difficulty, and for half an hour I tried to put on my own socks. At this very moment I felt like a helpless vegetable.

    I could not sit, not stand without support. More or less, I felt in a supine position, and then when I changed my body position, I experienced wild pain. I do not want it to anyone, even the most vicious enemy.

    I began to curse these doctors, turn to them, and they cannot say what the problem is or cannot say. Cripple only, and not treated. Himself to blame.

    Before such a state, I started my health, and I was only 35 years old. But I brought myself to such a state for 3-5 years. As soon as I changed my occupation and lifestyle.

    Specialist examination

    Then my wife remembered that her friend had problems with her back and she went to a specialist who helped her. They took the phone of a specialist Semyon Petrovich from her, called and agreed to meet. It was necessary to go to the nearby city of Almetyevsk, which is 40 kilometers from us.

    Drank soothing to tolerate it was on the way. I did not sit behind the wheel myself, asked a friend Seryoga to bring in, thank him for his great help.

    He took at his home, after dubbing my symptoms, the lower back cuts and the right leg becomes numb in the foot, when I stand, Semyon Petrovich immediately announced the diagnosis.

    You have my dear friend, a hernia, he said, but for an accurate diagnosis you need to have an MRI. And so all the symptoms of intervertebral hernia.

    I was shocked. As I was afraid to hear it, and all hoped that an MRI scan would not show a hernia. Let's go take a picture of the waist, gave for the procedure 2,400 rubles.

    The next day, Semyon Petrovich takes my picture, walks to the window and, without reading the description, begins to say exactly what is written in the epicrisis, which I hold in my hands and read the same scary words of a schmorl hernia, well, almost everyone has pains and not causes, but the hernia L5-S1 is shifted to the right because of which my right leg is taken away from me - this is already serious.

    He asks me to walk up to him, showing me a finger, so that I myself saw and realized everything, and did not believe in words, as doctors in the hospital.

    Asks me what is the size of the hernia L5-S1 written 0.5-0.8 mm? I look in the list and see only 1.0 cm. Semyon Petrovich takes a description not believing her eyes with a hernia 1.0 cm. Looks at me, then looks at the description and says, if I had not seen the patient, only a picture with the description, I would definitely appoint a hernia excision operation.

    But if you are still standing and walking, then not everything is so neglected.

    Usually, a hernia up to 0.8 cm is not critical (I don’t remember those clever words that Semen Petrovich used) and you can do without an operation, and the fact that more than 0.8 cm hernia is dangerous because it can paralyze the legs and remain disabled for the rest a life.

    Having read reviews on the Internet, I came to the conclusion that most people spend money on all sorts of procedures, massages, and stretching, but in the end it only gets worse. And hundreds of thousands were spent only in vain.

    Then there was a long conversation about how to harm yourself even more. Over time, the hernia will dry out, but for this you need to eat right, take B vitamins and calcium.

    And the most important thing is not to lift anything heavy and use the technique that comes with the order.

    If you lift, you can be in a wheelchair, as lucky as you said, cut it off, but it's better not to risk it. This is all a sentence for me. Do exercises every day to strengthen and stretch the back muscles.

    I don’t remember all the words of Semyon Petrovich, since, to put it mildly, I was shocked, and the spouse was sitting next to me in tears.

    How I treated a hernia

    So the diagnosis is made, the treatment method is prescribed. That's what I needed from the hospital and the doctors.

    And in the hospital could not do so right away? No pills with injections will be written out and Vasya, that is, Ruslan, will walk.

    After determining the cause of pain and the recommendations of a specialist, I proceeded to the case. Began to take B vitamins and calcium. Calcium Semyon Petrovich advised to make eggshell, crush and mix with lemon juice, drink a teaspoon every day.

    Then came my 2 months of rehabilitation. I rummaged through a bunch of information on spinal recovery and treatment of intervertebral hernia.

    Every morning he took vitamins B, did a set of exercises, in the evening he took calcium in the form of ground egg shells and squeezed lemon juice and again charging through pain.

    Every day I got up in the morning through pain, doing exercises with pain in the lower back and right leg. By the way, I forgot to say after the injections, what the neuropathologist prescribed, my right leg ached with dull pain, sometimes it was so unbearably painful that I couldn’t find a place for myself.

    After 2 months after these injections, my leg only just stopped hurting and I could lift it without pain. I do not know what kind of shots they are, they do not heal, but only maim.

    In search of information on the Internet for treating a hernia, I came across a grandfather’s secret website, where the author had a hernia even more than mine - 1.4 cm. Subscribed to his newsletter and began to receive useful information on his e-mail to restore the spine, strengthen the back, stretching the spine and proper diet.

    I did everything as stated in Alexander Shevtsov’s newsletter.Made a schedule in the table and noted all the actions that had to be done in a day.

    I lay down on the applicator like this - put a tick in the table, then the task was completed. Such an applicator is included in the set number 1 which you can order below. The main task is not to miss and perform.

    I read the declaration - put a tick in front of the item in the table. I hung such a printed sheet in the toilet. In short, you sit and declare in the morning,)

    He drank sesame milk and vitamin B - noted the item. Then he did the exercises - put a check mark in front of him.

    Wore polimedel - tick. Here I wore a bandage, inside the film polymedel. Polimedel is a polymer film electrified according to the original technology, which retains its properties for a long time. Promotes the cessation of inflammatory processes and improves tissue regeneration.

    I will tell you a secret by wearing such a bandage with polymedal, I felt like my back pain subsided first, and then with time the pain went away completely. Spend some money, order Polymedal, the applicator in the kit and do the exercises, that's what will help you, checked for yourself.

    Than to spend money on supposedly all kinds of treatment there, in the form of injections, pain-relieving pills, massage, etc. It is better to spend on really necessary things. As they say the salvation of a drowning man, is the work of the drowning man himself.

    You choose which path to go to, listen to doctors or help yourself. I personally, doctors would not trust my health. And you?

    That's how I wore 2 dressings with polimedel and wore clothes for 3 hours, took them off for 2 hours, then put them on for 3 hours.

    Such a corset was advised to me by Semyon Petrovich, a good thing, but almost 10 thousand dear. I only wore it for the first time when I had to sit in a car for a long time on the road.

    And now I don’t wear it, for the first time I wore only for 2 hours. And remember, whatever a corset is, it cannot be worn for a long time, you need to train your back muscles. And after long wearing a corset, the lower back muscles atrophy simply.

    And at the end of each week, the spouse measured with a tape measure on how many feet I lifted from a supine position and wrote down in a table.

    And also wrote down how many cm I do not get to the floor when leaning forward. The table shows how I improved my readings almost every week, and after 2 months I now walk normally with my quick gait.

    Especially helped exercises from the course grandfather's secret. If you have acquaintances or you yourself are suffering from intervertebral hernia, then the exercises from the Grandfather's Secret course will help you, as I definitely do.

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    What conclusions did I draw

    Only by strengthening the muscular system of the back and correctly stretching the strengthened muscles of the spine will solve the problem with the intervertebral hernia.

    At the moment, when I am writing this article - the middle of November 2016, six months have passed since the day when I could not get out of bed, I do exercises every morning and I feel good. I reach the floor with my hands without bending my legs. And imagine what it would be if I trusted the doctor, as this neurologist, after the injections on the operating table to the surgeon and that's it. would write to regular customers.

    Why all? Yes, because the back muscles are weak and do not properly hold the load on the spine. Slightly raised or bent over and that's all. If the food is not correct, nothing will help at all. Goes the destruction of the body.

    And pain is a signal to action to change something, change habits, lifestyle and nutrition. Surgery, shots and pills remove only the symptoms, but do not solve the health problem, understand this in the end.

    And if I had a hernia operation, it would help for a while. But without charging, a hernia may appear higher and not one. I know such people who performed the operation 2-3 times, and all because they do not understand what they are going. If you want to be a regular client of the surgeon, then please do the surgery.

    Do not treat your health carelessly, love yourself. After all, the health that is given to us by nature is priceless.

    Look at the results of the diagnosis of the spinal column of Alexander Shevtsov 5 years after the appearance of a hernia. In fact, Alexander's hernia did not disappear, but the pain disappeared, and you know why?

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    Why does intervertebral hernia occur?

    The disease can occur for various reasons, the most frequent are:

    • injuries
    • hard physical work
    • bad habits,
    • sedentary work,
    • not treated osteochondrosis,
    • rachiocampsis,
    • dysplasia of the hip joints in babies up to a year.

    The formation of intervertebral hernia can be subsequently traumatized. It does not appear immediately, in some cases it is detected several years after receiving an injury.

    Dysplasia in childhood, if it is not properly treated, carries with it many associated diseases, including pelvic distortion, and the hernia of the spine appears already in adulthood.

    Osteochondrosis is a disease that occurs as a result of aging of the spinal tissues, and intervertebral discs become non-elastic, as a result - the formation of a hernia under any load.

    People with bad habits, for example, smokers, disrupt the supply of blood with oxygen. As a result, all organs and tissues do not receive the substances necessary for normal functioning. The spine also suffers, so people with bad habits are susceptible to various kinds of diseases.

    In the absence of physical exertion, the back muscles weaken, the entire weight rests on the spine. In addition, the metabolism slows down significantly, and it works like a piston. Low mobility affects the development of osteochondrosis, as a result of which a hernia can develop.

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    Symptoms of vertebral hernia

    Symptoms of the disease can be different depending on the location of the hernia and its size. Very often the patient is unaware of his illness. This lasts until the neoplasm uses the nerve endings.

    1. In patients with a hernia that does not affect the nerve, aching back pain is possible, which is perceived as a symptom of osteochondrosis.
    2. In cases where a pinched nerve occurs, the patient has persistent and severe pain, as well as numbness of the extremities. Sometimes there is pain in the legs - this is a symptom of pinching the sciatic nerve. In this case, the pain is so strong that it is impossible to take a step, as the feet become very sensitive.
    3. In cases where an intervertebral hernia has arisen in the cervical region, numbness of the upper body occurs, and the pain is given to the thigh.
    4. Pain in the legs is a symptom of a hernia of the spine, often the sensations extend mainly to one of the extremities.
    5. Pain occurs when sneezing or coughing, even if the patient remains stationary. If the nerve is injured, a tingling sensation may occur in the limbs.

    What types of hernia can be cured without surgery

    With timely treatment, the intervertebral disc and its functions can be fully restored, even in cases where the hernia is bulging. With this diagnosis, surgery is not required.

    When protrusion of a disc with a ruptured membrane of the nucleus, it is possible to relieve the patient of pain by using conservative treatment in 80% of cases. However, if the conservative methods in this case do not bring results, paralysis of the limbs, disruption of the functioning of the internal organs of the pelvis and the feeling of pain are possible.

    If the intervertebral hernia is accompanied by a complete rupture of the membrane of the nucleus, it becomes impossible to cure it without surgical intervention. With the help of surgery, you can restore the function of the vertebra, but to restore it, as before, will not work.

    Conservative treatment of vertebral hernia

    In the treatment of intervertebral hernia, it is important that the patient does not overload his back and is at rest. Today, in addition to surgical methods of treatment of intervertebral hernia, there are conservative ones. These include:

    • drug therapy,
    • physiotherapy,
    • acupuncture,
    • yoga,
    • stretching the spine
    • electrical stimulation of nerve endings
    • ultrasound treatment
    • massage,
    • bioelectronic communication method.

    Treatment of vertebral hernia with drugs

    For the treatment of intervertebral hernia, the following groups of drugs are used:

    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers

    These drugs relieve pain, reduce inflammation.

    These drugs are designed to relieve severe pain.

    Neuralgia Medicines

    • Baclofen
    • Clonazepam
    • Sirdalud
    • Vitamins of group B.

    • Vekuronium
    • Rocuronium
    • Pipekuronium
    • Mivacurium

    This group of drugs is designed to relieve muscle spasms.

    Cortisone injections: done in a pain zone. The tool relieves inflammation and relieves pain. It can be used simultaneously with corticosteroids.

    how to relieve lower back pain at home

    Spinal stretching procedures

    The patient is fixed in a special medical equipment, resembling a table, on which the distance between the vertebrae is increased, thereby reducing the pressure between the discs and the hernia stops contacting the nerve endings. Such equipment has a significant therapeutic effect on the spine.

    Electrical stimulation of nerve endings

    Using special equipment, an electric impulse is passed through the skin in safe doses. These impulses are able to relieve pain and stimulate nerve endings. This procedure is very effective for eliminating the pain that occurs when a spinal disc herniation.

    Electrical stimulation is carried out without anesthesia, as it is not accompanied by any pain. The disadvantage of the method is that it is not effective in chronic pain syndrome.

    Treatment of vertebral hernia with ultrasound

    Physiotherapy procedure - ultrasound, designed to relieve inflammation and get rid of pain. High-frequency sound waves, acting on the problem area, stimulate blood circulation, restore tissue elasticity and relieve muscle spasms. As a result, the symptoms of a hernia are reduced, healing of damaged discs is accelerated.

    This method of treatment can be combined with other methods. Ultrasound sessions in their effectiveness are not inferior to manual therapy, with the help of them motor functions are restored and pain disappears.

    Treatment using bioelectronic communication

    Using a special device, nerve impulses are read, processed and reversed to relieve pain. This method of treatment of intervertebral hernia is not surgical and painless.

    By choosing this method of treatment, you can avoid taking potent painkillers, which have many side effects. In addition, using this method, you can determine the slightest changes occurring inside the vertebra.

    Heat and cold

    At home, you can alternately apply heat and cold to the damaged area with compresses. Heat stimulates the bloodstream, contributes to the enrichment of cells with oxygen for their recovery. With the help of a warm compress, muscles relax and relieve pain.

    For a compress you can use any available tools: bottles with warm water, towels ironed by a hot iron, electric heating pads. Heat therapy is effective for relieving moderate pain.

    Cold can also help relax muscle tissue. You can take ice packs and wrap them in a towel that attach to the sore spot.

    The time of exposure to heat or cold should not exceed 15 minutes. Alternate compresses are effective: warm first, then cold.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to cure intervertebral hernia at home, but you can get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of this disease. However, before treating this disease surgically, you can try other means to alleviate the general condition and the ability to lead a normal life. Before choosing a method for treatment of intervertebral hernia, it is necessary to consult with a neurologist and orthopedist.

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